Our Story

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:

I can sense it:
Our story is not over yet.

You are the one.

You are my life.

You are my dream.

You are my soul.

You are always

On my mind.



As long as you are here with me,

We can truly become “us”.

I realized you cannot find

“The True You” alone.

But, with the one

You love the most.

I love you.


Verse 2:

I’ve taken the long way back to us.

However, I found “us” in each other.

The only thing worth living for

Is the power of our love.

Give it away.

Take it away.

You heal my scars and wounds.



‘Cause tonight, I’ll be at your side.

Our story never ends.

It begins with us,

In finding “us”

In each other.

Our story begins now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on episode 11 of the Japanese Drama series: Tokyo Wankei (also known as Destiny of Love) where Mika (Nakama Yukie) and Ryosuke (Wada Soku) characters reunite with each other and confess their love for each other. The scene starts at the 38:05-42:20 mark where this song is based off of.

60 Seconds Part 1

Band Lyrics
Verse 1: 60 seconds is all I have/to see this through/60 seconds is a story/that is enough with you and me/Don’t you let me go
Chorus: Even if you’re hurting/know that I’ve got your back/60 seconds is all I have for our story/Help me carry on/Lead me out of darkness
Verse 2: Out into the light/I walk towards/the hesitant you/your memories of me/have become cold/I can see it in your eyes/that I am not the one for your anymore
Bridge: Give me 60 seconds of your time/It is all I need to write this story/In it, are our hot and cold moments/Both of which, you gave me
Last-Chorus: Our last goodbye was bittersweet/It tasted like the tobacco on your lips/’Cause you got me falling for you/Over and Over again/Give me 60 seconds/to write a new ending
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song response to Kim Sung Gyu's song: "60 Seconds" (A Korean pop song with rock elements). Look up the English subtitles on YouTube.


Band Lyrics
Verse 1:
With your heartbeat
Aligned with mine’s
Nothing can stop us now
I can feel your heartbeat
whenever we are together
I thought it over
I ask myself:
”Why Did I fall in love with you?”
Your heartbeat beats with mine’s
Hearts entwined, fate’s play
Let us hold onto this memory forever
Verse 2:
This is more than a dream
it’s a dream come true:
the day we met
was a hit and run
I could be in love
and I just don’t know
But you got me singing
these songs of love for you
This is my wonderland
A place where you and I can hide
All I want is a place
where we can be together
Your heartbeat, aligned with mine’s
there’s no stopping us now
our heartbeats as one
won’t you finally seal it with a kiss?
Author's Notes/Comments: 

“Heartbeat” symbolizes when two lovers become one or as literature have people say: “They become joined at their souls” almost like a “soulmate”. This will be a band song for my friends and I to sing to once we get the band started.

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How my life began,

I wonder,

How it will terminate,

I wonder.

I seldom sought worldly pleasures,

wealth, status or be a man well known.

All I wanted is true love,

And God did give me one,

But she was taken away from me,

By the Almighty Himself.

I became disenchanted with the world,

And all its structures, people and places.

I often dreamt of the girl that I lost,

Taken away by God Himself.

Other women formed associations,

And tried to work their charms on me,

But I still missed the girl I loved,

The one taken away by God Himself.

I also became friends with a very good man,

Selfless, helpful, caring and generous.

He became my crutch -- so to say.

But now, after a lapse of 40 years,

He has also disconnected himself from me,

Just to please -- as I presume -- his wife.

Now I spend my days and nights alone,

Even though I have a mother and three children,

But all of them are busy in their own tasks,

And amusements and hobbies.

I am losing my peace of mind,

Maybe I may suffer a nervous breakdown.

I do not know what my last days will be,

As it is a mystery known only to my Creator,

The Lord God who took away my beloved...

Perhaps  she was too good for me and this world,

Maybe I am consoling myself with this thought.

But I miss her terribly,

As I have yet to see or meet a pretty girl like her,

Endowed with an equally noble character.

She too loved me with all her heart,

But she had to leave me and depart,

For God's Will cannot be altered,

At any cost, whether we pray or spend hours,

Weeping to Him alone in the night's wee moments.

Nobody can change destiny...

What will be mine, I do wonder,

Will I die a loner,

Just the way I came here,

Or does God Almighty have other plans for me?

I wonder, I wonder and I wonder.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on an afternoon in September. Believe me these are my heartfelt and genuine thoughts and not just plain sentimental poetry. It is as I believe the result of my pondering on my existence....only God Almighty knows how it will end. I WONDER!!!



Have my soul

Consume me whole

Drink me down

Please, don't drown

I'll be your life raft

You can make me laugh

Don't get lost

I'll keep you around at any cost

I'll map out the endless rivers;

& oceans that lead back to me

I'll write you all the fucking poetry

Because I know you'd do the same for me



Have my heart

My art

My poetry

My everything

I'll even sing you to sleep

Whatever you need

I truly want to see you succeed

I see what you don't see

A remarkable fucking human being

Striving, surviving

Talent, endless potential

The same caramel skin as I

Living dead, but alive



You can have my thoughts

Untie these nooses

Throw these pills away

Mother fucker, you are here to stay

I don't want to admit it but...

I need you

You're my life line

I'll untie my nooses too

Throw my pills away with you

There's no "too little to late"

Distance, you're in another state

You're still here, guy

You. Are. Alive.

