In Your Shadow

Verse 1:

Reality scares me to death.

I'm afraid to close my eyes.

Running out of places to hide.

I''ve become a ghost in your shadow.

In your shadow, I will pray for you.


Time won't stop or end.

We stand united, undivided.

Just be the light

and shine hope on

Those that need it.


Verse 2:
Where did we go wrong?

What have we left behind?

Where is God now?

In your shadow,

I will just be the light.



These days are out numbered.

Where do we go from here?

F.E.A.R - Face Everything and Rise Or

F.E.A.R - Fear Everything and Run.

In your shadow, I will pray for you.



T.H.I.N.K - True? Helpful (Hurtful)? Innovative? Necessary (Nice)? Kind?

We're running out of time.

In your shadow,

I will promise

To pray for you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

After hearing of the election results in America last night, I am heartbroken, devastated, numb, etc. I don't know what to think. This song is dedicated to the Americans in this situation who are AGAINST a Trump presidency.

The dream of dreams we chase

When I was a little kid, I didn’t understand the struggle. I minded myself in my trouble free bubble.

I lived life without caring, what my actions might cause. It was sooner as a teenager I learned all about the flaws.


I wanted to be a policeman, why? Because I thought they were cool. But thanks to imagination less supervisors, my dream faded in school.

‘’You shouldn’t even bother, you don’t have the potential. No matter what your dreams are, for our system it’s inconsequential’’.


I walked home that day from school, feeling all my dreams were crushed. Like someone took it out off my head, put in the toilet and flushed.


I felt an anger rise in me from somewhere I can’t recall. Why did I have to be let down, when others who had dreamt the same, got their picture hung up on the wall?


We always hear you can make it to the top by working hard. How can I do that, when others take my goals and press discard?


I said to myself what happened today wasn’t fair. I will train, push my boundaries, I will prove you wrong I swear!


Each day on a piece paper, I wrote little milestones I had to complete. I didn’t stop before I was satisfied, I wouldn’t keep sitting on the passenger seat.


I wouldn’t hesitate putting more weight on in the gym and on my shoulders. Before I helped them, now I passed by people who had wrote their dreams onto folders.


I didn’t care about anyone but myself, why should I? I was the guy, who flew high up till the sky, you were just on standby.


I become a roaming robot, who was controlled by the evil voices. They directed me, led me to some risky and stupid choices.


In all of this madness, I realized what I had become. I looked down on my self, how could I be so dump?


I was sucked into the dark side, the world of meaningless competition. I had abandoned my sane for this, had forgotten about my true life mission.


This was many years ago, I’m different today. The only way to express my happiness, is by going down on my knees and pray.


Martin Luther King’s dream wasn’t about fame, it was about equality. They dream we chase today are just a twisted apology.


Today I’m not chasing any dreams, I am at rest with myself. I am so damn grateful for what I have, I’ll never again put it on a shelf.


Whenever I feel the world is going down and I’m stressed. I just have to sit down in my chair, and think about, that I’m blessed.


I have been the one who had been giving the gift of life. When I get older, I’ll teach my children what I learned, smiling while sitting next to my beautiful wife.


I am here to tell you, you need to give yourself some more credit and respect. Because you can do so much more than you expect.


There will come many people into your life, and tell you how to beat this life long race. The beauty is, I’ve found my own version, of the dream of dreams we chase.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about the american dream. It's passed on what the dream is. It's not just about fame. The story in this poem is a story from my personal life. 

I wont spoil too mucn, because I also want to you to think what the poem means. 

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Tears Are Blue


.....(photo is of the Havasu Falls in Havasu Canyon, Arizona,

deep within the crevices of the Earth, in the United States Of America)...




Watching it all drifting away,

I am frozen, remembering her pain.


The rapists had come and gone,

Taking her beloved twins into the darkness forever,

Cutting the hearts from the children that were left,

The dagger of death,

Forcing them to witness, over and over again,

As the helpless babes tumbled into the earth from whence they came.


Dust to ashes, …ashes to dust.


And the words drift across my mind illusively,

Like a hologram,

Escaping from the crevices where the meaning of it all resides…

     ….the place where real freedom truly abides.





Copyright 2002


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in 2001, actually. It is a part 3 of 3 parts. I was inspired to post it after reading Astral_Tides poem:

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Poem: The Hungry Secularist

The Hungry Secularist is a poem from my e-book of 79 pages, Don't Swallow The Toothpaste. You can purchase the book at whatever price you would like to pay by clicking the link provided at the bottom of the page!


I put on my boots
before realizing another holiday
snuck up on me.
Walked into the bedroom
and called two major grocery stores.
No answer.
I looked at what fruit was
on the shelf.
There were a couple apples,
an orange,
and one tomato.
Not enough to get me through this
Easter Sunday and work tomorrow.


