Suicide prevention

Escapism-A single Fall day in small town high school world


Walking down the crowded halls she longed to be gone from the noises, she longed to be gone from their world. Stepping out into the brisk fall day she dodges falling leaves and attempts to slip past the crowds of those that really don't see her... those that never know she exists. Crossing the street she traces the steps she's taken before down the familiar crosswalk far from these people she tries to understand yet never seem to understand her. She doesn't want this to be a pity party. She doesn't want to be one of the outsiders. Her world is darker than those in the short skirts and football uniforms. Her world is one of words, music and everything between the lines that isn't cool to the rest of the world. She crafts words in her mind to explain the emotions and taps her fingers to the beat of her soul making a song that will never be heard. Slipping around the corner of the vacant alley she feels the gravel shift under her feet. This is not the destination of the kids who hang in crowds driving their shiny cars to the nearest fast food restaurant. This is not the place they go to be apart from something they don't understand. She pulls into a nook outside someone's garage where a pile of neatly stacked bricks awaits, takes out a cigarette and lights up her under age tobacco dreams. Inhaling she closes her eyes and composes a series of verses weaving words with her all-too-familiar-heartbeat until a crunch halts the musical.Her eyes fly open, hand hiding cigarette, holding her breath...

another refugee arrives to sit out the breaking point of another high school day.


Looks like she knows the crowd after all. Looks like in being an outsider she has become an insider to one... to many.


Her world is that of many. Her world is that commonly understood yet rarely spoken of. She is the girl you pass daily who smiles at you only to be met with the brick wall of "You're not as popular as I am so I'll just look away."




Looks like she's all grown up now. Done smoking, done secretly caring about the skimpy skirts and shiny cars. Looks like she's your neighbor, your wife, your sister, your best friend.


Doesn't mean the darkness left. Doesn't mean the misunderstandings ceased. This world is definitely one where we look for the brighter side day in and day out.


Today she saw the brighter side in you. Will you please see the brighter side in her?


There is but a single word standing between you and I... please make it LOVE.




Thank you.