The Fire


The fire burns

Hungrily eating everything

Hotter and hotter

You can still make things out


There is a bed

And there is a dresser

It all burns away

Making me feel a bit lesser


So there goes the bedroom

And it moves on to the kitchen

The stove and the dining room gone

Leaving me bitchin’


I watch it all go up in flames

House and all

I see it all go

And there’s the last wall


It’s all gone now

Now I’ve got to go

Looking for a new place

I hope my need doesn’t show



Written on

September 5, 2010

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this "Just Because."

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The Sunset

You left before the sunset
And I just wanted to tell you
That it was beautiful
The sky a myriad of glorious shades
Brilliant reds and fiery oranges
Racing to wash out wispy white clouds
Across a watery pink blue sky
And the burning sea
Ablaze with the dying sun
Trailing it's golden pathway to the horizon

You should have stayed for the sunset
If not for me...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little re-working of 'The Twilight' :)

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