Lost Cause

I walked in on her crying again today

But I don’t like hugs so I stared at my feet.


“There was no mail today.”

I said as I walked away.

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My Memory

As I scream aloud nobody hears but my memory. Absorbing every last sound, in return, taking my anguish away and giving me comfort back, for the memory is my pillow, where I rest my restless mind, the shell around ready to crack at the sign of any further I breathe, take in the world and relax. I lay my hollow shell down to meet back with my memory, hoping the two can put it all back in and make sense of the world outside of this room.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My second poem ever.

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You're the One

My Love

She’s the only one
To me, a beautiful thing.
Music is how she speaks
And how sweetly does she sing!
All throughout the day,
In my ear her voice will ring
All I want to do,
Is accompany her while she sings.

But soon she will go home
To a place that sounds like Hell
I want to comfort her
But I never can really tell
If she can feel how I feel
Her fears I wish to quell
But all I can do right now
Is listen to the bell.

I would give you my wings
So that you can fly away
But we’re all like fallen angels
And so here we must stay
But I can tell you now
That there can come a day
If you take me as your own
Then we could run away

Far, far away
No troubles can see us there
And possibly could escape
Fear and Death’s ghastly stare
As to where we’ll go,
You already know where
But until then
We’ll just have to dream that we’re there.

Although we are slaves to time
The moment’s coming soon
Just like the next note
In a well-remembered tune
If you should come to love me
And my return will come soon
Then we can disappear;
And restart like the new moon.

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Her Lullaby


Pretty girl,
dry your eyes
i am right by your side
little girl,
i will hold you tight
and i will sing you, your lullaby
one day you'll be strong
and make it through it all
but until that day
i will help you carry on

don't you ever think that i'm going to leave you
my arms are out-stretched open waiting her for you
i will wipe away every tear that falls from your eyes
i will hold you while you cry
and i won't ever stop loving you

pretty girl,
don't be afraid
i wish push all your fears away
little girl,
there's so much to see
and i can't show you everything
one day you will grow up
and i'll be here to stay
please just remeber
if you need me i'm not far away

So,don't you ever think that i'm going to leave you
my arms are out-stretched open waiting her for you
i will wipe away every tear that falls from your eyes
i will hold you while you cry
and i won't ever stop loving you.

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Lost & Found

I feel like a butterfly who has lost his wings, I feel like a singer without a voice.
I feel like a note without a key. I feel like an abandoned wolf lost and free.
I feel like a cat who lost its mouse, I feel like a foundation that lost its house.
I feel like a boomerang that won't be back, all because you gave me no slack.
I feel like I can't tell the truth, I feel like the one who helped Mr. Booth,
I feel insecure that you're reading this, I feel the meaning might be missed.
For though these feelings are always there, I know that you will always care.
I know these feelings will come and go, just like I know that you'll always show.
I know the source, I know the place, I know that look you get on your face.
You cry for me when I feel blue, and you hold me closer, next to you.
You were always there when I needed you, I took my steps and you followed too.
I know I can upon you rely, for when I'm lowest and forced to cry.
I blame myself for walking away, when really I should have just stayed.
I cannot explain just how bad I feel, about the time I drank behind the wheel.
I cannot begin to understand why, you always hold me when I cry.
I walked away from you so many times, yet you're always there for my crimes.
They say you died yet I keep seeing you, so if your dead, then I must be too.
And if I am dead then it must be too late, to get my ticket to go through the gate.
But I cannot be where you are, for I was just driving my car.
A flash of light, then the color red, I must now surely be dead.
If I am dead then what did I do? For you accepted me, but I did not accept you.
I have no reason for being here now, unless you are showing me how
how I should have lived my life, how I should have honored my wife.
How I should have respected red. For that is the reason I am now dead.
How I should have come to you, when I was sad, lonely and blue.
How I should have not cut my arm, for you died so I would not see harm.
My friend told me all about you, but I did not listen, I wanted a clue.
"A sign that he is real indeed, some sign he is there is all I need."
Those were the words I kept telling my friend, I wish I had listened in the end.
For I see now you were there, you always stood by me, you always care.
But it is too late, oh please let me stay, I promise I will change my evil way.
Forgive me and allow me a chance, to never ask that girl to dance.
Let me live and you will see, the kind of man you want me to be.
Do not shake your head, do not send me there, please show me you still care.
I can change, I know I can. I just need another chance.
"You had your chance, you blew it instead. Depart from me, for you are dead."
Then I awoke, it was only a dream. Must have been the french fried ice cream.
I got in my car and started it up, with a beer beside me in my pickup.
I let off the clutch and started to go, to that girls house, my favorite ho.
I picked up my beer, and took a drink, the light turned red and I stopped to think.
How many signs are we given each day, when we keep asking and we say:
"I will believe when I see a sign!" that is your life, I won't waste mine.
I got my sign, on the road that time. That semi-truck that almost t-boned mine.
I threw down my beer, got out of my car, hit my knees in front of the bar.
I could not believe the life I did live, I did not want my fun to give.
But that life I learned was not fun, it was one step away from a loaded gun.
I cried in the night, in the pouring rain. "Help me not start that life again."
I could not believe the fool I have been, and there you were, once again.
Standing before me, you gave me a hand. "Welcome home, now you can stand."
I tried to stand, but I could not, it felt like my legs had started to rot.
I tried again and as I did, out from the bar walked the girl with a kid.
She was not my wife, only my toy, but in her arms was a little boy.
She just stood, to stop and stare, then handed me the child, said "I don't care"
"Take this thing, I don't want him!" she walked away and I never saw her again.
I stood there in the rain for a moment and smiled, in my arms I held my child.
I looked up to see him standing there again, I turned to go home to raise my kin.
I never looked back not till today. When to my own child, my story I could say.
He wanted a sign that you were there, so I told him this story, because I care.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem came to me just shortly after waking up. I sat down to write something on my facebook wall and this simply came out.