I went online to a map search,
typed "grocery", and found a little market 3 blocks away.
As I approached
there was an old neon soda
sign broken in half,
but I was optimistic
and hungry.


I entered the market
and grabbed a basket
circling the store a couple of times
before asking the young man
if they had bananas and tangerines.
He asked what I was going to use
them for.
I said, "I'm sorry?"
"What are you going
to use them for?"
"The tangerines?"
Yes - he said
I replied, "To eat."
He led me over to the cooler,
"You know what's good? Take a lime and cut it into wedges
and roll it in sugar."
I didn't have sugar at home due to just moving in,
and if I did,
the thought of eating a lime in
any manner makes my asshole pucker.
It's probably something he saw
on an MTV Spring Break episode.
He told me when the bananas
ripened they were gone.


I usually reserve one day a week
to eat anything. I grabbed a can of
Vienna Sausages,
mustard sardines, clam chowder soup,
then a couple of things that weren't as fattening.
I forgot to look for canned fruit.


I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and
making a lot of runs to the bathroom.
The wooden floor squeaks in the
hallway as I try to find the tight spots to step,
so I don't wake a roommate.


For whatever reason
my sinuses are flared
and my throat sore.
We've had 5" of snow the last
two days,
and the wind chill on this
23rd of March is 26*.


March Madness
is winding its way
to the Sweet 16.
I remember the fever
in Carolina this time of year.
Between and after games
we would sometimes meet up
to shoot hoops.
In Minnesota on days like this
when outside,
I just work to dodge the yellow
spots from where the neighbors
walked their dogs.



Jim Creston
March 23, 2008
All Rights Reserved


Paypal also accepts credit cards, and you do not need to be a Paypal member! I will email you the e-book in .Pdf form once payment is completed.



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In the Future

In the Future,

We Will Not Piss or Shit nor Fuck or Fight,
We Will Have No Moment of Solitude Without a T.V. Present,
The Latest Drowning Victim or Lost Child Will Be Pumped Into Our Already Occupied Minds Fast as Greased up Hippos on Ice Skates,
No U.S.A. Gold Will Go Unnoticed,
Not Our President,
He Will Not Fail,
We are the Best,
The Best of Any and All Society to Come Out of Modern Culture,
We Believe It,
Every Single Letter of It,
Eat, Sleep, Drink and Fuck it
Nightly News Anchors Staring at Our Most Private of Parts Running Down The Days Chaos,
Massive Droughts In New Mexico, 
Riots in Tahiti,
Starvation in Spin-a-Globe-and-Point-Your-Finger-Fashion,
Oh, But You've Got Some Type of Massive Constipation Right?
And You CAN'T Go!
It's of No Real Consequence,
We've Got Wars to Fight,
Draughts to Irrigate,
Riots to Break Up God-Dammit!
Forget Your Personal-Plugged-Up-Piping,
Do What's Right for Your Country,
We've got REAL things to Deal With Here!
All the While Doing and Going About Our Very Regular and Private But Now Public Lives,
It is Always Watching,
And We,
Always Watching It,
Don't Look Into a Mirror Unless You See A Reflection,
Don't Speak Until You Hear Sounds Mimicking Faint-Angel Songs,
Certainly Don't Touch a Thing,
History is a Museum,
Time is Sacred Here,
Absolute and Unchangeable, 
It has Been Written in Hundreds-Of-Thousands-Of Books in Thousands-Of-Millions of Languages,
Passed Out to the New Innocent Blooming Crooks,
There was A Bake Sale Today,
American Pie's 5 for A Dollar,
They Will Hand Them Out,
With Black Crows Cooked Inside,
They Will Hand Them Out and We Will Eat Them,
Tell the World How Delicious Crow Cooked American Pie Is,
And the World Will Lick its Last Finger,
And  Blindly Agree
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Heartless Transfer

I was feeling my cold nostalgia hitting me again
Cold, from the snow at my aunt's house during Christmas
The winter night was everywhere and yet so hard to see
There was the spotlight of an incandescent lamp giving the black sky an orange flare and a place to see the white snow
The rest was all dark but that was what I wanted to see
I could remember the snowflakes falling so gently, making the snow so smooth
I wish I could lie there all night 
Under one light
As if the cold didn't touch me
I wish everyone could see it, but no one else could
I'll never know why everyone wanted to leave
And when it came time to leave, I had no choice
My heart,
My heart stayed
It's almost like I don't use my heart anymore because it just isn't with me now
A part of me would want to bring it here
I just can't move on
I don't think I can ever move on...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kind of reminds me of Clocks by Coldplay, "Home, home, where I wanted to be home..."

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