Monthly Archive for November 2023

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MY FAITH IS RENEWED Poem beaconzbard 1 Christ, Christian, Faith, God, grace, Jesus, Jesus Christ, new life, Redidcation, renewal Nov 1st
THANKFUL FOR ADVENTURES Prose joy #adventures, #gratitude Nov 1st
الجزء الغبي مني… Poem Free_Spirit Nov 1st
Song on the radio Poem geneconner2008 Nov 1st
لست مثلي Poem Free_Spirit Nov 1st
GRATEFUL...THANKFUL Poem beaconzbard Nov 1st
BECAUSE CHRIST WAS SACRIFICED Poem beaconzbard Calvary, Christ, grace, Jesus, Jesus Christ, mercy, Only hope, salvation, the cross Nov 1st
Untitled 31 Poem rachel 1 Nov 1st
Winter Poem rachel 3 Nov 1st
Know your days Poem Teytonon Nov 1st
1O YEARS LATER...STILL THE SAME Poem joy #adventure, #life Nov 1st
WE SHOULD BE KISSING Poem georgeschaefer Nov 1st
IT AIN’T HAPPENING Poem georgeschaefer Nov 1st
Fly Poem arqios 2 Nov 1st
PS MI5 ILL TAKE YOUR BOYS Poem DaztheDruid Nov 2nd
lone plumeria Poem arqios Nov 2nd
Stories from the Military Brat Yahoo Group:Korea, the Bronze Star and the Medical Supplies Poem djtj Nov 2nd
BLESSINGS Poem beaconzbard Christian., Thanksgiving Nov 2nd
Stories from the Military Brat Yahoo Group: Redstone Arsenal Poolside Sex Education Prose djtj Nov 2nd
Stories from the Military Brat Yahoo Group: St Moritz First Date Hey Jude Prose djtj Nov 2nd
By Popular Demand: Most High Statement on Global Health Poem DaztheDruid Nov 2nd
Days Go By Poem DaztheDruid Nov 2nd
Crown Jewels Poem DaztheDruid Nov 2nd
Unfold the Questions Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 2nd
Keep that seat warm George Poem Teytonon Nov 2nd
Footnote: Our Laughing Senryu And Kyoka Poem J-C4113d Nov 2nd
REDISCOVER WHO YOU ARE Poem joy #forest Nov 2nd
THABNKFUL FOR THE FOREST AND HENRY DAVID THOREAU Poem joy #forest, #gratitude, #henrydavidthoreau Nov 2nd
Me I'll truly means Poem DaztheDruid Nov 2nd
FOODY Poem DaztheDruid Nov 2nd
Footnote: Minor Resolution Poem J-C4113d Nov 3rd
My friend Art Poem Teytonon Nov 3rd
THANKFUL TO THE ONE ABOVE Poem beaconzbard Christ, Jesus, Jesus Christ, praise, Thanksgiving Nov 3rd
Not Exactly What You Care To Hear, Or Know Poem J-C4113d Nov 3rd
NATE Poem joy #deathofachild, #fate Nov 3rd
I get sad Poem chillin Nov 3rd
A Line of Trees Poem chillin Nov 3rd
The Dew has Covered the Grass Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 3rd
THANKFUL FOR THE CHILDREN Poem joy 1 #children, #gratitude Nov 4th
DULL MOVIE Poem georgeschaefer Nov 4th
I CAN’T WIN FOR LOSING Poem georgeschaefer Nov 4th
FRIENDS AND FAMILY Poem beaconzbard gratitude, thankful, Thanksgiving Nov 4th
The Lady With Big Shoulders, Wendy Shy Poem J-C4113d Nov 4th
Thank You Paul (A Song For Paul Landers) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 4th
Born to run NY State, mind? Poem Teytonon Nov 4th
A Couple Of Ways I Used To Aggravate My Mother Prose J-C4113d 2 Nov 4th
AFTER THE WAR Poem joy 1 #children, #dreams, #War Nov 4th
Azazel Shucks Was One Verbose Poem J-C4113d Nov 4th
Question For Azazel Shucks Poem J-C4113d Nov 4th
Here's To Azazel Shucks, The Old Piece Wisher Poem J-C4113d Nov 4th
US Presidents Poem Teytonon 1 Nov 4th
Azazel Shucks Poem J-C4113d 2 Nov 4th
Azazel Shucks In Sum Poem J-C4113d Nov 4th
Footnote: Question From An Old Fossil Poem J-C4113d Nov 4th
Manic Poems and the Mad Genius Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 4th
HYSTERICAL Poem beaconzbard 1 Christ, grace, Jesus, Jesus Christ, mercy, salvation, the cross Nov 4th
