I'm Drowning In It

What is this?


This day 


Nothing happy


Nothing sad


Not evil


Nor good


The sun won't rise


And the sky won't fall


Stars are steady


So is the dark


What is this?


This day




So empty


Without meaning


It just is


And with no fire


My bones are dried up


And i'm drowning in it




What is this?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It just is, and it burns

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Closeness, No More

The cold distance,

Between my fingers;

The void,

Where you once sat.

The abyss that grows wider,

As curiosity gets the best of me.

There you are again,

Running in circles,

Sicker than a lab rat.

When was it,

You and I?

Where is the closeness --

That sigh of relief?

The gap widens,

Slipping further,

And then I let go.

No longer is there the need --

To sink my fingernails in,

And hold on for dear life.

The abyss will swallow me --

The void of blackness will consume me 


And there will be nothing left.

A shell --

Something no longer in existence,

Where I once would have been.

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Prisoner of Lore

Foretold once was a place begotten in
the Legendary War of Mankinde.....
faire in wealth and luxourie but void
of love and charitee..
But blind are not who root in povertee
fancy by foe, for foe forgot 
once a war
raged on in these lands 
but now led to become who 
once was won by ways of war
and the villainee they abhorr. 
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A wide and deep and vast expanse,
Upon which forever we shall dance,
Celebrating our true freedom,
Unbound in the endless, unfathomable waters
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abortive abyss giveaway

touching the outer layer lightly

bits and pieces flaked off 

to reveal the depth of charred remains


the hope of finding healthy tissue

was like hoping to gather leaves in a windstorm

a hollow shell, the final prize 


a figment of an imagined existence

cloaked in pallid-colored dreams

passed down through bargain basement ideals


whispers to ears void of tempered knowledge

and bright-eyed for a path leading towards a fool's gold

whose story continues to be told


lush feilds of blossoming trees and flowers

flourish within sight, but awareness has been retarded

for the sake of finding buried treasures, and mind follows



4:22 AM 7/7/2013 ©




Je Na Sais Quoi

Blank page

Blank stage

Blank space

Blank adage

Ravage mind!

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Light and Dark

Light turns shadow
Shadow grows darker
Brightness has left from my eyes

Light has left me
Darkness calls me
As I sink into these lies

The world has called me
And I will answer
As I fall into this void

Sleep now takes me
Life has left me
Now I lie dead and cold.

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Desires he


Forsooth! He serves you in a famous fashion,
Neither earthly food nor drink could feed his passion,
Its rapacious appetite not quenched by treasure;
Half-conscious and half crazed, he finds no rest,
The refulgent stars of heaven must adure their full measure,
Each highest joy of Earth must yield its zest,
Not all the world - the boundless azure -
Can fill the void within his yearning breast.

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Pleasure in Vain....11-11-97


The monkey on my shoulders becomes insane
As the serpent between my limbs feels pleasure in vain.
Are you so blind that you can't see?
Your stone-cold emptiness frustrates me.
For I, no emotions you feel
So how could this pleasure actually be real?
Sometimes it may seem as if you care.
This only alerts my heart to beware.
For this is a cold hard life of fact.
Could this possibly be real or just another act?
Or me having a reality attack.
You feel as if your reptilian but can't you see?
This abyss of emptiness castrates me.
The insanity of my monkey grows.
Insane from the pain of your iron rain
The serpents' shame it knows,
But cold blooded, the serpent for emotions cares not.
So only his evil grin he shows.
But sadly as I bear this sin,
I know I will only let it happen again and again.
And what is worse, so do you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This I wrote a long time ago over an ex....

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