Atlantis: The Lost Ones

Sucken beneath the North Atlantic

at the bottom of the ocean,

relics of ages past,

rusting ships,

like perfectly preserved bodies,

in lost submarines,

victims of the wrong side,

young men trapt in the abyss

just following orders and manning their posts,

drown in their vessles

lost to the surface world

until they are rediscovered once more by the same type of whores

who killed them. 

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If She Only Knew

If only she knew how I think often where she rests. Hoping she's always in great health and protected through this troublesome world.
If only she knew how I go from a frown to a smile with the sound of your voice. How I am always happy to hear her talk about anything that comes to mind.
If only she knew how I often have these uncontrollable feelings inside.
If only she knew how much I have developed to care for her because she accepted my request online. How I gotten to know more about her little each time we connect. How I wish I could see her one day in life.
If only she knew that I care for her because she's a life that is special. She has a spirit that makes her glow.
If only she knew how often I am sadden whenever we talk and she must go. How I speak of her beauty and courageous ways. How one woman could have this type of effect on a man a great distance away.
If only she knew that there are still good people in the world.
If only she knew that I would give up my world to live and learn from hers.
If only she knew I felt much better in life since I first gotten to know her.

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