what if?


They say that the eye is the window into one's soul. They say that the eye is the most beautiful part of the human body. They say that the blind can only think about what the eyes could see. Oh, but only if they knew. If only they knew that I am jealous of their lack of vision, that sometimes I wish that I was blind. I wish that I was blind, so that I wouldn't see your soul, being beaten and tormented by emotions, through your foggy window, I wish that I was blind, so that I wouldn't have to see the pain around me getting worse and worse inside of you, it's a freezing cold that's closing up who you are more and more. I wish that I was blind, so that maybe things would be different, even a little bit and even if it wasn't... I would be oblivious to the lies, and I wouldn't ever see the truth. My best friend would have tears streaming down his face and he would still say "I'm fine, just tired is all", and I wouldn't see it, I wouldn't see him dying in front of me. I wouldn't be able to help him. It's funny though, because I can see all of that, and it hurts me, because I still can't do anything to help him, it may be better for me if I weren't able to see, but it is and would still be the same for him, and if I was blind, then he would be truly alone... Jesus once said that "if the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into the pit". So, God may have given me eyes, but not the best ones, not his eyes. They still lust over people, they still judge, criticize, scrutinize and mock. But they are open, and I know that I'm not blind, and I know that God anointed me to help lead the other blind from the pit, but even with my own, God breathed vision, I'm lost and I need direction... I don't know what's going on at home right now, all that I know is that it hurts, and that it's eating you alive right now, leaving you feeling helpless, but God is fighting for you right now, and if he weren’t here, then why would I take all of this pain in advocating for him? Some of you work after school late at nights, maybe even to keep food on the table. Some of you are dealing with depression, but I want you to know that you are not ok, you are not getting in the way, and that I love you. And some, no, most, of you are grieving right now because someone close to you died, excuse me, passed away recently and it opened your eyes to the real world and the way it works. Many of you are afraid, because you can't see where you are going to be when you graduate, but it's ok, because "God is near to the broken hearted". If I could just have everyone close your eyes for a moment so that nobody feels uncomfortable, I'm going to ask that if you would like me to pray for you, to raise your hand, and I'll write you down in my prayer journal, please don't hesitate, I just want you to find and fill that emptiness inside of your heart, also, if you'd like a personal prayer session, or even just a hug or shoulder to cry on, please come and talk to me, you can hide from me, but not your emotions... Thank you for your time, I love you, God bless.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was contemplating what to do for my grieving friend, and his eyes told me exactly what to do

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Boy Meets Love

Boy: What would you sacrifice in return for a love so true?

Girl: I'd sacrifice my all to have true love with you.


Boy: How would you show me, if that were the case?

Girl: I'd be there for all of the things that you face.


Boy: What if I mess up and make a mistake?

Girl: I'd tell you you're human...and show you our love's not fake.


Boy: What if you were hated for loving a guy like me?

Girl: I'd be facing that love is something others don't always see.


Boy: What if they saw it, and spat in your face? What if they mocked it, and our love was erased?

Girl: Why, I'd have to accept that our love is for us, and I'd build on the good things we share...respect and trust.


Boy: If I were sick, would you nurse me to health?

Girl: I'd reach for the bottle that says "love" on the shelf.


Boy: Would you face every hardship, if I acted a fool?

Girl: Yes I would, my love, always, but I'd also lay down new rules...;-)






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