Twisted Lies

Happiness is what she confides in

As she stares into the night

There's nothing more satisfying

His comfort felt so right

She loves that calming look

As she looks deep in his eyes

But she suddenly has this feeling

That he's holding back some lies

He suddenly turned away from her

Now she felt so tossed

How can someone "complete" you

But continue to feel so lost

As she backs off from him

Her tears flowing down her face

He explains to her so tenderly

That he just needs some space

So weeks went by without one call

She started to feel her rage

He had her where he wanted her

Chained down and in a cage

She caught a glimpse of him one day

Her tummy in a whirl

For what she saw was full of pain

Him kissing another girl

Since that day she caged her voice

She put away her soul

Until that day she married him

And made her heart feel whole<3

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Had a little bit of help writing this from a friend :) but love how it turned out!

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I love you

I can't help but to love you

Even with how the circumstances stand

I've decided I'll never leave you

Together we'll be hand in hand

I can't help but to have these feelings

That are oh so passionately true

Because the more we make love

The more I'm so into you

Not only do I want you as my husband

I'm praying you'll remain my best friend

Because when I first met you

You automatically made my heart mend

You gave me this comfort I never felt before

This comfort that I soon came to adore

You're like this addiction that I've become prone to

Nothing or no one compares to you

So remember this next time we're apart

I loved you and only you right from the very start


As she stands at her window

Looking out at the view

Thoughts of his soft touch

Race through her mind


She remembers his smile and his eyes

But what she remembers the most

Is how their love was one of a kind


Her heart longs to be close to him again

And feel his presence in sight

Her feelings are so strong

She doesn't know how much longer she can fight


She wishes she could hold his hand

And tell him that they are going to be okay

But she knows that no matter what she does

The guilt will continue to eat at her every day


She regrets letting him waltz right out of her life

Like he mean't nothing at all

Now she's stuck dealing with the pain

With no hopes of standing tall


She wants so much to hold him again

And look into his eyes

But she knows that no matter what

The pain just won't subside


So she looks to the Lord

And gets down on her knees to pray

Asking the good Lord to show her

A will if there is a way

To fix what she messed up

And to let him know she's sincerely true

But until she's shown the way

She'll be left with the question of wondering what to do?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a friend

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You are my life

You are my soul

You are my soulmate

That makes me whole


You are my comfort

You are my desire

You are the one

That sets my world on fire


You are the light shining bright at me

You are the reason we are mean't to be

My love for you will never die

For you make my soul feel as if it can fly


You are my strength

You are my guide

I forever want you

To be my life


So please know with love so true

That I will forever be in love with you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how I feel right now :)

Dwelving Deep

Welcoming the night.
Reminding me of my blight.
The fight is useless.
Haunting me at rest.
Feels like a test.
That I just can't pass.
It wrecks my soul.
And I know.
That attempts to move on.
Only deceive myself.
I'd never wish to remember lesser.
The thoughts continue to fester.
Warping and shaping what I am.
Pictures of a wonderful gem.
Forgetting would never be a choice.
Don't want to forget the voice.
Nothing more that I wish.
Than to relive what I miss.
And although my decisions leave me in strife.
I continue on for the sake of my life.


Nature / Folder 1




I never meant 

to hide it from you,

this gift I have, this 

innate ability 

to 'bounce back',

and evolve.


 I never considered that 

you would think 

the more civilized,

natural way, 

of human expression

to be such a travesty.


I never considered

that you were that

weak to think of 

me as weak, too,

and I am now thinking,

I should have considered.


6:37 PM 8/10/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is the author's thought that expression of face to face,  human to human emotion, and validation of such, is a necessity for a person to become whole and healthy. it is holding on to the emotions that can be expressed without physical violence that do most of the damage in the world right now...and it is all invisible, and why it has become so lethal to life.


in essence...our emotions change with our thoughts, and so if we are always expressing through words, without heart to heart communication... we only ever see half of the picture...of anything. Because the combination of thought and emotion can transform everything. Verbalization is the biggest and longest lie that has every been told.

Silent Jay

How can I let you know

There's a reason I go

To such great lengths to impress you

Or to put on a show


If I could transition

Straight from my position

Of translucency

Without showing submission


Well, then I'd be less aloof

Maybe gather some proof

That we should stick together

Not unlike a shoe on a hoof


Perhaps I'd make you smile

One that lasts for awhile

Just trying to charm the pants off you

I'm not here to beguile


I swear that, girl

If you step into my world

You'll never need a vacation

Step back, watch it unfurl


But with my oration

I'm trying to put in summation

That my feelings for you are like

Colloquials in translation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this one for a poetry slam with a beat behind it. Once I found out no musical accompaniment was allowed, I had to scrap it.

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A sonnet for Shannon

a sonnet for Shannon 
You first captured my gaze.
Intriguing, curiosity what I would give?
What I was waiting for with one life to live?
A quick glance to one another, my soul wherein?
My heart follows my gaze herein,
A single second to relive?
Do my feelings misgive?
Your heart I want to win?
No! Break the gaze and question no more.
Free yourself and continue on.
I can't let my guard down again.
My heart I wish for you to restore.
Even though my gaze I have withdrawn.
My love for you will still remain.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

how I met Shannon and what I felt at the time. Confused, shy, curious, engrossed, but careful. She had an air of mystery to her when I first caught a glance of those grey eyes. I wanted to know more about her.

i am you






i am sunrise,

                 a fog,

           a lily pad

        floating in 

      a pond--



           --(no frog)--



i am an angel,

                                  dressed in black velvet,

and I only allow the light on my face

                     when the moon

 cannot be seen 

at night,

    to wimper among the rhythm of 

                 slithering snakes in

      the cool night sands,



i am macerated flesh of 

           a wild animal,


   to dry out after the feasting of

              hungry wolves,



i am a feild of daisies,

            and you have severed my lifeline 

                  to place me 


        your great-grandmother's hand made

                        doily for your 




i am an onion,

         bursting with pungent juices

                            to make the tears fall from 

         your eyes like a torrential 


     in the worst of droughts,



i am hell fire

          to infinity




       i am waiting for 




i am the gleam

         of a child's 

                        face on    

 christmas morning,

                     and the killer's

grin of      





and i am the untamed

                     ogre of

grief, the

              grim rapist,

that entices

 your anger,

                                a predator

lusting after your





i am the regurgitation of man's worst crime,



                 fear, hope,

                         and desire,

that wallow

 like poison in the pit of his





i feel,









11:58 PM 7/7/2013  ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

just about how everyone feels things. one thing we all have---feelings.good, bad, indifferent....ugly.



Tagged on 6/26/14 ec.

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