Look out over our planet…no doubt you will see…a collection of people in all shapes and sizes…it’s called Humanity.


We are all called Humans…but you don’t have to look very far before you begin to wonder just how Human…we Humans truly are.


If we are to call ourselves Human…I’m sure anthropologists would agree…

then one quality we must all possess…and share…is our Humanity.


If we are to call ourselves Human…then we must all do our part…to act with love, compassion, generosity, benevolence…with a kind and tender heart.


Again, on this point I’m sure anthropologists would agree…without acceptance, kindness and love for one another…there can be no Humanity 


Until as a species we can look into our hearts…until we can find and share our Humanity….

We must find a more appropriate name to call ourselves...

because Humans…we will never be.


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I imagine one of the first things we did…when we humans realized we were smart

was to give everything a label…so we could tell everything apart.


I’m a human, that’s an elephant, that’s a bird…that’s a manatee.

That’s a rock, that’s a tiger, that’s a flower…that’s a tree.


But sometime in our history…way back in humanities archives

we smart humans allowed those labels to control our very lives.


We began to see differences in each other that we hadn’t noticed there before

and suddenly I’m a human, you’re a human…wasn’t good enough anymore.


We were all humans once…I was me and you were you

until I became a Muslim, you a Catholic, me an immigrant…you a Jew.


I was white, you were black…I was yellow, you were red and I was grey.

You were German, I was French, you were straight and I was gay.


Certainly some labels can be beneficial when used to assist both you or me…

You have epilepsy, I’m near-sighted, you have asthma…I am gluten free.


When we use our labels for good…then good is who we’ll be

but when we use our labels for bad it leads to hate and bigotry.


For labels cannot tell us what’s inside a person’s heart

and in the end...all bad labels do...is push us all apart.


Which makes me long for a time when we weren’t so smart…

when everyone agreed…

that human…

only human…

is all the only label we would need.

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I went in for a minor surgery- something you have when you’re old and grey

which meant I had to fast…which meant I was hungry for a day.


For two days I went without eating…from early morning until the night… 

By the second day my stomach hurt I was irritable…

trust me…it was not a pretty sight.


But when the surgery was over…when I came out from the anesthesia…then

the first thing that I did…was to go and eat again.


On the way home we stopped art McDonalds…and my heart began to ache

as I was stuffing my face with French fries…dipped in a creamy vanilla shake.


I was hungry for a short while..then my hunger went away

but what about the people out there who are hungry every day.


41 million people in America including 11 million children by the way

aren’t hungry for a little while…they are hungry every day.


What kind of country are we if we can’t find a way

to feed those 41 million people who are hungry every day?


So I decided to put my money where my mouth is…and I donated today

to an organization that helps fight hunger each and every day.


I’m not sure how much good it will do…but when the day is done

I’ll be glad if out of the 41 million people…I have helped feed one.


Glad to do my part to help…if even a little bit

For people who are being punished…for a crime they didn’t commit.


For our society will ultimately be judged on how we intercede 

on behalf of our children, our elderly, our sick, our handicapped and 

all of those in need.


And wouldn’t it be great to be judged, at least in part, on how we found a way

for no one to go to bed hungry…even for a day.

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The Lectern's Rise

Your only days,and nights to live,
On earth thy heart to theirs, you may give
Love to all earthly creatures;
From brothers to thy sisters,
Too they sooner should return;
It's one cycle changing, turns
With time and days, swiftly, we
Shan't disband humanity
But throngs and unions gather
Around the world and further
In foreign places, the near
In foreign ones over there,
Is the other souls, similar,
The body that which you are.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the runestone, Mannaz.

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As we walk barefoot in the sand we quickly come to understand

a lesson we would love to teach

That an enlightened grain of sand is one that comes to understand

she or he…that grain of sand…she is the beach…


As we walk along the shore…we find when we explore

an awareness…a belief…a simple notion

That an enlightened wave upon the sea is much more than symmetry

for he or she…that single wave of water…is the ocean.


When we walk out in the rain…we quickly ascertain

a thought we feel obligated to explain

How an enlightened drop of rain…can easily maintain

That he, or she..one drop of water…is the rain


When we walk under the trees..and see leaves swaying in the breeze

it is there we feel quite emphatically

how each enlightened leaf…has a singular belief…

they are more than just one leaf…they are the tree.


So before this poem adjourns…what is it we have learned

from the sand, the ocean, the rain, and from the tree.

That to be an enlightened human being…we must all begin by seeing


How each and every one of us…is humanity

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All Lives Matter

How am I

To live a meaningful life

In a world full of misery

Inhumanity and strife


To dodge all the pitfalls

That lead us all to sin

Knowing good and well

It’s a battle I’ll never win


How am I

To be able to cope

In a society full racism

And a world who’s lost hope


To be reassured of a future

Where mankind still has a place

On this planet we have treated

With devastation and disgrace


How am I

To teach my children to cope

To surpass my expectations

Is there even still hope?


Will they be left with a planet

Raped and poisoned beyond repair

A wasteland of religious hatred

Do we even really care?


How are “WE”

As a species expect to survive

If we all continue with the mind set

That only “MY” race and religion


Deserve to be alive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

can't we all just get along......

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O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?


When a person, any person, tramples on another person’s human rights

we may see it as bizarre…

but if we stand by and do nothing…we’re no better than they are.


We should be shocked, we should be outraged

We should be speak up…create a fuss

because the rights being trampled are human rights

and they belong to all of us.


When any person’s human rights are denied…

shouldn’t we all agree

that in denying them their human rights…

we deny their humanity?


Because when we see a person any person 

trample another person’s human’s rights….

What they’re doing isn’t human

and it certainly isn’t right.


Now is the time we must look inside our souls

for if we are truly the land of the free

we must, once again, be the home of the brave


and restore our humanity.

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If you want others to be happy- practice compassion

If YOU want to be happy- practice compassion.

The Dalai Lama



What is it that makes us human?

I imagine most people would agree…

an essential human attribute…

is our humanity.


Compassion, generosity, benevolence…

acting honorably…

kindness, a tender heart…and love…

these are the definitions of humanity.


It is precisely our kindness and generosity

that allows humanity to thrive…

Without them…without love…without compassion…

humanity cannot survive.


Until we embody this definition

humans we will not be.

For humans cannot be humans...


without humanity.

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     The Heart
So powerful, yet
So easily broken
So easily destroyed 
©2016 Mirror_rorriM
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