Only You can pick up the pieces

Of my shattered past

And make something beautiful from it

Gathering the shards and placing them

Into an amazing and wondrous design

Like a stained glass window

Each piece meticulously positioned

Into a picture only the designer could see


When I give to You my best

I try so hard to make You proud

My feeble attempts

Like a bruised and broken flower

You hold it gently, press and mount it

Hanging it high for all to see


One day I pray that I can look back

And see my whole life laid before me

All the hurt and pain I experienced

Interwoven with the joy and happiness

A blanket that I can wrap my heart up with

And the knowledge that my life wasn't in vain

That I could see every stitch You made

How You carried me all the way

And brought me home to stay

allets's picture

"...see my whole life..."

I am surprised that I had the gumption to do all that stuff, my whole life seen retrospectively, awesome! It was fun inspite of the sadnesses and painings, the lows, the losses. The highs were exultation, the triumphs incredible. A patchwork quilt - yes in deed! I look back and see me doing mostly good - not too shabby a heritage. I enjoyed the honesty of this poem - slc