Careful who you hurt today! 2015

careful who you hurt today 2015


careful who you hurt today when tomorow you'll end up alone

you think that they will be here when you call them on the phone

then one day you realize they have gone with out a sound

when your left there all alone and they cannot be found

you've taken them for granted theres nothing you can do

careful who you hurt today tomorow is no promise

life is what you make of it you will not get a reprise

they have stood by you for what seems like an eternity

but all you did is hurt them with your hatefulness and misery

so much so they ran away and you'll realise there gone

carefull who you hurt today cuz you'll be all alone

what you wanted all along was ruined by your ways

and then you'll feel like you're trapped all with in a maze

so please be kind and compromise and then you will see

they will stick by you and you will know just how its supposed to be




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem i wrote because im struggling to keep my head above water because things in my life are making me feel like im trapped with in a maze and theres no way out but im a work in progress, i just wanted to share, hope you like it?


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My Foe

Come and go, ebb and flow
fast and slow, time will go

the reality of truth,
will we ever know?

What does it mean, the feeling in  between
the good and the evil

Is there such a thing?
Or is it up to me, just to make believe?

Shakespeare said the worlds a stage,
sometimes I feel the world a plague

If I act a fool, if I act a king
if I take a gun and a sling
if I lose my mind to take a drink
or take a drink to lose my mind

does it matter, once we all die?
or am I just high? Please, can I get high?

In the land of sinners, the brothelsloth is King
coming and going, doing as I please

The more I know, the less I care
the less I care, the more I bear

I bear my soul, so that others may know
the lessons I learned, from life, my foe.

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*The Things You Say But Don't Do*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


The things you say 

But dont ever do

Are the ones that hurt in every way

It's rude to make me sit here and wait for you

If I had to hold my breath I would be blue

Remembering all the promises you said


This is confusing me

That I wish you knew

If you say your going to call

Then you must see it through

Instead I sit here like an ass and wait 

For the phone to ring 

Your lies I really hate 

Calling? You still have not done

I guess with your heart

I really haven't won

Once again mine is falling apart


I wonder if you care

That your causing all this pain

I thought it was okay 

With my true feelings to share 

But I live with your lies another day

And your attitude remains the same 


As I sit here and cry

Your most likely playing your game

You know...I should of let my soul die

Because all you care about is fame

It is almost five

And still no call

I wish I didn't let my heart come alive

You..I wish I never saw


Things you say

You never come through with it 

Or you make it for another day

Which that's just bull shit

You shouldn't treat someone you care about this way

Its just not right

To show affection one minute and not the next

These tears I'm trying to fight

I'm trying not to put a hex

On your pit a full heart

As you did with me that night


The things you dont live up to 

Its not fair to me 

Because I am opening up to you

I should of kept everything inside left everything be

I should of kept these feelings hidden

I shouldn't of set them free

I knew it was forbidden


Things you say but dont do

I hope this is a faze you're going through

And soon it will be okay

To love and care for you

Like the other day


But still the things you do

Are not what you stay to

You never see them through

You wait to the very last minute

Or you completely forget about it


This pain inside you caused I wish you could feel

I wish to my heart you could be real

But the things you say

You never do

So I'm going to put my heart away

For someone else who is true

One who will see things through

One with me 

Who'll always by my side stay

And never set my heart free



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Self Abuse

You raped me, yes it was consensual
but the feelings you had towards me were strictly sexual
You stripped me of my clothes, as well as my feelings
im now hoping for an ounce of healing
i came only for you
but you had me wandering without a clue
i was left stranded, naked, and alone in bed
im wanting to make sense of whats left in my head


You took advantage of my weakness, which has always been you
i use to be bright but i cant help but to feel so blue
i am no longer your katherine baby
because im always wishing and hoping maybe


not once in my life have i felt so alone
the love i have for you hurts each and every bone


why would you rape me of almost everything
what is now left wont stop melting


Please dont blame yourself
its completely my fault


Its my fault i allowed to be used
ill go ahead and admit it was Self Abuse


Author's Notes/Comments: 

please tell me what y'all think. thank you

I Should Know Better

Experienced well in pain,

of every known form,

For me this is nothing,

but my seemingly, 'norm'.


My heart is a punching bag,

battered and bruised.

Neglected, discarded,

tossed aside...and used.


Why am I an easy target,

of other people's abuse?

Am I marked for my life,

Is my hoping, of no use?


I open myself up and take,

these constant, hurtful attacks.

But then they are always shocked,

when finally, I fight back.


Why am I so vulnerable,

and not worthy of affection?

Why am I the hapless victim, 

of this hurt and rejection?


I should know so much better,

been through it, many times before.

I'm my own worst, foolish enemy,

sticking around life, for yet more.

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Wrong Love

If you don't get it back,

   Nothing will happen;

   Nothing gets solved.

You sent me a hearbreaking love song,

   Had me in tears.

   Had to be strong.

You and I are in the wrong era;

   Never cried like that before.

   I will love you forever. 

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She has felt series of heartaches,

A lot of drama, here and there.

She was waiting for him

To comfort her, to love her.


He kissed her head, knelt on one knee;

‘You are the light of my world,

The one who filled the hole in my heart,

Most especially, the love of my life.’


But he never rescued her.

Time to wake up, reality is calling her.

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Beginning of the End

Beginning of the End


I am hurt

I am in pain

And at this point I have no escape

Love has failed me again

For some reason I just can't win

To think highly of oneself

But be treated like nothing

Causes a pain I don’t miss

Too familiar with such hurt

There’s no need to reminisce

I am distracted

I am not relaxed

Peace is what I wish


-D. Jackson

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Addictive Pain

Addictive Pain

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, but all your eyes do when you look at me is take control, I am no noble man and could never be a saint – all I've got is this pen and on this paper it’s my soul I paint.

I am a slave to the heart, wrapped up in mental chains – I let down my guard as your memory danced upon my brains. Staring at this blank wall as the paint starts to peel – these words could never really express how I feel.

Open my minds closet and let all my skeletons go, I need to be free from these secrets and let the world know. I once had a heart until I gave it to this woman, who then ripped it apart and had me doubting that I am human.

But this world is so cruel for a man like me, a man with a heart as sweet as candy. Even though I have been through love’s wrath, I would never divert and roam on hate’s path.

Knock on my door and look through my window, her love was more poisonous than a black widow. I swear that her heart bleeds ivory black, despite all this pain I always come back.

Mpho Lebohang Mokhele™ 

The inspiration behind this piece is a relationship I was once involved in which possessed a lot of unrequited love and emotional manipulation.

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