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I need a sign,
today, maybe tomorrow
and Ill be there
I know i ask too much
I just need your touch
I’m true to you, and it wont fade
not tonight, not in my reality
what more will a sign do for me
what more can i ask of it
Is there something left of us
tell me yes, and i will profess
my fate gloom’s upon it
but yet i seek it none the less
I discover a grey outlook changes nothing
no frown makes me need you less than before
I’m still here transfixed
I’ll die like those from before
hoping till the last moment
for something more


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If I could return to yesterday,
Approach it with a smile,
I would have done differently,
Happily, traveling an extra
 It was getting later, than I  
could ever know,
Summer was quickly passing,
Winter time, on coming snow.

I cannot forget you,
Swiftly time has slipped away,
Perhaps we'll meet again,
On another summer day.
 When I cross the great divide,
And approach the golden shore,
I'll wrap my arms around you,
Then we'll go out no more.
 Be there.

 copyright by heather burns

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