What Poems Will You Read?

Just a thought!

What poems will you read?

Short waves


Endless words


Ripple down



Repeated fits of furry, with ridiculous rants and raves?

Letters with no will to live, threatening to end it all?

A lost love, waiting in the wings, hoping they will call?

We all tend to pick the one's, relating to our own life and time,

I read the one's with a humorous twist, and end with a little rhyme'

  by Barry Anderson



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"What Poems Will You Read?"

He Doesn't

She has already shed a tear

   For he doesn’t have a clue.

He thinks she’s strong,

   For he doesn’t see it clearly.


She’s seeing things in the future’s perspective

   Causing her to think about them soon.

It’s getting serious each second,

   But the question is

   How much time can he sacrifice?


She always understands him,

   He barely has time for her.

How can they make it work?

   Can they survive?

For he doesn’t have a plan.

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