Only You can pick up the pieces

Of my shattered past

And make something beautiful from it

Gathering the shards and placing them

Into an amazing and wondrous design

Like a stained glass window

Each piece meticulously positioned

Into a picture only the designer could see


When I give to You my best

I try so hard to make You proud

My feeble attempts

Like a bruised and broken flower

You hold it gently, press and mount it

Hanging it high for all to see


One day I pray that I can look back

And see my whole life laid before me

All the hurt and pain I experienced

Interwoven with the joy and happiness

A blanket that I can wrap my heart up with

And the knowledge that my life wasn't in vain

That I could see every stitch You made

How You carried me all the way

And brought me home to stay





if  a friend lost his keys

and needed a ride

would you be there to pick him up

and stay by his side?

if he needed the shirt off your back 

would you comply?

would you give him your own

without a blink of an eye?


if someone were after him,

would you lend him your gun?

maybe in the Hatch of your car

you'd be sure to find one

If a friend needed money

would you get it for him

or would you lend it knowing you'd get it returned

by a Ron, Kevin or Jim?


friendships are funny things

when there's mischief involved

you can never be sure what will ever evolve

people will change in the blink of an eye

you'll sometimes be left with the blame asking "why?"

choose your friends wisely, ther'll be some with no spine

without any integrity, no friends is just fine



5:35 PM 7/6/2013




Author's Notes/Comments: 

friends can be one of the best parts of living, or they can be the worst.

l u P e z


I stare into your eyes and see the infinity, it calls me endlessly

And I gather every morsel I can, like a wild animal in your mind at times,

A sensuous delight in your bed, consumed by our hunger for us,

Brightening the darkest moments in our heads.


When we are apart I try to figure out where I should start,
It seems like I've missed days, even weeks sometimes,
I think about you and the questions cascade like a waterfall in my mind,
And always, somehow, I feel so left behind.


You're like a cryptogram, unsolved,
And I can never figure out why all of the letters match up
Except for that one that screws up the whole thing again,
My tongue is tied in knots as I struggle for the words, it's absurd.


When I was a kid, my father used to say I was ungrateful,
I never felt that way, I just had a lot of questions,
Life seemed so puzzling, and it's still a puzzle, often,
But I don't think I'd be happy any other way.


I love you with all my heart, and probably always will,
Because I can't ever know all of your pieces is not a big deal,
What I get from you means so much more,
And anyway, whatever piece I'm missing seems to fit perfect.




12:02 AM 6/16/2013 ©






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The missing piece to someone else's puzzle usually is you.


This poem was inspired by the amazing and lovely Dovely.

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My Work

We came together from pieces,
life was slipping away.
I thought that whatever life teaches,
we could learn from each day.
Mistaking anger for passion,
chaos colored the skies.
Thunder and lightening was crashing,
and all I saw were wild eyes.

Are we part of a vision,
that sees deeper than we can?
Are we the start of a mission,
should you be holding my hand?
Can we arrive there the first time,
to save each others' screams?
Are we the reason love is blind,
or must we sigh, in dreams?

I stand alone here now,
though you remain so close.
Flesh and bone; I fear somehow,
that we are becoming....ghosts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a fractured relationship.....

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