Not Exactly What You Care To Hear, Or Know

You will have to become aware, eventually, of

who and what you are, who and what you are not.

You inhabit this earth, but not fully.

You inhabit your lives, but not fully.

You inhabit with hesitation, doubt,

reluctantance and regrets---and these create

around you cracks and crevices, places out of

plumb, out of level, out of reach; empty

parentheses, blanks, and brackets; lines

extensive, but not parallel; planes

replicative but not precise; potentials

well meaning but not realized.  From all of

these, your presence is absent; and in those

absences we, ourselves, find habitation.

We emerge from dimensions that your kind are not

designed to imagine or comprehend, much less

enter proprietarily:  that is why you can bear

no more than a glimpse of us (obtained only

on your periphery, a sideways glance,

an incomplete blank), and our appearances are

so skewed, so unacceptably horrible that you

prefer to call them inexplicable apparaitions.

You will never get used to these, although we

have gotten used to you, the effect being

worth the effort, the dividend worth the

difficulty, the product worth the process.  

You are a smear, a stain, a streak that

cannot be wiped away.  You are a sentience

without intelligence, a sound without

articulation, a phrase without a context,

a contour without a shape, a site without

a location.  Because you are always without,

we---your inhabitors---shall always be within.



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