She heard the voices of silence calling from the deep, so tender and humble, forgotten through ages. The winds carried words only she understood piercing through every pore on her body she felt every word as it whispered her name with a voice so loving and tender, she couldn’t have been more comforted.

Her feet sank through the sands with every nerve connecting with the fine and consoling dust, it felt it had found its home. The waves of the Ocean swirled upon her soft skin as warm as a baby in its mother’s womb, calling her into the deep, drawing her dejected soul to itself, she followed slowly stepping through the comforting sands.

Life was all she felt breathing in an air so deep which sank through her marrows forcing her hands apart and out of the convictions and judgements of her conscience reminded her of how to smile with every cell, tissue and fringes of her body in an ephemeral orgasm.


Those eyes had cried tears of pain yet she couldn’t hold back the tears that rolled down her chick, she basked in the euphoria forgetting the world behind her, avoiding the voices behind her conscience, shutting her mind from sight and head from thoughts but knowing deep within the privacy of her relaxed and contented subconscious that what she feels now may be indescribable but may as well be her last.

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