The flames dance out of control

burning wild and free.

The dance itself is mesmerizing in it's beauty

burning brilliant oranges, yellows and reds.

The beauty is also dangerous

like lightning slicing through the sky

terrifying in their brilliance.

The flames they flare

crackling and popping

as if daring you to join in their dance.

This is life

dangerous and yet wild and fun.

It's up to you though

to decide if you want to dance with the flames

and take a walk on the wild side of life!

By: Yvonne Bradley
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of my older poems but it's not bad


These sheets of paper

Filled with a thousand

Unsaid words

Landed on the wrong hands

And now they shall be burned

Not the best idea maybe

But crazier things have been done

The papers will become

Nothing but ashes

And my words

Shall never be read


Now my world of peace

Has been intoxicated

WIth a cloud of smoke

It fills up my lungs

Clogs my airways

But there's nothing to do

I've already done it

Just destroy the evidence

And make sure nothing

Ever becomes known

Flames Of Youth

Stacking splinters in the skin, 

Pervasive shards to chase the heart,


While vinyl drips into the air

Warren Zevon

Werewolves in the night

Animalistic pleasures

poured thick with the poison

We are fallen gods,

ancestors of Prometheus rediscovering fire

just to set the city ablaze

Acoustic tunes strum the shadows,

forcing the flickering souls to dance

And the fire burns

Red, White and Young

In spite of the ageing darkness




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The Magic in the Stars Dying

The Magic in the Stars is Dying

Flickers of Colored Boxed Light at Dead-End Avenue

Legs Streched, Crossed

Steady Hum-Drum-Hum


Pictures Hanging Off the Wall

Explore In-Out-In-Out

Beautiful Countryless Flag Blowing in the Wind

Stars All Up-Above You Anyway


One Star

Births Us All Maniacs

Births Us All Paranoids

Births Us All Lovers

Births Us All Simple-Circuits


The Dim-Lit-Bright Ones Make Connect-the-Dot Pictures

All Us All Dying In 

All Us All Dying Out

We Stare at Them But Answer Only In Questions


On Night Sky Play Pythagorean Theorem

On Piano

On Rain-Dust

On Kitchen Spoons

On Cloud-Morning-Coffeee Cups


On Night Sky Lay Backs Wet-Painted-Grass-Staines

Of Fourth of July Explosions that Tickle-Backs and Trickle Down to Earth

Of the Stars That are Wispered and Hush Buddah Dolls Sold in Stores for Printed Paper-Making-Money-Class

Good for Old

Bad for New


Something to Reach For

Something Miracle-Cure-is-ness

Something of Every Godt to Exizt

Something of Nothing


Do a Rain Dance

Kill Like the Sun

Pantomime All Winter 

Using Only Thumb and Forefinger


Things of Wonder

Caught in Nets of Rational Brain

A Few Break Free

Begin to Ponder


Like We All Did Younger

Underneath Blankets and Covers

With Flashlights Lit Like Dampened Diamond Signals to the Sky

Like We All Died Older


Finished Caught in Painted This

An Endingless Kiss

They are All Our Eyes

We are Everyone


The Magic in ther Stars is Crying

Not Far From Us




























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I sat alone in the corner

The room around me was dark

Then you came and I saw your face

And behold there was a spark

A flame which flickered shyly

Afraid to cast a glow

But as you came to know me

The light began to show

It chased away the shadows

It danced upon my face

It turned my hole of solitude

Into a happy place

When you put your arm around me

It was like the thaw of spring

And the coldness slowly melted

As my heart began to sing

But soon the growing fondness

Turned into desire

And the spark that once had been so small

Became a raging fire

Now the flames grow ever higher

I think we’ve lost control

My body burns as the once small spark

Eats away my soul

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Heart to Heart


I have a heart that’s made of stone

Because you cannot live on love alone

If you want my love

You will have to etch your name

On a heart that no one wants to claim

Once I had a heart of gold

But it’s since been changed to fit the mold

Of a selfish world and a tragic past

A world where gold would never last

Then you came with a heart of fire

Blazing flames climb ever higher

The heart of stone can feel its glow

And stone becomes like melting snow

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The illumination


created by the


light of a


single candle


lives long after


it's wick has


turned to ash.





Copyright 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About light. 2013.

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I refuse to try
and feel your pain,
such an intimacy, gifted,
which each person must
tend to alone, to be lifted
from it's agony, sifted.
I can lend empathy,
bear the weight of the burden,
be the star you reach for,
for I cannot shun, as a child
birthed into sorrow
who never walks,
can never run.
Free as the wind blows,
does also the love that grows,
and being the light,
cannot come to be
without the darkness...
do you see?
Do not be fooled by those
who speak of emotions
they seek, for themselves
is who they cry for,
and it is their own ego
they will die for.
Try and imagine
connectedness and love,
are true in fashion...
...when respect
can come between what
loved ones feel,
and what is seen.
The beauty of life is not to
touch the sun, and run
from the pyre,
for underneath the tainted
flesh we become the sun,
and it's living fire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pain is a personal and intimate experience that is vital to being a light for others.

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"Stranger in a Strange Land"

I walk the red sand, my destination unknown, 
I pause in the double moonlight, my shadows, alone. 
A stranger in a strange land, I'm tired, misguided. 
A world made of fire, torches, ignited. 
A planet burned red by an oxide diffusion, 
Echoes of silence solidify my exclusion. 
Left in my ship, memories of home,  
I wander this landscape, made of oxidized stone. 
The double moon reflects off my carbonite visor, 
I'm a czar of this stillness, a tyrant, a Kaiser. 
Footprints collecting, horizons void of light, 
I disappear in this planet's crystalized night. 

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