Discourse #3


Discourse # 3

             The only magic that exists anymore is to be found within the T.V.
Mysteries and Gods played out for the world to see. Gold, silver and gems line the channels as you casually change the station. Egos and dramas unfold before your naked eyes and in no time you are lost within the jungle of madness; propaganda. Caught within it's addictive web, you believe in what that magic box tells you, and lost becomes your rationality to any common sense. Mindlessly you click away, brainwashed to the current trends, hypnotized by the flashy lights of the current hype.

“Are you sure you know what you are fighting for?
Do you even remember the purpose behind this war?
You kill and conquest, and all for what?
The power and control, all to just market your soul?
When did humanity become a commodity,
to be bartered on the slab, as the stock share will rise.
When a welfare system thats doomed to fail.”

                  We can often place more value over our monitors than that of a human life. Some desperately seeking an escape only find yet another trap has been laid. We lost our way, we have became detached from our roots and too dependent upon a broken system, upon a technological infant. It was once said, “Every stone shall be touched, every dark tunnel explored and every drop of rain felt.” It's just an experience shared, as every fallen angel is just a person who hurts. To drown within the sea of despair, only to wash up on the shores of hope, and wipe your sins as every drop of water captures all the darkness. A conscious thought becomes our living action and every reason is minute. Where darkness dwells within every man's heart so does a spark of humanity. Few see the clarity to know and understand the basic nature of our humanity, and the delicate line that separates good intent from our dark and carnal desires. If we destroy ourselves, then it will truly be too late to learn from others our true value and worth in this reality.

“Voices whisper in your head,
Voices whisper things better left unsaid
hoping to dance with an Angel after taking
the devil's hand. Running with broken dreams
While sheltering a shattered faith. Sacrifices
made for just ghosts of a shadow, no real value.
Defiant till your last breath, that in your mind,
your reality. The temple of gold
becomes your sanctuary, a treasure
beyond monetary gain. A jewel to be
cherished, A confession sought on their
death bed of desperation. A life lived in
excess, sin and depravity and now in his final
hour he seeks redemption. Fear
leads his heart and his mind, A purgatory,
for this man's final moments shall be that of regret.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I scribbled this down at work.

you know when it feels good

i want to kiss down every inch of you

from your toes up to your throat

i want to run my tounge along the places that you dont

i want to taste the sweat that pours from your pores

i want to feel the tension when my actions get too course

i want to feel you jump when i bite your lower lip

hear you moan and groan as your efforts start to slip

and just about the time that you begin to feel sustained

ill nick you with a razor blade cuz i like pleasure and pain

feel your eyes close as your head rolls back'

im watching every muscle on you coil and relax

we cheated on her

i knew what was going on

we cheated on her cuz i went along

but we're not in this together

fate was just luck

and let me tell you some thing

you were just a fuck!

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These Feelings

My heart grows deeper with every passing moment

Making me feel light on my feet

As if I was soaring through the sky in the morning mist

The emotions are full of love, compassion and responsibility

This feeling is nothing I have ever experienced.

Its new to me and my purpose in life

Changing everything but not worried about how it will affect me.

Excitement flows through my veins

Never stopping for anything else.

These feelings give me life

More life then I have ever had;


I don't feel scared

Or unnerved or even a fear for the unknown

None of this bothers me

It only fuels me

Makes me reach out farther and wider.

These feelings,

My feelings

Are forever changed

And for that I am thankful

Everyday of my life.


Sherry B

Sept. 5/09

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