The Girl And Her Wyrm

To Be Illustrated

"The Castle was gigantic. 

Expansive, was it's wide thrust,

filled with cracks, crevices and uneven bricks

pock-marked with mortar turning to dust.


Inside the deep recess

was a dormant terror,

up in it's highest tower,

a princess lived, none fairer. 


But both were locked up,

the furnace inside the gargantuan beast

kept the Castle warm,

the ovens hot, promoting many a feast. 


But lest the monster

breaks its shackles!

As once had happened before,

the quest none could tackle.


Knight after knight

fell to the flame,

the winged lizard licking tongues

of fire all about, untamed. 


Many an arrow was shot

from hunters brave, 

but no purchase for any arrow

was, by the monster hide, gave. 


Spear was no better,

having been thrown hard and true,

but not a single mighty heft

would force a metal tip through.


Then one day,

the princess who lived above,

just asked, 'give me a chance!',

but her father would allow no tug.


So that night,

while the great serpent ravaged the land,

she scaled down her tall tower

with the most daring plan.


She crept along the meadow,

in the cold of the moonlit night,

and up the the snoozing beast

she stomped her boot with all her might.


The beast sprung up,

startled awake by such a petite thing,

but before he bellowed flame,

she started to sing.


Sweetly, softly, 

she sang out her heart,

and through spirit, ripped hers out,

and handed it over, so that they'd never be apart.


Since then,

the two remain locked up with no regret.

The land has since healed.

But many don't forget.


Of the Girl and her Wyrm,

the star-crossed lovers never meant to be.

And how through love and song

she saved all the eye could ever see."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mighty verus Meek. I've learned time and again to not underestimate those of small build; their characters are so often bigger than most.

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Often I feel like fire,
With a soul overrun by desire
The flames, orange and red,
Destroy everything in their tread.

Then again I become air,

Although the silence is more than I can bare,
But, it sends away every little thing
And nothing can resist it's blowing.

So, maybe I'm more like the ground
Trustworthy and full of sound.
Though hard and cold are not me,
I feel as close as a flower to a bee.

Alas, like water I am liquid
Everything transpires as I am limpid,
But, because all flows away
I never know what really should stay.

What I am I do not know
But, I sure hope it does show
That I am giving it my all
To be everything in total.

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Eyes Wide Shut


When I close my eyes

I hear this sound

Like a lullaby

Faint and distance

Sweet smells of nostalgia


When I close my eyes

I taste these memories

Like how the sun dies

Mournful and Longing

Knowing by faith


When I close my eyes

I feel this calling

Like the sunrise

Spirited and Near

I exhale encumbrances

No Fear










There's a fire burning bright

In the dead of the night

And no moon to be seen


There's a boy in the light

Bathed by flames all so bright

he looks quite serene.


With a flick of his hand,

Flames leap to his command!

His mood seems to change...


As we near to this scene

Flames change orange-red to green

And this bit begins to fade...


As this mirage does fade,

The boy's hair becomes greyed,

And before us is an old man. 


Dishevelled, aged and thin

He starts to invite us in

To the magical world surrounding. 


Do we enter? No I shan't!

No, I won't! I really can't!

But the words seem to evade me. 


As I step closer still,

The vale over spills

And I'm sucked away in his vortex. 


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One of the greatest victories in history unravelled before her eyes, more gruesome than she ever imagined.

Flames and blood ignited in her mind as the powerful sight of the ruin forced a vision of the jewel city shattering in her mind.

The vision slowly ebbed away revealing the crumbles and ashes of the same city.

The smallest of her steps created a tornado of cinders around her.

After one step her knees no longer supported her and the ash covered her as completely as a cacoon when she fell.

Pain like the sting of a bee overwhelmed her eyes, blurring her vision. The once clear scene in front of her became a swirl of dark black smoke. Suddenly, a figure walked out into her hazy sight. As far as she could tell, the person was a woman with long silver hair that floated around her head like a halo. Steadily, her blinking cleared away the fog but once her vision was crystal clear again the woman was gone.

An apparition?

A hallucination?

Or just a slight trick of the fog?

