Cover Girl

Cover Girl

(Verse 1)

You're too big 

You're too small

You're too short

You're too tall

These are just some of the things we're made to feel

All the makeup

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A Broken Glass



A broken glass               

pointed angles all over

giving off its light dimly

Waiting for a trigger.     


The broken glass may be a piece of Diamond 

Creating Aura from its universe

Strength from its nucleus

Fragility in shadow

Silence in clearness


Words in color

Beauty in balance

Passion in calm

Reflection from darkness


See all these sincerities appear on his surface

just exists for someone to find






Author's Notes/Comments: 


I wrote this poem when I met a man who has beautiful mind but he does not know it himself.


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Only You can pick up the pieces

Of my shattered past

And make something beautiful from it

Gathering the shards and placing them

Into an amazing and wondrous design

Like a stained glass window

Each piece meticulously positioned

Into a picture only the designer could see


When I give to You my best

I try so hard to make You proud

My feeble attempts

Like a bruised and broken flower

You hold it gently, press and mount it

Hanging it high for all to see


One day I pray that I can look back

And see my whole life laid before me

All the hurt and pain I experienced

Interwoven with the joy and happiness

A blanket that I can wrap my heart up with

And the knowledge that my life wasn't in vain

That I could see every stitch You made

How You carried me all the way

And brought me home to stay

Haiku and Hokku




Winter breathes coldly

A rose on new-fallen snow

Beauty in nature


White carpet without

Inside, the dog sleeps soundly

Dreaming of Spring days


Rain upon the window

Soothing, sweetly singing soft

As I write about it




Family stay near

Life's storms draw close together

What calm drives apart


Special together

As I concentrate on work

She watches TV


Fearing the future

She wraps her arms around me

And holds me tightly




Alluring water-front

Holding magnificent crafts

Warships now at peace


Men of foul language

Cargo brought ashore today

The smell of the sea


Moonlight on the waves

Horns of vessels passing by

A lonely gull cries


They say that the eye is the window into one's soul. They say that the eye is the most beautiful part of the human body. They say that the blind can only think about what the eyes could see. Oh, but only if they knew. If only they knew that I am jealous of their lack of vision, that sometimes I wish that I was blind. I wish that I was blind, so that I wouldn't see your soul, being beaten and tormented by emotions, through your foggy window, I wish that I was blind, so that I wouldn't have to see the pain around me getting worse and worse inside of you, it's a freezing cold that's closing up who you are more and more. I wish that I was blind, so that maybe things would be different, even a little bit and even if it wasn't... I would be oblivious to the lies, and I wouldn't ever see the truth. My best friend would have tears streaming down his face and he would still say "I'm fine, just tired is all", and I wouldn't see it, I wouldn't see him dying in front of me. I wouldn't be able to help him. It's funny though, because I can see all of that, and it hurts me, because I still can't do anything to help him, it may be better for me if I weren't able to see, but it is and would still be the same for him, and if I was blind, then he would be truly alone... Jesus once said that "if the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into the pit". So, God may have given me eyes, but not the best ones, not his eyes. They still lust over people, they still judge, criticize, scrutinize and mock. But they are open, and I know that I'm not blind, and I know that God anointed me to help lead the other blind from the pit, but even with my own, God breathed vision, I'm lost and I need direction... I don't know what's going on at home right now, all that I know is that it hurts, and that it's eating you alive right now, leaving you feeling helpless, but God is fighting for you right now, and if he weren’t here, then why would I take all of this pain in advocating for him? Some of you work after school late at nights, maybe even to keep food on the table. Some of you are dealing with depression, but I want you to know that you are not ok, you are not getting in the way, and that I love you. And some, no, most, of you are grieving right now because someone close to you died, excuse me, passed away recently and it opened your eyes to the real world and the way it works. Many of you are afraid, because you can't see where you are going to be when you graduate, but it's ok, because "God is near to the broken hearted". If I could just have everyone close your eyes for a moment so that nobody feels uncomfortable, I'm going to ask that if you would like me to pray for you, to raise your hand, and I'll write you down in my prayer journal, please don't hesitate, I just want you to find and fill that emptiness inside of your heart, also, if you'd like a personal prayer session, or even just a hug or shoulder to cry on, please come and talk to me, you can hide from me, but not your emotions... Thank you for your time, I love you, God bless.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was contemplating what to do for my grieving friend, and his eyes told me exactly what to do

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Deep Beauty

Laying here trying to sleep.

Can't get her off my mind.

I'm falling to deep.

Her smile is contagious.

Making me blind.

This is outrageous. 

I'm running out of time. 

Bound for greatness.

Looking at the signs.

I feel so grateful.

Her beauty is a crime.

I have faith though.

One day I shall find.

The one they call beauty.

She shall be mine.

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As I float through space…

As I float through space…

 By jfarrell


I can only say “WOW!”; and, cry;

Our planet looks so beautiful; so blue;

So much water… So much green;

I cry, over and over;

So much TRUE beauty;

How could I not cry like a baby?


I am being crushed;

All oxygen, all my life;

Sucked from my body; but,

Damn, Earth is SO beautiful;

If this is to be the last thing I ever see


Let me float through space;



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm floating round my tin can

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Biko The Woodsy Owl

Biko came down from heaven
brought a message from Jesus to impart

the sun comes up every morning in full view of the day
one must be humble enough to bow the knee to pray

I'm a messenger from the most high God
as a beacon of like to a hurting world in need of love

Harken onto me dear woodsmen in your strife
I'll draw waters from heaven for you to quench your thirst

for I was hear with the Timber Wolf basking in nature's sway
fill my beak with fallen residue that fall from ivy dew

Come bask in the vast expanse between space & time
we are all chosen for a purpose from a grand design

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Crazy Tracks

Crazy Tracks

My heart beats
faster than a locomotive
with no stop
She doesn't need a token
to get on this ride
It doesn't matter though
I can go slower
I can go faster
I can shine myself up
to look all nice and pretty,
but she won't get on this ride
No matter how loud my engine howls,
No matter how loud my horn screams,
she won't get on this ride.
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