Have you ever noticed when people help each other out

when they show compassion…when they show they care

when they do something nice for one another

there’s a kind of magic in the air.


Faced with the coronavirus…a virus the world can no longer ignore

the restaurant next to our bookstore decided to close its doors.


I was behind the counter in the bookstore 

There was only a young mother and her daughter in the children’s nook

where they sat on the floor together…quietly reading books.


While they were keeping busy reading and I was at the counter…occupied

the owner of the restaurant that was closing …happened to walk inside.


“We are closed.” she said to me with, I must say, the most cheerful attitude

Then asked, since they could no longer use it…if I would want some food.


She quickly returned with three bags of food

I thanked her and thought…I really can't believe it…

she seemed as happy to give me her food…as I was to receive it.


I set the bags behind the counter as the young mother and daughter left the nook

then came up to the counter to purchase their new books.


As they stood in front of me…I guess I got caught up in the mood…

I told them about the restaurant and asked if they could use some food.


As it turned out they were adopting a baby that very day…

and had just driven in from Tennessee

They noticed our bookstore on their way to buy food for the kitchen of their B and B.


Let me save you a trip, I said handing her the 3 bags of food

“Thank you.” she said. “this is wonderful…I really can’t believe it.”

I smiled…as happy to give her the food…

as she was to receive it…


With the virus wreaking havoc…on every person…everywhere.  

It’s nice to know we can still find moments…


when there is magic in the air.

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As we walked she made it a point to give to people she would meet…

the needy, the panhandlers the downtrodden…

the homeless in the street.


“But you don’t know anything about them.”…I remarked one day as in front of one we paused…

“I only know there is a need she answered…I don’t need to know the cause…”


She said, “Sometimes people need a little help and, after all is said and done,

aren’t flowers and trees dependent on the generosity of the sun?”


“Besides helping them helps me as well.” She smiled as we continued on our way…

“Because every flower leaves a little of it’s fragrance…

on the hand that’s given it away.”



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Merry Christmas...P.S. Do Not Forget The Poor

He found the letter in his chimney
in an envelope yellowed with age
It was addressed simply to Santa Claus...
hand written...just one page...

She asked Santa to bring her brother a wagon
and as for her request...
‘something nice for me,’ she wrote,
‘whatever you think is best.’

She signed it:
From your loving Friend, Mary
then she thought and added more...
Her final appeal to Santa...
P.S. Do not forget the poor.

The letter was dated 1907
it had been in the chimney for a hundred years
the script is a little weathered
but the message still endears.

He keeps the letter in a frame
to remind him of her generosity...
and every year...a present for Mary
sits wrapped...neath his Christmas tree.


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