Lights and Sounds

Band Lyrics


Verse 1:

All the lights and sounds

That I’ve been chasing

A blue sky appears in the distance.

Remembering our times then:

We crashed, joked, and smiled



As long as we’re faithful,

We can turn today

Into another memory.

We can find our way back to paradise.


Verse 2:

Have you forgotten how to cry?

You’re my piano star?

That guiding light:

Will you enter?



Yet, the memory’s not enough.

I still cannot get you out.

Get you out of my mind.

Yeah, those were good times.



Live without doubts

Our hearts are

Eternally set in the afterglow.

Let it shine

Shine a light towards us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For an out of touch friend

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I'm sorry.

I can't see the meaning of those words anymore.

Black & blue;

Bruised, on the floor, & what do I hear?

"I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that, you weren't the girl I should have hit."

No, shit.

Curled into the fetal position;

A piece of my soul was taken sans permission.

Forced into submission...

Yet, I hear it again;

"I'm sorry, I didn't know it was rape."

"Rape can't happen between a couple anyway, plus I love you, I'm sorry."

How does one process this mess?

I'm sorry, I forgot how english works.

I'm sorry, my soul fucking hurts.

I'm sorry, perhaps I shouldn't be so nice.

Sugar, spice, everything nice...

Tweak the ingredients.

Fuck this obiediece;

Encoded in my D.N.A.

Fuck what I have to say.

I'm sorry I was there for you when you were on special k.

I'm sorry I can't be nice today, "my baaaad".

Your words of choice.

I'm sorry your mom is a fuckin' crack junkie.

I'm sorry your father shot himself in the head.

I'm sorry, you're not as strong as me.

I'm sorry you think strength is monetary.

I'm sorry, my mom doesn't wake me up spilling trash all over me.

How I have grown to loathe the words...

"I'm sorry"

"My bad"

Too bad, so sad, I am left to just toughen up.

I'm sorry I didn't wanna do horse tranquilizers with you.

I'm sorry that the cops caught you at a fuckin' drive thru.


I'm sure you see,

You use a word too much, it loses it's meaning.

Fair weather friends, come and go like changing seasons.

Apologies, you have lost me.

Fathom the reasons.

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Verse 1:
Letting go of everything

That I have ever known.

Start again, begin anew.

I've been hearing rumors

That you cry at night.


I'll be there for you

"Cause you see through me.

You noticed me

When I was not alone.


Verse 2:

Though, I'm surrounded

By Images of what they want,

What made us think that money

Is the pursuit of happiness?


You gotta let it go, let it go.

All I really want

Is for you

To see you as I see you.


Those eyes gave me warmth and grace

I won't let go so easily.

'Cause you've been there for me

When no one else was.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song I wrote about friendship about friends that have stuck by you through it all.

Leaving You Once Again (Original)

Verse 1:
I have witnessed many having to say their final farewells and goodbyes once and for all.

Ships starting to arrive on the dock,

Horns blowing nad tooting within the distance,

To inform passengers

Soon after to abroad the ship.

Anchors dropping into the sea,

To stabilize the boat.

Putting it on balance.


Such a hefty wound, it carries within one's heart,

Only coming to realize that later on...


Words left unspoken,

Need not be said.

Evidently, our guilt takes control

Controlling our emotions in a split second.

Closing down and narrowing is thse walls

One hsa built as a lifesaver

To ensure they are alive and living.

No risk being lost and isolated at sea.


Verse 2:
A wounded heart so vanished at sea,

Flowing freely across the tranquil ocean waters.


Amid the breeze flowing,

Tides rolling and crashing before us.

2nd Chorus:
Its illumination guided me

To the path I should have chosen and ended up with.

Best believe it:
Sometimes, we all are not necessarily lazy.

More along the lines of discouragement.

Not necessarily smart or intelligent.

Just have our priorities straight and in order.

We are average.

So, in the end, the ocean is turbulent and calm as it can be.

Let loose your wings...

Fly away into the distant skies

Overhead the ocean in our paths

Somehow, we manage to get through it all.

Close our eyes...

Dreaming of flying away...

Spread our wings and fly...away!

Free at last with our wings outsretched. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about the good byes in life/reality especially when it comes to friendships, interpersonal communications, public speaking, etc. It was written back in 2002-2003.

