Growing up he had this dream…to be a millionaire…

He’d live in a beautiful house, 

drive a fancy car 

and have wealth beyond compare.


He’d skate through a life of happiness, never wear a frown

There’d be no reason to be sad…for he’d be the richest man in town.


Then he grew up, got married…suddenly…lo and behold

with a family that was growing he put his initial dream on hold.


With these new responsibilities came some apprehension and some doubt

Now a healthy, happy family was all he dreamed about.


Then something wonderful happened…for as his family grew

he looked around and realized…his simple dream came true.


He looked around and realized…he was a millionaire

He had friends, a beautiful family and and love beyond compare.


And today he skates through a life of happiness…

he never wears a frown

after all has no reason to be sad…


for he’s the richest man in town.

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7. Dreams

Black Shades

My heart burns with the appetite

to unravle my dreams

and allow them to devour me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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They were on the edge of hopelessness…their dream…not going as they planned

until they happened on a little purple flower growing in the sand…


And they began to hope again…believing their dream…within their reach


when they saw a little purple flower growing on the beach.

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The pier was crowded with people…the water shimmered like glass

When a family of dolphins caught everyone’s eyes as they came swimming by en masse.


We watched one dolphin jump…I’ve never seen one jump so high…

when a little boy sitting next to us said, “Look, Mommy…did you see that dolphin fly?”


“Did you see him, Mommy? Did you see him jump? Dod ups see him touch the sky?”

“I knew dolphins could swim.” He yelled….”But I never dreamed that they could fly!”


His mom smiled at his innocence…and a tear fell from her eye.

“How lucky we were to be here, she said…when that dolphin chose to fly.”


“You see it doesn’t happen often…we’re not sure the reason why… 

but not many people ever get the chance…to see a dolphin fly.”


“I wonder if it’s a sign,” his mom said…”perhaps the dolphin is telling you

not to give up hope…that your dream may still come true.”


That some day people will see you jump…they will see you touch the sky…

and another boy will yell out, “Mommy, did you see that little boy fly?”


The boy nodded his head an smiled…a smile that filled the air…


As they turned to walk away together…as Mom pushed his wheel chair.

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Empty handed

All and nothing

For you moulded in my moment,

A hero in hesitation,

Sweep away, sweep away,

Passionate unhinderance,

Forgotten follied thoughts,

Lain yesterday’s dreams,,

Lancing reality,

Sweeps away, sweeps away,

My hero of the pedestal.

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Life is a series of adventures…daring journeys we undertake

In some adventures we succeed…in others we make mistakes.


But every day, if we’re lucky, new adventures are in store…

And we add these new adventures to the ones we’ve had before.


School, jobs, dating, marriage…birthdays, anniversaries…milestones

each adventure multiplies exponentially…adding more adventures of their own.


Family, children, grandchildren…adventures every one

Growing old together…makes all adventures fun…


With that in mind we’ve bought a camper…it’s tiny, white and blue

It has a kitchen on the outside…and inside…just sleeps 2.


It will take us on new adventures…some will be simple…some quite grand

but many new adventures await us…as we travel ‘cross the land.


We dreamt of a life of happiness filled with a loving family too

and we have been blessed to be around to see that dream come true…


But we haven’t yet stopped dreaming…our adventures are still midstream…

for there is so much more to see in life and so much more to dream.


Before us, now, a host of new adventures…is just about to dawn

And as we head out in our little camper… 


our dream continues on…

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She came from a family of wishers…wishers…every one.

They’d wish every chance they had…on anything under the sun.


She remembers the first one she ever made.

She remembers a big cake on a dish.

There were candles burning when her mom and mad said, “Honey, make a wish!”


She remembers walking with her parents in distances short and far

when they would stop look up at the sky…and make a wish upon a star.


They would make wishes as they blew on dandelions 

and their seeds floated up to the sky.

They would make a wish in on open meadow

and whisper that dream to a butterfly.


They would make wishes on a ray of sunlight

or on the glow of the smallest moonbeam

They would wish on flower petals before sending them downstream.


“Why do we make so many wishes?” She once asked,

one day under a sky so blue.

“Because the more wishes and dreams we make.” her parents said.

“Some of them are bound to come true”.


There are so many wonders in our world…they taught her

Births and flowers, stars and trees

animals, rainbows, clouds floating by

a simple summer breeze.


We know these things are real…we see the clouds

we feel the breezes blow

But at the same time when it comes to life

there is much we do not know.


We do not know why there are births, 

Why there are flowers, stars and trees.

Why there are so many different animals.

Why rainbows, clouds and the breeze?


The things we know and don’t know

Stand at two opposite extremes…..

And somewhere in between them, they’d say…


There’s room for our wishes, our hopes and our dreams.

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She loved to dream when she was young…

on starlight and moonbeams…

She’d sit alone…let out a sigh…

close her eyes…and dream…


of adventures she’d be taking

on the land…the air…the sea….

of all the places she’d be going…

of the person she would be.


She loved to dream when she grew up

Sometimes she dreamed of fortune, love and fame…

But she’d often catch herself and smile…

for some dreams remained the same…


She’s older now and when she’s asked

Why do you still dream the way you do?

She smiles… “First you have to have the dream.” she says,

“if you ever want them to come true.”



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He dreamt about his mom and dad last night…

He was walking with them in the sand

at at time when they were young, and happy…

they were walking hand in hand.


They walked in silence along the beach

and he noticed the symmetry…

how the moments they were together

felt, to him like, poetry.


He didn’t remember much about the dream…

the sequence …hard to compile

but he remembered how they clutched his hand…

and he remembered how they smiled.


“Dad…Mom…what are you smiling about?”

“What are we doing here.” he said.

But before either could answer him…

he woke up in his bed.


He wasn’t particularly close to his parents…

no need to know the reasons why

Suffice it to say although they loved each other…

they didn’t always see eye to eye.


His parents died before they reconciled…

and he made peace with that somehow…

So why after so many dreamless years….

would he dream about them now?


Dreams can be interpreted in many ways.

no rule is hard and fast.

Perhaps he was missing his parents,

or moments from his past.


It could be in his dreams 

he was once again that little lad..

who craved comfort from his mother 

and reassurance from his dad.


Perhaps we’re never meant to understand our dreams…

And no dream is exactly as it seems…

Perhaps we’re meant to have a little mystery in our life


and a little poetry in our dreams.

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