Peace From Within

Peace From Within

a hush upon the immense solitude alone,
brush off the silence torn in meager illusion

we felt faint upon the setting of the sun
to keep back the resistance with a sign

I sensed a great stirring inside my soul
at first a glimmer of light to unfold

spinning circles inside my brain
no point in comfort lest I refrain

this source comes from heaven above with a touch of love
hope springs a new as it flourished on the vine

created and crafted by a great design
there are lines being drawn in the sand

when will we face the day and ever understand
shadows perched throughout the duration of my thoughts

hands, feet & heart
this shall light the inner spark to what I needed to know

Come inside and take a deeper look and you will see
Torn illumination & hearts being set free

while we live each day in the land of make believe
what are we about to achieve

A sought after excursion from the hand of God
filter through its extreme with his heavenly rod

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The gift of life has many stages you see,
First the conception where we came to be
Then comes the birth where in the world we enter
Growing up falls then into the center

The fourth stage is growing old, it can be a long haul
Death is the finale, the end of it all
To some it is welcome, they're just ready to go
Tired of illnesses and feeling so low

For the loved ones it is hard, in fact it's the worst
Wondering why, to God they cursed
Not realizing that it may be for the best,
That the one they love is out of pain and finally at rest

Some deaths are untimely and that is a fact
A full life to live they may have lacked
But everything is done for a reason, don't fear
God must have needed them more than us here

Rather than grieving and feeling so sad,
We could celebrate the life that they had
Just remember to pray and to take God's hand
Because everything from the beginning has all been planned.

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Two Soul's Intertwined

Two Soul's Intertwined (Adult)

we climaxed on the floor...
a hush of breath, the sweat,
shadows block again lest I refrain
It was morning by the looks of the porch

at first the kiss, then a pause...
once again we were at it again banging on the floor,
I stretched my hot cock into her lovely pussy,
orgasmic climax ensued once more

Screaming and moaning on the cement floor,
The covers were light by a mere fabric of our existence
Suddenly we stopped a little fore play on display,
Told her of her sweet loving lushes pussy...

How I wanted to feel my big cock inside her,
Pumping harder then ever before,
Again another pause & we showered together,
Kicking back I had some lotion after we were dry,

I began to rub the lotion on her pussy,
A flavor of strawberry was vibrant to taste..
Sucking her skin through my teeth like meat,
Pussy isn't nothing but meat on the bone I'll

Suck it I'll Fuck it I'll leave it alone....
and then a final touch I decided to whisper in her ear,
You dance on a ring of fire still throw off the challenge with a shrug,
Softer lips filled with vapors of romantic asps

I will treasure those moments but we came too soon.



Falling in the dust on the ground
A way to explain with hip hop beats in my brain

Staying up late at night just chilling with a flame
This is a roll up so what's the hold up

A fly by night explosion with a tear in my eye
Does this come at a big enough surprise

Born in the hood doing no good
Washing dishes for a living

No more remorse nor any forgiving
All my home boys in the street

I sprang a brand new leak
A tender moment like a rose

Up your nose with a rubber hose
Sugar is sweet like a scent of the honey

Getting you broke with no more money
Skipping jump rope playing spades


Having it made in the shade
Act you age

We only go this way once so we must be proud
Having a nine to your head wake up late falling dead

Success in life is very sweet and appealing to the eye
A quaint way to greet a passerby

Still I'm falling but I can't get up
I a world torn with violence what's the hold up

Shallow lies no surprise must we fall prey to those wicked lies

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The Shaded Tree

The Shaded Tree

There's nothing like a warm summer day
To picnic under a shaded tree, a gentle breeze
To cool your mood as you gobble down food
Swatting at flies from your fries and pies, make you

Want to close your eyes, and conjure up a beehive
No repellant to ward off the any invasion trekking on
The picnic basket, carrying bits of food as they steadily
Form a line gathering up the chunks of rind, and making

There way to that ant hill mine, you close your eye's
And take a deep breath of nature's fragrant air
Wishing you were in Kriti Crete or on a cruise ship
Sailing the islands, and listening to the music drumming

