I Can See

I can see


It took me forty years and one month to see

Forty years and one month, having my soul wrestle inside of me

Screaming, clawing its way out in hope of someone to see me

But all this time, it was I that needed to see


I can see

I don’t question if anyone can see me

I now have crystal clear clarity in me

I can see


Sunny blue skies

Birds chirping, singing, happy cries

Echoing the joyful awakening of earth’s arise

Thinking that I could see through clear skies were all lies


It’s only in the darkest days of one’s life when one can see brightly

The darkest, most morbid hours gives one the utmost clarity

A thousand reasons to not want to be

And only three compassionate miracles that it took for me to see


I am blessed until eternity

I have no money to feed me, but food in my tummy daily

I am ill and lately very sleepy, and no money to cure me

But one compassionate soul, helped and healed me


The harder I try, the harder I fall

Endless efforts, just wasting it all

I now crawl

An endless battle, I’ll never have it all


But blessed I truly am

I can see

There are angels guarding me

Unexpected true friendships, dearest souls standing by me suddenly


In the darkest of hours, it’s then when you can see

It is but only then when you see true friends who are meant to be

Only then when you see all your blessings truly, your earthly angels clearly

When tears of joy stream down your face from receiving love and compassion unexpectedly


I can see

I am

I have been

And I will be blessed till eternity


Written by



*I Hope You Can See*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Darling I hope you can see

We are perfectly matched

We are meant to be

A rare love here is hatched


We are meant to take care of each other

Protect from evil protect from harm

Promise our hearts won't be stolen from one another 

You are my lucky charm


I hope you can see

We help each other defeat our fear

We help our hearts bleed

I miss you when you are not here

Your touch to comfort me is what I need 

Wondering if your thinking of me 

When you are away

Wishing this wrong in my head 

Would leave for another day

Wishing this ache from me would be free


I hope you can see

On how much and how deeply I love you

I hope everything I say you believe

Praying your not interested in someone else

Please tell me it isn't true


No one else will understand

How inside your mind

Constant love is in demand

And that your one of a kind

And at times you need me to hold your hand 

No one else but me can do this for you 

Next to you is where I stand

Someone so true 


I don't know what else to say

But to keep this love strong

Anything that'll help I'll do

Being together isn't at all wrong

I want to keep me within your heart another day

And let you know my love is 100% true 

We won't have it any other way



*A Silent Cry*


 October.30.2000 6-6:40pm

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


It's a tear drop no one can hear

A cry so silent only she can feel

This pain is getting stronger

This is what she feared

But now if anyone tried It's too deep to heal

She doesn't have the strength to go on any longer 


It's a silent cry

No one must find out about the pain in her heart

That sooner or later she knows she'll die

No one wants to know she's falling apart


She knows no one will for her care

So she lets the tear fall

And sits on the bed to stare

At the blank painted wall

Thinking to herself "This isn't fair."


Thinking and wondering if anyone would notice

If she was gone

If she disappears

Trying to figure out where she belongs

Wondering then would anyone hear her tears


Or would for every a silent cry be by her side

Would it be there forever

All she can do is sit in her room and hide

Not a person who shows they want her to stay

Or with her they want to be together 

Or to let people see 

To share their life with her another day

And to show that she can set the silent cry free


She wants to let this silent cry go away

To not have to worry 

If she'll live for another day

To everyone she doesn't want to be the main story



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*Keep Your Head Up*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Things may look impossible

Think of the positive

Hold on the the possible

Hold onto the love

Let go of the hate

Give yourself that extra shove

To get you out of this state

That keeps you holding onto the bad

Believe in fate

Let go of being sad

Believe at any rate


Keep your head held high

Fight the stress

That wants you to die

Forget the mess

That makes you cry


Things will get better you'll see

Live the life you want

Let the worries go by

Don't let your struggles haunt

Push them away set them free


Keep your spirits held high

Don't waste your time on what people want

Let your strengths fly

Keep your stand let it flaunt

All you can really do is try



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*One More Day*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I pray to God above