Footnote: Late Summer And Early Autumn, 1969 Poem J-C4113d Nov 4th
Letter Found Among The Papers Of Santa Ana, After His Death In Mexico City, In June, 1876 Poem J-C4113d Nov 4th
Why sell the souls? Poem DaztheDruid Nov 4th
Footnote: Thinking Of F. L. L. Once More Poem J-C4113d Nov 4th
Heron Clan Washes if Hues tsorm laden Poem djtj Nov 5th
Unshared Memories Poem ECHOESshadow Nov 5th
Valuable thought #1 Poem Pingus 2 Nov 5th
The Regulatory Landscape of Rolling Papers Poem simon Rolling Papers Nov 5th
Marathon man Poem Teytonon 3 Nov 5th
OF ITS OWN VOLITION 2 Poem georgeschaefer Nov 5th
Forced to Return Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 5th
Make it Hurt Poem uninvited_1 #lyrics, make it hurt, Pain, sadness Nov 5th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Poem On Psalm 147:4 Poem J-C4113d 2 Nov 5th
ANGELS Poem joy #angels Nov 5th
THANKFUL FOR ANGELS Poem joy #angels, #gratitude Nov 5th
انا Poem Free_Spirit Nov 5th
NOWHERE PHILLY Poem georgeschaefer Nov 5th
In Anticipation Of November 9th Prose J-C4113d 2 Nov 6th
spiritual warfare Poem steelrunner303 Nov 6th
Those nights I use to think Poem geneconner2008 Nov 6th
A Gift For You! Poem ramonathompsont Nov 6th
THANKFUL FOR MY CHURCH Poem beaconzbard Nov 6th
Phobia and Love Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 6th
Capital Moments Featured Reader. Washes of Hues Poem djtj Nov 6th
SERENDIPITY Poem joy #serendipity Nov 6th
THANKFUL FOR SERENDIPITY Poem joy #gratitude, #seerendipity Nov 6th
BETTER DIVIDENDS Poem georgeschaefer Nov 6th
LORD, I'M THANKFUL FOR THE JOB Poem beaconzbard 1 Nov 6th
علمونا Poem Free_Spirit Nov 7th
I’m not content. Proof? 40% Poem Teytonon Nov 7th
THANKFUL FOR MY BIGGEST FAN Poem beaconzbard encouragment, Thanksgiving Nov 7th
Not my brother, but heavy Poem Teytonon Nov 7th
Haunted by Eggshells Poem ECHOESshadow Nov 7th
Deductible may apply Poem Teytonon Nov 7th
THANKFUL FOR TWO GIFTS Poem joy #gratitude, #love, #memory Nov 7th
REMEMBERING MORE THINGS THAN I FORGET Poem joy #forgetting, #memory Nov 7th
recital Poem arqios 2 Nov 7th
take all, leave the rest Poem steelrunner303 Nov 7th
NEW YEAR’S EVE WITH ZIMMERMAN Poem georgeschaefer Nov 7th
sune Poem Tsenumaic Nov 7th
RIPPED PAGE OF NEWSPAPER Poem georgeschaefer Nov 7th
What does Christmas mean to me? Poem DaztheDruid Nov 7th
Brian Poem DaztheDruid Nov 7th
IMMEDIATE CHARM Prose georgeschaefer 2 Nov 8th
A GREAT PLEASURE Poem beaconzbard Nov 8th
Holiday Oil Massage Poem ramonathompsont Nov 8th
MY PEACE AND JOY (ARE GONE) Poem beaconzbard 2 Nov 8th
The story of Luna Poem Teytonon Nov 8th
white no!ze worship Poem Pingus Nov 8th
IT'S ALL IN THE PRONOUNS Poem joy #happiness, #pronoouns, #sharing Nov 8th
THANKFUL FOR GENEROSITY Poem joy #generosity, #gratitude Nov 8th
CELINЀ IMITATIONS Poem georgeschaefer Nov 8th
Keep on tryin’ Barbra Poem Teytonon Nov 8th
Gaza Prose cynosure Diffusion of responsibility, Ethics, Mental health awareness, social media, Suicide prevention Nov 9th
Where’s Waldo? Poem Teytonon Nov 9th
I Don't Want You Poem metaphorist Nov 9th
PROOF IN THE WOODED HILLS Poem beaconzbard Nov 9th
Adios super man Poem Teytonon Nov 9th
JAGGED EDGES AND UNEVEN PAGES Poem georgeschaefer Nov 9th
An Audience of Stars and the Rest of It Poem patriciajj 4 Nov 9th
REFLECTED IN HIS EYES Poem joy #love Nov 9th
Love( Healing ) Poem LawrenceMathebula Nov 9th
Tiny Little Gears (Ticks of Eternity) Poem lyrycsyntyme 14 Nov 9th
