Careful who you hurt today! 2015

careful who you hurt today 2015


careful who you hurt today when tomorow you'll end up alone

you think that they will be here when you call them on the phone

then one day you realize they have gone with out a sound

when your left there all alone and they cannot be found

you've taken them for granted theres nothing you can do

careful who you hurt today tomorow is no promise

life is what you make of it you will not get a reprise

they have stood by you for what seems like an eternity

but all you did is hurt them with your hatefulness and misery

so much so they ran away and you'll realise there gone

carefull who you hurt today cuz you'll be all alone

what you wanted all along was ruined by your ways

and then you'll feel like you're trapped all with in a maze

so please be kind and compromise and then you will see

they will stick by you and you will know just how its supposed to be




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem i wrote because im struggling to keep my head above water because things in my life are making me feel like im trapped with in a maze and theres no way out but im a work in progress, i just wanted to share, hope you like it?


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