Whoever or whatever it was, was gone. Now the bricks of the fallen city lay still, as silent as the darkest midnight. She stood up shaking off the last of the ash and walked into the city. Small buildings surrounded a marketplace, the type of place where a normal family might have walked and played and laughed. Farther down, there was an arena built into the ground. The pit was flooded with rains after being unkempt by the owner. Normal everyday life was taken from this city--and because of what--A pretty girl. Unfair doesn’t even begin to cover the senseless violence that occurred here, in Troy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is only a part of a longer story that I'm writing, so sorry about anything that doesn't make sense out of context.

*You Are My Fire*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

You are my fire
You are my joy
You are my only desire
But why do you play me like as your toy 

I'm a person not a medal to show around
I have feelings too
At first I thought it was love i found
But all this time i should of knew

Now I know
Now my feet are on the ground
The way you made me feel I'll show
This time you'll be wearing the frown
You'll be the one to cry
I'll be the one to wear the crown
And you'll be the one who'll want to die


You are my fire 
I trusted in you 
But you are just a lier
Stupid of me to think your heart was true
Now i'm going to be higher
And you'll be down and blue


You hurt my heart 
When you dissed me for your friend 
You said nothing can take us apart
I guess that was all pretend 
You really never loved me from the start
I guess I can say we're over this is the end 


You are no longer my fire my love
You are no longer sweet
You weren't the one God sent from above
This stupid game you play I will beat


You are no longer my desire my dear
You are no longer innocent
What has come true is your biggest fear
I realized to be we are not meant
And through your heart is a spear
And my love this time I haven't sent



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I am the Conqueror!

Who put fear in your bones,

and shivers in your spine.

I am the Bogeyman

who keeps you up all the time.


I am on a Jihad,

and I am here to conquer you,

cause your city is rightfully mine.


Manifest Destiny is my war cry in soprano.

Glory and Honour are my faithful generals,

to carrying out my genocides.


With the sounding of my war horns,

I stand strong and plan to live long,

on six million corpses

trampled beneath my mighty feet.


Blood, fire, and pain;

under my foul reign within the city gates.

Twisted metal and crumbled flesh,

bow before my fetish.


Crushed skulls and spilled brains

is the carpet my soles trample on,

to ease the strain on my feet.


Dark flames and rainbow smoke

engulfing the city streets.


Black rain and sizzling flesh-flakes

falling to the disgusted ground.


Bubbling steel and shearing meat

make sweet music in the air.


Dogs howling and widows wailing

at the inhumane expense.


Babies scream and jackals flee,

while hyenas laugh

at the madness of the cost.


Corbies leave for their sanity,

leaving corpses to pay the rent.


The Conqueror bellows his victory horn,

King of Kings, lord of conquest,

victory is his decree.


Herds of madden orphans,

hysterically screaming;

will pay the war tax

in the city streets.


I wash my feet

in the crimson river,

with Lily-pads of congeal tissue

floating by the water side.


I plant my flag with a deep dark curse,

and continue the warlord’s plague.

We will march from dawn till done

to affect the next crusade.


Braking bones and crushing hopes

Is the resounding theme of the times.


Exploding hearts and pulverizing souls

to harvest people's broken minds.


For I am the Conquering King,

who always win,

and still need to kill!!!

Leegal Poet

Wayne Ferron.All rights reserved @ Copyright

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No Pain, Yes Gain

Positive Thought

No Pain, Yes Gain 

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When a bud becomes a fullblown rose,

or a blossom turns to fruit

or a candle other candles lights

or a mountain cataract merges

with bigger and bigger streams

until finally he becomes the mighty Mekong

there is no pain....

Neither do we need to suffer

when opening our doors

to God's light and love.

-saiom shriver-

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The ship sways but I pay no mind

from Trinidad to Cuba...

We sing songs and shanties,

but time just expands...

Like the cold water beneath our boots.

My mates will think of Anne Bonny

but I walways dream of mermaids...

Oh, how it would be...

To swim alive in Davy Jone's locker.

Her and I would have a goats jig,

and I would arise to the surface,

with a large toothless grin...

I would fire my mortars into the air,

and when the night closed in,

me and my hearties would celebrate...

By plundering vast ships,

and counting our loot.

Our prisioners in shackels

and our enemys as shark bait.

I will sail the Caribbean,

sea to bloody sea.

With flintlock in hand,

a pirates life for me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

September 15th, 2014

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