Silence Poem cynosure auspol, Ceasefire, Gaza Nov 9th
My Power was Love Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 9th
THANKFUL ONCE AGAIN FOR EYES Poem joy #eyes, #gratitude Nov 9th
FLYING TIME Poem georgeschaefer Nov 9th
Which continents you wanna be in? Poem Teytonon Nov 9th
Hell's Jingle Bells Poem ramonathompsont 5 Nov 10th
اتذكر؟ Poem Free_Spirit Nov 10th
CHILDREN Poem chris Nov 10th
THOSE WHO VOWED Poem beaconzbard Thanksgiving, VETERANS Nov 10th
Poem on Thorns Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 10th
BRILLIANCE IN RESILIENCE Poem pamschwetz BRILLIANCE IN RESILIENCE, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY Nov 10th
untimely demise Poem arqios Nov 10th
VAN GOGH’S EAR (kyoga) Poem georgeschaefer 2 Nov 10th
35 INCH SCREEN Poem georgeschaefer 2 Nov 10th
Lines From Somewhere In Medieval Russia Poem J-C4113d 2 Nov 10th
MOM AT THE DOOR Poem chris Nov 10th
FRIEND'S HOUSE Poem chris Nov 10th
When I was unbroken Poem Free_Spirit Nov 11th
لم اعد الومها… Poem Free_Spirit Nov 11th
The weight we were Poem Teytonon Nov 11th
MENTORS Poem beaconzbard Nov 11th
The story of Gail Poem Teytonon Nov 11th
LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW Poem chris Nov 11th
Where I Am Poem lyrycsyntyme Nov 11th
Unreachable Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 11th
Thanks. Don’t Manchin it Poem Teytonon Nov 11th
Is this a family matter, Adams? Poem Teytonon Nov 11th
HUG A VETERAN Poem joy #veteransday Nov 11th
THANKFUL FOR VETERANS Poem joy #gratitude, #veterans Nov 11th
Lonely Fuckers Poem metaphorist Nov 11th
Puddle of Me Poem metaphorist Nov 11th
A Passionless Marriage Poem metaphorist Nov 11th
Hollow Pursuits Poem metaphorist Nov 11th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; In Respect For His Grief . . . To The Emperor, Hadrian Poem J-C4113d Nov 11th
You Choose Me Poem metaphorist Nov 12th
Live and let die, er.. Poem Teytonon Nov 12th
Just Drop Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 12th
موت بطيء جدا… Poem Free_Spirit Nov 12th
E R Poem joy #emergencyroom, #Humanity Nov 12th
THANKFUL FOR NURSES Poem joy #gratitude, #nurses Nov 12th
QUIET HOLE Poem georgeschaefer Nov 12th
SECRET BLUE JEAN REALITY Poem georgeschaefer Nov 12th
Revealed Poem Seeker Nov 12th
It’s a no go for Coco Poem Teytonon Nov 12th
Happy Without You Poem metaphorist Nov 12th
THIS TINY MUSTARD SEED Poem beaconzbard Christ, Christian, Faith, Jesus, Jesus Christ Nov 12th
Civil fraud Poem Teytonon Nov 13th
Praise the Laud Poem Teytonon Nov 13th
THANKFUL FOR THE CHANCE TO SERVE Poem beaconzbard Nov 13th
The Perfect Holiday Match Poem ramonathompsont Nov 13th
It Kills Me Poem metaphorist 1 Nov 13th
Prisoner to Lust Poem metaphorist Nov 13th
Away from the desk? How to deal Poem Teytonon Nov 13th
stick to it Poem arqios Nov 13th
ابحث عنك Poem Free_Spirit Nov 13th
Tragic Poem Dime421 #relationship #new #poem #love #suicide #depression #mentalillness #friends Nov 13th
Under the Skin Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 13th
Questions to ponder: US Presidents Poem Teytonon Nov 13th
darkish hopefulness Poem arqios arkayye, arqios, crypticbard, galateus, redbrick, wordweaver Nov 13th
THE GREATEST NATION Poem beaconzbard Patriotic, Thanksgiving, USA Nov 13th
LOSS OF MEMORY AND LOSS OF THIS AND THAT Poem georgeschaefer Nov 13th
THANKFUL FOR SUNSHINE Poem joy #gratitude, #sunshine Nov 13th