We survive



You can have my secrets too

I'll bleed into you

You can have my sleep

My voice

I do this by choice

Please, stay

Don't go away

I need you




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Verse 1:

This may be the end of us.

Can I be your memory/

Though, I know you're so far away,

Wanting you is driving me insane.


You're in everyone I see.

Where ever I go, your face appears.

Whenever you look at me,

You smile without noticiing.

You've fallen for me.


Verse 2:
And just lke that,

Our love began coincidentally.

Why can't you be brave like the others?

Just approach me and start a conversation.

You're so far away.



You don't have to fear this love.

This love saves us.

Don't waste your time.

There won't be any second chances.

Are you scared of losing so much?



I can see no one but you.

Though, I know you're far away.

These thoughts and feelings

Won't be able to reach you now. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on "It's You (English Subtitles)" by Neon Bunny. It's an indie Korean electrco-pop song. 


Alex you showed me success.
Gave me a feeling of conquest
My name means powerful ruler.
I must confess

I almost gave up until you helped me see my mess
Thanks to Muckerman I’m blessed
Failures not an option. I must progress
Only thing I can handle is success

I’m tired of feeling depressed.
I can’t process this distress.
Is it karma that caused all this?
Like a rich man losing all his progress

Lost it all to his mistress
All because he was heartless
Less than a man.
All hope lost

Whatever the cost.
Tossed out by his wife
After all the strife. He would take his own life
With a sharp edged knife.

1709 that’s the address.
This kid is stuck in a trance
Heard Shady say he’s only got one chance
Wanting to ask this chick out to a dance

But he cant dance.
So he writes about the lost chance at a romance
Then discovers his circumstance
A talent that was a challenge

Fueled by gallons of hate. He began to create
Had to find his voice. He was too silent.
Had to become reliant and vibrant.
Stood up like a giant

He began to roar like a Lion
Run like a stallion.
Felt like an Italian
Ruthless but not an Idiot like Zack’s brother Talon

Proud and loud.
Earning a medallion.
Earning a following
An army that will be a battalion.

Making rhymes to overcome these hard times
Trying his best to avoid crime
Wanting voice lessons but he didn’t have a dime
Would he ever find himself at his prime

His head filled with a beat 7 days a week
ever since he had his head shoved into concreate
But this kid will never know or seek defeat
He got back up on his feet.

He heard Dre say: “You need to talk about the place to be
who you are, what you got, about a suck MC”
And to be discreet you’re in for a treat
That kid was me.

A delicacy but I would be in tangle
Saturday morning and I was to be strangled
I went to the fridge to get a fucking bagel
Yelled at so many angles

Still dealing with it all
She would have me take the fall
Told me to crawl.
I walked away from it all

Thank you Madison
I was fucked up but to me you were medicine
I was broken.
Saddened but you helped me without question

Fixing me was your intention
A restoration
Guided my hand. Navigation
Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t perfection.

When I’m gone I’m gone
Won’t look back what’s done is done
For those I forgot to mention. Thanks a ton

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The Liberty Dreamer


Envision freedom as a circle spanning three hundred and sixty degrees


And sitting at the circle’s center you are at liberty to swivel and tilt at will


Mesmerized by the seemingly limitless opportunities that beckon


Within each degree a fountainhead suffused with vocation


And you are at liberty to choose among many choices


Without incarceration, custody or constraint


A path imbued and pregnant with destiny


And though you must endure sacrifice to excel


Born to love and felicity


The only obstacle before you


Is to leap without reservation along a path already foreordained with peace and prosperity




Such liberties remain the preserve of kings and queens, lords and noblemen


And few among us inherit such glory


And you are not among them


Your pitiful birthright barely spans a degree of opportunity


And you will always peer into the warm from the cold outside


A swaddling cast upon a landscape of turgid black-peppered earth


A pauper not a prince, an enslaved soil tiller not a king


A birthright so pitiful you barely command a grain of sand from deserts sweeping so vast


Nor can you imbibe a single drop of water from oceans wet and ebbing


Bound by societal chains, suppression, racism and misogyny


A destiny hijacked and shackled to invisible nemesis


And after endless toil you are overcome by exhaustion and lassitude


Your subaltern fate draws ever nearer


A sheaf waiting for the sickle




Sudden like a stowaway


Escaping from a labyrinth of barricaded opportunity


A solitary voice breaches the ramparts of darkness without supplication


A message so powerful and pure it radiates outwards across the universe


Into hearts that have long ceased to yearn


And woebegone souls that have long ceased to dream


And awaking from your poverty induced stupor


Freedom becomes your final act of rebellion from mental slavery


And with the liberty dreamer now awakened within you


You possess the key to a circle of opportunity suffused with vocation



By Peter J. Middlebrook

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You’re On My Mind

To all those who have found IT and know they have IT.

© by Chuck McGlawn/

Daydreaming now as clouds drift by

Thinking of you while I gaze at our sky

Destiny gave you knowing brown eyes

Then sent you to me, to idolize 


I love the love that your love is giving

Your love makes life, so worth living

You’re made for me, I’m made for you

The love we have is something new


New vistas of love we’ll surely find

As life goes on our hearts entwined

Daydreaming now with our clouds in view

Thinking of just how much I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I generally do not write about my expeirences, I just pick a topic and develope it. I try to pick topics to which many can relate.

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