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Never thought of it
It almost blew right by
Six two one sixty five
opened my eyes
I thought you were the best I ever had
Almost missed this one
Touches like...
Kisses like...

I wish you could feel what I feel right now
my body is feeling a bit weak right now
And my fingers tremble as I hit keys right now
Because I know that he could bring me to my knees right now

I just want to explain
I almost settled for less
Told him there was no need to impress me
And now that I found it
And I know it's real
Im glad he didn't impress me
You impress me

Your caress like...
Your smile like...
Your kiss like...
Our love like...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know I got it this time. And I got it right.

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Forget the Rest

If I'm not here tomorrow, remember me today.
I learned this lesson hard "don't wish your life away."

Because it soon ends in the blink of an eye,
But don;t be sad, don't waste your time and cry.

When you're leaking tears, wipe them away.
Know we will meet again someday.

When you're feeling angry, remember good things.
Like the sun rising, a rainbow sprouting, or when the birds sing.

When I say remember, I mean good.
Not my anger, or grief, remember how you should.

Remember my eyes, my jokes and my smile.
Those will stick with you for a longer while.

Remember our good days, forget the rest.
Don't blame yourself, you know you're the best.

Remember the situations we'd get into?
And the only thing I knew was that I loved you.

I'm passing this lesson on; now its you're test.
REmember all the good, forget the rest.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as if my grandfather was narrating it actually; as if he were talking to me now. (He's dead.) But it also has another meaning personally, of me telling a certain person goodbye, I hope they remember me well.

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the mind wanders far
looking for comfort and peace
eyes are transparent

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any comments, good or bad, are welcome. Please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it, how it made you feel or what you didn't like about it. Thanks for taking the time to read my work. :)

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Comfort Me


As I woke this morning Lord
My heart keeps aching for your touch
Comfort me today Lord
Help me see your ways in me.

As I woke I prayed for you
to make me whole
keep me walking in your ways
Comfort me today Lord.

The pain I can't explain
But when you comfort me I can
keep going and it will be my gain.

To feel your touch
To hear your voice
To walk with you this day
Will keep me lifted and not dismayed
Comfort me today Lord


As this day fades away
Comfort me Lord
Keep me strong in your ways
Speak to me as I try to walk
This long road of pain and sorrow.

Comfort me today Lord
Prepare me for a new tomorrow.


Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus Is My Joy Ministries

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