He Doesn't

She has already shed a tear

   For he doesn’t have a clue.

He thinks she’s strong,

   For he doesn’t see it clearly.


She’s seeing things in the future’s perspective

   Causing her to think about them soon.

It’s getting serious each second,

   But the question is

   How much time can he sacrifice?


She always understands him,

   He barely has time for her.

How can they make it work?

   Can they survive?

For he doesn’t have a plan.

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You have no idea

How much impact has added to my life

When you came, it was different.

But something was lacking,

Is it you? Is it me?

Various feelings are thrown.

Something feels unusual when we talk

Probably pressured is the word,

As I never want the conversation to end.


Time passes by, things change;

And you confessed

I never thought you would.

Not my fault I have chosen someone

Who is there everyday,

To make me laugh, smile and cry.

You have thrown away something

You think you’d have soon.

This is the real world,

Competition is always around the corner.

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What he's done.

He thought he's always right.

He thought he's always more important.

All he wants are his wants, 

   not mine, not ours.


Selfish is the correct word.

Nothing can replace him,

   But I just have to do it. 


I'm too attached, I'm finally admitting it.

It's scary, it's wonderful

   How funny he always makes me cry. 

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The forest

Come with me into the forest, look at the green leaves, as the sun breaks through from joyful trees


Chase me into the forest, where sticks will snap, far far louder than any paparazzi clap


Follow me into the forest, there's an abandoned swimming pool, that many historic men and women have gone to


Stay with me in the forest, for life stands still, it's just you and I and it feels so real


Live with me in the forest, it's where we would of called home, before any Internet, TV or phone 


Abandoned in the forest, did you not feel the same? Or did it bother you that it started to rain? 


Alone in the forest, maybe it's time to move on, everyone is in the city and the love for our forest is gone. 

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Random Poems

There's a feeling when the beat hits.

A feeling I greatly love.

Thoughts of the past, present, and future.



The intro rolls back.

Here comes the beat.

Chills rising.

The rise...

Hell yeah.

The rise ends, two kicks, amazement.

Head bobbing.

I'm a fucking bobble head.

The tune ends.

The bobbing slows.

New track plays.

Whole different feeling arises.

Very chill feeling.

Bobbing is back with the kick.

I'm not liking this track suddenly.

Skipped a few...

Oh hell yeah.

This track gives me the feels.

Vocals. Beat. Everything.

This is music.


There's a feeling.

A feeling.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this while sitting in my room alone. Listening to my likes on SoundCloud. Much love to anyone viewing this. Peace, love, and happiness.

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I'm Sorry


I was once your baby girl.

Little and innocent,

You were ready to give me

the whole world.


But then I changed 

from kid to teen,

and I wasn't the same 

as I was once before.


I hurt myself because 

it makes me feel better,

putting the hurt on my skin

instead of inside my heart.


I'm sorry i've become

the kind of daughter you

don't want, never wanted.


I'm not innocent anymore,

I'm not your baby girl anymore....

I'm nothing good anymore..


I'm Sorry.



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Feelings of inexplicable change

Emotions change..

From the yearning hunger of passion's lust

To the deafening crack of ferocious thunder 

The silent act of collecting dust 

The pain of hearts once cleft asunder

"Alas! No longer!

Must I endure such wonders and conundra? 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first ever poem, what do you think? It was really fun to write.

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I don't know anymore


I'm dating this guy,

this sweet,

kind, caring,

and considerate guy.


He says he loves me,

and I've said I love him-

out of habit, you see...


But I don't know anymore

I don't know what love 

is when it comes to guys now.



I don't know how

to be loveable...


I don't know how 

to be around guys...


I don't know how 

to know if he really loves me...


I don't know how

to know if I love him...


I don't know how

to be a girlfriend..



I just don't know anymore!



I'm so used to being used

that I don't know 

how to be in a relationship!


I don't know what I'm supposed to do

what I'm supposed to say,

what I'm supposed to act like!


I just don't know anymore!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please let me know what you think!

to accept and to refuse

i have accepted my feelings
i have accepted the stealing
of my mind and the revealing
and its hard to accept the unappealing.
I refuse the expectation
i refuse the obligation
to depend on the awkward hesitation
and its ard to refuse that molestation