In your ears, no care of fear as you swat the flies and stomp
The ants as they steadily approach the spot you enjoyed
For a little while, neither glance skyward to see the clouds
Float by, nor nap under the shaded tree

As you pack up the picnic basket, and shake out the crumbs
On the blanket, you glance up at the leaves on the tree branches
With a thought to come back another day to have
A picnic and sit under a big shaded tree

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The Beauty Of A Dove

The Beauty Of A Dove

It's sad. So sad I want to cry
A little girl grows up-
Then waves good-bye

She finds within her heart, a love
So deep, so true-
The beauty of a dove

She laughs with joy abound,
But it's not there-
For is it love she's found ?

She's scared the love she's found
is not real,
But it is no dream-

Her wound will someday heal
But suddenly she's not afraid of love,
For it has come-

The beauty of a dove
I want to cry, I want so much to cry,
She's found her love-
Though someday she will die

But I won't cry for her,
She's found it, she really has-
The beauty of a dove.

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Fantastically Fictional Phantasms

Blushing his mind was suddenly buzzing

With a rushing kind of thrumming thundering

His hands fumbling with wistful whispering

As he stilled listening

Quivering in attention to her symphony

Moving so fluidly it seemed

She was perfect symmetry

If symmetry could sing infinitely

While still breathing


Red lips and a tongue ring

Swayed hips like an epiphany

He used ink viciously

As he tried to capture her being

In pages of calligraphy

Ultimately ending in simplicity

And writing only two words worth keeping


And Epitome

But even that seemed to be a study in futility

Close, but still just a facsimile


Now even attempting such a thing

Was like extemporizing a soliloquy

When she’s not in the scene

It was a crushing ruptured something

Lusting up toward her but just...brushing

See because,


Crystallized starlight and sunbeams

Are the color of her eyes for one thing

Her makeup was made of the constant fluttering

Of a thousand different shades of butterfly's wings

Her body wrapped with swirling images of things

Half shown only teasingly

Blues and pinks perfectly painted in permanent ink

She wore a meticulous modesty like an alluring anthology

Audibly dancing the lines of an infatuation with her body

Calmly, and without a hint of apology


Never did they speak

But he thought of her with a quietly

Quickening need

Like a disease

Degenerative and growing constantly

Her motion kept within a distant proximity

Close, but still just out of reach

Orbiting fitfully like a belief caught by gravity

Even the fleeting demons seemed to freeze

The needle points of their teeth not quite so pressing

Folded and creased with every word that she’d speak



He wanted God but was stuck in the ministry

She was the girl of his dreams


An Ideal over which he found himself continuously

Waxing rhapsodically

Lasting and wrapped softly

In prose and in poetry

She was the standard for every real meeting

The source of a lonely rising anxiety

Only interspersed by other versions sporadically

By terse blurred physical excursions endured silently

Violent and briefly blinding

Lost like a leaf in lightning


She was a masterpiece paraded in pageantry

Absently grasping at the fantasy of his own imagining

She was a fiction with...

Cherry flavored lips and a tongue ring

Swayed hips like an epiphany

And eyes the color of crystallized starlight

And sunbeams

Too caught up in the dream

To realize he was sleeping

He fell in love with a faery


He just couldn’t see her wings

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Tell me what you think...



By JFarrell



In each others’ arms,

We look up at the moon,



In the darkest indigo

Of a cloudy night

The moon bursts through the clouds

A bright silvery guide, in the sky

Some of the thick cloud is inpenetratable

And makes the moon look like a heart,

My heart, bursting with love for you


Can you feel my heart beating?

Can you feel my arms around you?

Can you feel my soft kisses on your neck?


Your moon is younger than mine

After all, we are six hours apart,

But, under the moon,

We are both here, now



I so love you.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

the power of imagination

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By JFarrell


Look at the sunrise

The dark of the night

Very so subtly thins

Until great swords of light

Burst forth

Like the beginning of Everything

Like the beginning of Forever

Like the Big Bang



As what was dark and dead but a moment ago

Is now bathed in golden colours

And looks so alive

So beautiful

Thank you for this gift.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

what a precious gift

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