Just for one more day everyday with you

For I am blessed with the love

Sent by the one that's true


Sometimes I'm left with nothing to say

Because I no longer can find the words

I am thankful to have found someone

To take care of me and to repair my heart

To enjoy each days fun

It's like my wish come true

Right from the start


When I wished on that lucky star

Let God be my witness

My days when I'm with you 

From my heart you're not far

My life is no longer blue


My heart sings of joy and happiness

To beable to spend one more day

To be by your side

Through our ups and downs

For our tears when we cried

For when we asked for forgiveness

And when we wore so many frowns

For when we made up after sadness

I thank the lord above for our happiness


It would mean the world to me 

To just have one more day 

Before I have to set you free

Just that one more day makes a difference

To have a special day to be 

A great romance

God didn't take you from me 

I get to have my one more day 

My love for you God made me see

I'll always love you is what i have to say



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may change this a bit im just having writers block right now 

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The girl that i see!

         the girl that i see 2015



I look in the mirror every morning and see

a stranger standing there staring back at me

thinking back into her past of un-wanted pain

see's the unshed tears on her cheeks again

the doors in her mind are closed and locked

from the little girl who's childhood was mocked

she knew that her innocence was never meant to be

her reflection shows anguish from the girl that i see

she buried those nightmares inside that locked door

with past demons she doesn't want to see any more

she wonders what if i unlock all those ghosts

but wont ever do that for fear she'll be toast

those things all locked up forever will be

unspoken memories from the girl that i see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem tells of my want to move forward and not look back into the past, is something i have struggled with for so long now but im still a work in progress...




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*Enchanted Whisper*

Trisha M. Barrek-Hopkins

On a Clear snowy night 
In the middle of the falling snow
I promise not to leave your sight
I will stick by your side until it is your time to go
My tears my love are so hard to hide
But I know it would be cruel to keep you as you are
It would be selfish to ask you to fight the pain you are feeling
Soon my darling you'll begin healing
I understand you'll always be near never to far
You whisper to me you see this beautiful light you see your angel above
So calming so warm peaceful white 
An Enchanted whisper I can hear from your love
It will stick with me in my heart always
As i lean in to comfort you i know you're on your way 
Because your last breath i feel
My last tear drop falls onto your head 
I still can't believe this is real 
I no longer feel your heartbeat I now know i must go on without you
You are now in the embrace of your angel 
And left behind is your lifeless body at my feet 
I look above me I feel a small snowflake fall on my nose 
From the pain my sweet 
You are finally free
Again your enchanted whisper I can hear
"My love our souls are still together 
Just like from the start 
So please live your life before again we meet
Remember we are never truly apart"


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*Broken Wings*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

As the land beneath me disappears 
And all that is left is space 
I start to ask myself if anyone really cares 
I cant help but to beat myself at my own race

Its not that the pain 
Hurts deep inside 
Its not because I'm just ordinary and plain 
I mean i have nothing sinful to hide

I just would like people to see 
That i need healing 
From all the memories that haunt behind me 
From someone loving i just want to experience that tender feeling
I don't want to remain as i be 
I want to start in "believing"

I want to know how to fly 
Escape these Broken wings 
That i have had for so long 
No more tears i want to cry 
I want to be happy and strong 
I want to enjoy the bird as she sings

I want to get through the past 
Be able to look onto the future 
I want a love that will last 
I don't want to feel the pain of a broken wing 
I don't want the pain of a broken heart 
I want to move on and be happy again 
My pain full past from it i want to part 
I want this pain to be a "finally ending" thing 
And for God to bring me that angel he's suppose to send 
A everlasting love he's suppose to bring

To protect me as I'm on my way 
To guide me through the dark to the light 
To wake up fresh everyday 
To always be cheery and bright

I no longer want to be bothered by a broken wing 
I want to be free to fly 
I want a silver protecting ring 
I no longer want to cry 
Out loud i want to sing 
I no longer want to Die


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*To Look Through A Birds Eyes*

Trisha M Barrek  Hopkins

To look through a birds eye 
A glorious sight it has to be 
All the people it sees as it flies by
I'' always wonder what they see

I try to be in a birds webbed feet 
To meet the people and animals they met
I think it would be awesome and neat
It's like they already have their life planned...all set

They get to travel all over the world 
Without paying a fee
Meet new faces
Sometimes when I see them up there I wish it were me 
To see a great places


To look through a birds eyes
The freedom they have I can never get 
I just want to learn how to fly
It would be wonderful I bet
To look through a birds eyes
Would be a blessing in disguise


To look through a birds eyes
Would be definitely a blessing come true 
I want to experience the feeling....just one try
I want to be surrounded by the skies crystal blue



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