Odd Man Out

Sometimes, I realize how different I am.


A shape that doesn't fit into any one particular place


Odd man out


When I look back on how versatile I've always been

Lots of different cliques, not a singular type of friend


Expending everything I have to be someone people want to talk to


But for what?


What am I searching for?



I can identify so many beautiful things that I have

In real life


A short few people who actually love me, for me


When I need them, they come through


In depth long conversation


Or just a simple cup of coffee because they're near


These are tried and true relationships



Sometimes I realize how different I am.


The tallest tree in the forest, towering above those who directly surround her


Or the tiniest grain of sand, undifferentiated, lost in an endless desert

So much the same, but uniquely separate in perspective

Nothing better, nothing worse

Just different...


If I had the choice to be somene else, in another place, another position

I wouldn't think twice before turning it down

I realize this isolation is an opportunity to turn myself around

I was once lost, and once again I will be found

I know I won't find myself in the struggle of another

So, I'll stop attempting to drown myself in the company of others

The silence, the absence, the willingness to be with me

The effort, The choice, The solace

It's become my sole necessity


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm in a weird space within right now.

Trying to find the strength to go radio silent and let the true friendships surface.

Trying to find a true friendship with myself, and rebuild my connection to my spirit.

Distance and space are hard to do when you feel like you'll be missing out on others.

But, it's time.

I Want To Be The One

I want to be the one

to pull you up

when you are down.


I want to be the one

who you want

to tell everything to.


I want to be the one

to be who you say

is your best friend.


I want to be the one

that you know

will always be here for you.


I want to be the one

that you trust more

than anyone else in the world.


I want to be the one

that you never

ever want to loose!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please let me know what you think!

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Friends we may be with many, and
too many you and I are considered
friends, only a selected few become
our best friends, brotherly and
sisterly like...some friends you grow
with since the first grade, I cannot
say the same. Other friends you meet
along this road called life, certain
interest connect, and the magic
unfolds; a best friend is found.
The hardest friendships are those you
have connected for years, suddenly
end bittersweet. Great friendships are
formed from respect given and shown
to each other. Without respect there is
no true friendship. I have many friends,
my coworkers are my friends, not all of
them...a selected few, that's most of
them, my corner store liquor owner Hajid
is my friend; every time I go in the store
I say, "Haj, hou u doi my friend?" ,
he responds, "Its aw tu da gud my friend."
the point is everybody can be your friend,
but only the special ones take the heart
and honor to be best friends.
Certain friends can become the death of
us, our truest and realist enemies, without
giving a clue as to when they will turn or
show their true colors. Backstabbing friends
are the ones you pour your heart out for
and give your time too without a question
asked; they return the favor with a
(knife in the back).
Then there is the shadiest of them all…
the two-faced friends whom act one way
with you, all smiles and cheers- then with
others curse your name. My friendship is an
honor to uphold as I value each and every
person I consider a true friend up high,
to these friends;
“you are the diamonds in the rough.”
However; disrespect me, and you will sense
and feel my cold heart freezing your memories
and permanently deleting them from existence.
“Friends come and go, only the true friends
grow old with you!”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you know your true friends?!

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Kody Miller (Forevermyown)

You've left this world,
and I'll miss you so.
Even though,
I only knew you online.

You were lively
and fun,
and had beautiful poems.

I just can't believe
that you've left this world.

I will miss you dearly,
and am having trouble
writting this poem,
I'm still in shock,
from learning of
your death.

I will reread your poems
a million times,
since those are now
the only way I have
of connecting with you!

You were my girlfriend once,
and even though we've
both moved on,
you and I still had
our bond!

I'll miss you terribly,
and wish that I
could have done something
to keep you here!

Kody miller.
Good friend.
Funny person.
Kind inside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my good friend Kody Miller, who is no longer on this earth, but will be remembered!! We Love You Kody!!

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they are the ones
who will be there for you,
no matter what kinds
of stupid things you do.

they're the ones you tell
all your juicy secrets to!

you also tell them
the things that are
going on in your life.

It's hard to think about
living without them,
and to everyone out there,
I hope and pray,
that you will never have to.

Life without friends,
is really kind of painful,
and is quite lonely.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I just wrote, on February 25th 2012, about friends! I hope you all like it!

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