Look Inside

In shadows deep, where dreams take flight,

A seeker wanders through the night,

With an outward gaze, the world they see,

Yet, deep within, a mystery.


"Your vision will become clear," they say,

"When in your heart, you choose to sway,

For outward dreams, they come and go,

But inner truth begins to glow."


In stillness found, where silence sings,

The soul takes flight on quiet wings,

With introspection's gentle call,

The heart unlocks its hidden thrall.


For in the depths, a world unfolds,

Where secrets lie, in stories untold,

Emotions swell, the heart's terrain,

A wellspring of wisdom, love, and pain.


To look within, to peer inside,

Where dreams of self and truth collide,

Awakening the soul, we find,

A path to understanding, kind.


No longer lost in distant schemes,

No longer lost in fleeting dreams,

The heart's own mirror polished bright,

Reflects the soul's pure, inner light.


So, turn your gaze from outer scenes,

Explore the depths of what it means,

To look within, to truly see,

The awakened heart, where truth will be.

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Just For Fun

Frost lies on my windowsill

From winter's frozen rain

Makes waking up now just too hard

And looking out a pain

Because inside is nice and warm

With coffee or coco

Perhaps I'll just go back to sleep

And dream about the snow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, it's early, but I was thinking of frost and it popped into my mind in a flash. 

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Without out you my love I am so lost and so cold 

They say home is where the heart is, well you are my home 

When I'm cold and tired, weak and shivering 

When I'm frosted and beat and my toes are tingling

I fall in your arms, feel your warm body and hold tight 

You melt the ice you make things alright 

Your warm and cozy and I relax in your grasp 

I fall asleep swaddled in your love that will always last 

You warm my body, my heart my soul

I miss you right now, right now I'm not with you and I'm alone and cold 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

72 days into eternity

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*The Sun*

Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins

I bring warmth to those cold 
I bring energy to those weak 
No one believes in what they are told 
They only search for what they seek 
I help many things grow 
Without me so many would die 
I help out so much in life's flow 
I just sit here in the morning sky 
Exactly what my purpose not many know 

I brighten up lives after the rain 
I make most happy I take away pain 
I ask for nothing I have nothing to gain 
I just leave a warming stain 
And for that most are thank full 
I just ask don't stare 
You will get more then an eye full 
You will get a strong lasting glare 
So for your eyes take care 


After the rain I can help with the rainbow 
Dry up after a flood 
I put a glisten to the first fall of snow 
I dry up unwanted mud 
I'm always wanted around I've been told so 


After the showers 
That come and go 
I bring comfort to the drenched flowers 
Everything has a beautiful side that I hope they show 
Nope I don't have special powers 



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*Winter Is (Then) Part 1*


Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins

Winter is loving 
Winter is cold 
Winter is sharing all alone 
People sit around the Christmas tree 
Like you and me 

Giving our gifts to the people 
Who are caring 
For the people who should not be alone 
Like me 
On Christmas eve 
Winter is for boys and girls like me 
Winter is for kids alone in their beds 

Waiting for Santa to come 

Please come soon so I'm not alone 
Winter is loving 
But i am cold 
When they wake in the morning 


Winter is me 
Winter is you 
Winter is for the whole family. 



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warm milk and you





warm milk,


foot massage,


you call me,


it's like a mirage,


whispers soft,


you are my life,


i have the best man


good night. 



11:11 am





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and i want love to hold your soul

i want to take you for a ride

through the mountains,
watch the sun go down

beneath the shade of evergreens,
and make a wish upon the first star we see

under the moonlit sky,
and on the way home,

i want to buy you an ice cream cone,
and i want you to hold mine for me,

as i drive through the streets,
because next to you, my love,

i am mesmerized,

just as i was on the very first day,
by the twinkling light

dancing in your eyes.


i want to pull in the driveway
and feel you smile inside

when you hear the dog bark,
and are at last assured i was comforted,

despite your absence,
by an unconditional love,

equal to that you have given me
for so many years,

immeasurable among the reasoning

of common people,
your love has been a gift of inexplicable worth,

that shallow men cannot fathom.


i want to watch as these ties of love,

having bound us so close,
manifest all the years of deep committment

while we bask in those first hours

that unfold our new beginning.


i want to touch your lips
and feel the warmth of your breath upon my fingertips,
feel my heartbeat jump into my throat
and my eyes become as magnets to yours,
and melt away the scornful words of men
that sought to tear your manhood down,
relentless and bitter cruelty leaving scars
without a sound to human ears,
but sure as the sun shines in the sky,
wounds real hearts can hear.


i want to feel your flesh on mine,
as my mouth touches every part,
and trade the place i keep in my mind,
for a journey into your heart,
i'll tell you every longing
as each breath becomes desire,
unspoken, though well understood,
as love takes ahold of our fire.


i want to hold your soul
in love's embrace,

too much time denied,
because to me, my love,
you're just that precious,
i don't want to change

what is shining inside,
and with time we'll journey on this road,
the good things and the bad,
and know that little can lead us astray,
because the worst has already been had.


and so that is what i want... i want love to hold your soul.



11:58 PM 6/13/2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love Sonnet #1001




Heart to Heart


I have a heart that’s made of stone

Because you cannot live on love alone

If you want my love

You will have to etch your name

On a heart that no one wants to claim

Once I had a heart of gold

But it’s since been changed to fit the mold

Of a selfish world and a tragic past

A world where gold would never last

Then you came with a heart of fire

Blazing flames climb ever higher

The heart of stone can feel its glow

And stone becomes like melting snow

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Whispering Alliance

Weather, pressure, hot and cold,
Swirls around in the heavens until it gets old,
Tumbling down across rivers and streams,
Through mountains and valleys, canyons, ravines.
Painting the clouds with a paintbrush unseen,
Whistling and howling, of where you have been,
Of all of the elements, I've always loved you,
It's because of the unity you often imbue,
A thundertorm isn't the same when you've left,
When you're there all the poise is indeed so bereft,
But gusty, blustery, flustery wind,
When you strum up your fury,
We best not be thin-skinned.

Copyright 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love the wind I love the wind.

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