SUNSHINE IN A BOTTLE Poem joy #happiness, #sunshine Nov 13th
Questions to ponder Poem Teytonon Nov 13th
In Unconsciousness Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 14th
TRUCK DRIVER Poem chris Nov 14th
TRUCK DRIVER DATE Poem chris Nov 14th
ربما Poem Free_Spirit Nov 14th
I'M SO BLESSED HERE Poem beaconzbard Nov 14th
SUCCINCT TACTICS Poem georgeschaefer Nov 14th
TIL WE MEET AGAIN Poem georgeschaefer Nov 14th
TRY TRANSMUTING Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, TRY TRANSMUTING Nov 14th
THANKFUL FOR FEATHERS Poem joy #feathers, #gratitude Nov 14th
WALKING FOR MIRACLES Poem joy #miracles Nov 14th
انكسار Poem Free_Spirit Nov 14th
Hope this is ok Poem Teytonon Nov 14th
Next To Me Poem BMosley Acceptance, acknowledgement, not always fun Nov 14th
The tale of Bart & Claire Poem Teytonon Nov 14th
He’s the Lord Poem Teytonon Nov 14th
Forgettable Poem Teytonon Nov 15th
Putty Poem metaphorist Nov 15th
bruised on the dance floor Poem catherine Nov 15th
AWED BY YOUR GRACE Poem beaconzbard Nov 15th
Why Monocracy Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 15th
It usually doesn’t work Poem Teytonon Nov 15th
انا و انت Poem Free_Spirit Nov 15th
I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU Poem joy #love Nov 15th
THANKFUL FOR WORDS OF LOVE Poem joy #gratitude, #love, #wordsoflove Nov 15th
COSMETIC EMBELLISHMENT Poem georgeschaefer Nov 15th
INADEQUATE SUBSTITUTE Poem georgeschaefer Nov 15th
Know where to go Poem Teytonon Nov 15th
Two Faces are not the Same Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 16th
I know. But the headline said.. Poem Teytonon Nov 16th
Back Off Me Poem ramonathompsont Nov 16th
You Remember Poem metaphorist 1 Nov 16th
اليوم الاربعون… Poem Free_Spirit Nov 16th
My three friends Poem Teytonon Nov 16th
IF CHRIST IN CONVERSATION (WE'D ENGAGE) Poem beaconzbard #Christian, Faith, growth, Jesus, spiritual growth Nov 16th
THANKFUL FOR ENLIGHTENMENT Poem joy #enlightenment, #gratitude Nov 16th
AA Poem metaphorist Nov 16th
THIS AIN’T MY FATHER’S WRESTLING Poem georgeschaefer Nov 16th
WOULD BE ZEN MASTER Poem georgeschaefer 2 Nov 16th
YOU IMPART Poem beaconzbard Nov 16th
ON THE ROAD TO ENLIGHTENMENT Poem joy #enlightenment, #journey Nov 16th
Thanksgiving-A Promotional Poem! Poem ramonathompsont Nov 16th
too tired to make up, too tired to fight Poem catherine Nov 16th
What happened? You know? Poem Teytonon Nov 16th
Aim For The Stars (And Land Two Feet Away) Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 Nov 17th
Whirlwind Poem metaphorist Nov 17th
Why only a peace? Poem Teytonon Nov 17th
Pandanus Poem arqios Nov 17th
HAPPILY EVEN AFTER Poem joy #fairytales, #happiness Nov 17th
THANKFUL FOR FAIRY TALES Poem joy #fairytales, #gratitude Nov 17th
FALSE PROPHETS Poem georgeschaefer Nov 17th
CRYPTIC MESSAGES Poem georgeschaefer Nov 17th
THIS OPPORTUNITY Poem beaconzbard Nov 17th
Stages of Grief Poem metaphorist Nov 17th
If You Say So Poem metaphorist Nov 17th
In Every Which Way But Poem metaphorist Nov 17th
I never heard this one Poem Teytonon Nov 18th
كل ما أكره Poem Free_Spirit Nov 18th
No-interest loans. Any interest? Poem Teytonon Nov 18th
BRINGS JOY MY HEART Poem beaconzbard Nov 18th
He was Kool Poem Teytonon Nov 18th
Outsider's Dust Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Nov 18th
The tale of Jack Sprat, true dat Poem Teytonon Nov 18th
ان اشتقت للحزن.. سأتذكر Poem Free_Spirit Nov 18th
THEIR PROMISE Poem joy #love, #promise Nov 18th