Soul mates

Multiverse Soul Mates








Multiverse Soul Mates




Worlds apart—are we

Sweet smiles dawned on each other

subconscious lovers

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My Everything

You stood in the doorway 

The frame smiled

At the taste of your skin

Your hair


My eyes

Not hiding

My jealousy 

Of the white soaked wood

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Even when you think I'm not looking, I am. Your forever in the spotlight.

I'm lucky to be in your life as your man

We’re both reeling; we’re both dealing, with similar feelings
We jumped right back into this emotional game
There’s more at stake than just us
I hope you can ignore all of the baggage I’m burying
Because I know I can handle all of the baggage you’re carrying
I can only hope to replace your pain
That you pumped into your viens
I can only hope to replace your pain
That you chose to put up your nose
Life doesn’t play out like monopoly
There’s only moving forward you see
The past is the past and only through time
Can we deal with and move on from these crimes
Master of Puppets helped pull you out
Of that nonstop haze and emotional drought
For me it was, For Whom the Bell Tolls
Which pulled me out of emotional lulls?
It is you, Jaclyn Torrice Donovan, that gave my life sake
You came into my life, as I was about to break
I thank god every day for bringing you into my life
Would you do me the eternal honor of being my soul mate?
For sure meeting you again was my fate
Would you do me the eternal honor of being my wife?

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Clearly Hidden From View

Personal Favorites

It could be, eyes see differently
That I might not appreciate the same view
If it is a gaze, fixed at a distance,
focused on the impossible, maybe
Or thought, fought inwardly about
out of reach, league, or better without
What the heart stays chained to
Tethered secretly, and at great distance
though to step out of the safe places,
out of clear evaluation, a secret admiration
dreamed about, infatuated and unspoken
outside of dreams that are intoxicated
provoked, streamed and called by heart
and habit of longing, watching imagining
the, oh, sensation the simple locking of hands
shared smiles and confessions with no verbalization
true love, of two souls who somehow vibrated
out of devine planning, or intervention, if not random
but could never happen for me, not lucky enough
but am, or will, just might, only if,... I...
Step out, shed loves shaded shadows of obscurity,
offering clearly, in the center of that one's
unknowing, yet appreciative gaze, becoming focused
and dance, not, hint none, but let your heart
express what it wants and be free of this
the unknowing, Clearly hidden from view
confronts and demands unknowings end.



Have you ever met your twin
returning from the past.

Traveling on life's highway
reflections always last.

Call it a connection
color  electric blue.

Does memories of yesterday
keep on haunting you.

Looking through a veil of lace
do you recall someone's face.

I get the feeling more and more
I've known you somewhere before.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I get a feeling more and more
I've known you somewhere before.

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At A Glance

2010-2012 Poems

"All the wild summer was in your gaze..."
You took me to the world unseen.
You can read my soul like I've known yours forever...
Together-- we could be unconventionally beautiful. :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c) jerlin 27Oct11 Inspired after watching Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth's movie. :)

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Ever Looming

Sometimes life spins out of our control—

Like my growing love for you

And your ever looming future absence

Everlasting, I can see this happening

Our future and our children too

Me, following you across the land and beyond…

And yet there are so many obstacles—

Ever looming—

I see the booby traps, laid out in front of me

I feel the weight of the future on my shoulders

Its breath on my neck

Yet I fall for you, and continue tripping…

I long for your arms to catch me—

There you are

But how much longer will your presence be present;

Before our destiny tears at our seams,

Rips apart the threads of our bond,

And undoes what has been done by our hearts

Will your feelings remain the same,

When I am no longer by your side?

Will you love me,

When you can no longer entwine your fingers with mine?

When I no longer sleep in your arms,

When we are miles apart…

Will you still want me?

Who is to say, if we will be…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 4/26/10

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Our Destiny

Come with me and I shall show you,

What I have found.

And together we will discover

What it is to be; to breathe.

Follow me and take my hand;

Stumble along this blind path.

As long as we are together,

If you are willing to lay next to me,

All can be good, life can be lived.

Breathe in this song with me;

Feel it move through your veins.

Drive this road of possibilities;

We shall find the pot of gold,

At the end of this rainbow,

After the storm has calmed,

And the sky becomes vacant.

Unveiled—will be our destiny.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 7/15/10

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More than just Love

You're good, too good.

You're better than better.

You lift me up, higher than the sky.

I'm addicted, more than addicted.

I'm in love, more than in love.

I'm lost, too far gone.

What's done is done and can't be undone

and I delivered myself completely to you,

in one mind, in one body and in one soul.

I'm not the winner of this goal

as I'm not my keeper

but I'm yours, more than just yours.

You do it for me in a million ways:

You warm me, deeper and more thoroughly than the sun's rays.

You're my shine,

and you're more, more than just mine.

You are more, more than just my love.

You are my present from God above.

You are my more than just love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote if my MY love :)

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