He landed in the tree the two of us were sitting under

a lonely cardinal…red

Immediately we began to wonder:

Is that a relative whose dead?


Because we both are aware of the platitude

when you see a cardinal near

you should be filled with gratitude

it means an angel has appeared.


The platitude does not say with any certainty

(Which in the end I think is a plus)

as to which relative that might be

It leaves that decision up to us.


I closed my eyes…without a care

and in that moment I felt glad

glad there was a cardinal there

to make me think about my dad


I looked over at my wife

happiness on her face shown

as the person with whom I share my life

was lost in a memory of her own.


We sat in silence as he flew away

not a word between us….said

certain he had other visits to make that day..

our lonely cardinal…red.


For is that not the beauty of this bird?

Is that not his destiny?

To appear silently…without a word


and awaken a memory.


Their eyes met but for a moment 

only lingered on each other a short while

but it was enough for him to capture forever….


the memory of her smile.

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She often wondered why her grandma stopped so often on their walks


looked all around…

then smiled

Why her face would suddenly brighten 

with the innocence of a child.


Why she would close her eyes for a moment

for a moment without talking

and when she opened them again she’d smile


and continue walking.


One day she found the courage to ask her

ask her why she acted this way

her answer is the reason

she walks like her grandma did 



“Time moves by so quickly,” she told her

“moments moving swiftly in front of me…

so occasionally I like to take time out 


and capture a memory.”

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Deborah found the leftovers

(the ones I thought I stored in the fridge)

in a cabinet the other day

and we chuckled at my ‘senior moment’ as we threw them all away.


But it got me thinking…there was a time I remembered everything

a time when my memory was much stronger….

I knew getting old was inevitable…

I just thought it’d take a little longer.


I have forgotten where I put my glasses.

How did these keys get in this drawer?

I have forgotten, as I search for something, 

what the heck I’m searching for…


But just when I begin questioning 

if my memory is dwindling like a fire’s fading embers?

If at my age am I forgetting now

more things than I remember?


It is then I remember riding my bike as a child…

how Grandma’s death made me so sad…

It is then I remember splashing through puddles after a rain,

playing football with my dad.


It is then I remember friends from high school…

flying kites high in a summer breeze

It is then I remember trying to catch the falling leaves from Autumn 

as they cascaded from the trees.


It is then I remember moments with our children and grandchildren… 

yes, when I stop and think on it a while

there are so many moments I remember… 

so many memories that make me smile.


Sure, I might forget a few things every now and then…

and sometimes the storage of leftovers is misbegotten….

but I am blessed, in life, that I remember 


far more things than I’ve forgotten.



When we are created we are given many gifts…

We can hear…we can touch…we can see…

but I wonder if the greatest gift…

isn’t the gift of memory.


If our life is like a poem…then memory is the rhyme

allowing us the opportunity…to transcend both space and time.


I remember picking Damien up with one hand…

I remember how strong I used to be

I remember it like it was yesterday 

now he stands 6 feet 3’.


I remember buying Aden a Snuggle…like the one on TV he’d seen…

That was a number of Christmases ago…

this year he turns 13.


I remember giving Ava a huge knife to carve a pumpkin…

Oh! that memory is gold!

In fact it’s one the family still talks about…

And now she’s 10 years old…


What prompted all these memories?

What started them on their way?

It just so happens that Taylor…turns 18 years old today…


I remember the day when he was born…I remember being swept away…

I remember seeing him for the first time…like it was yesterday….


Perhaps that is the wonder of memory…

How it takes moments that cannot stay

and allows us to relive them…


like it was yesterday!

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My grandma's ring.



My grandma had this box of rings, a big wooden box with all of her rings inside it, there where gold rings, silver rings, nephrite rings, amber rings and a few diamonds rings. Different shapes and different colors. Located in that painted wooden box were all of her rings, all of them except for two. The first one, her wedding ring, a constant companion in her left hand, the second one a snake ring. The snake ring had nothing special, it wasn’t made of gold or silver, it did not have an embedded stone, and it design was simpler than others snake rings; nevertheless my grandma was always wearing it. Every Sunday when I visited her, every time she went out with her friends, every family event (baptisms, communions, weddings and parties), every trip outside town, wherever she went that ring went with her. My grandmother was a very elegant lady, if you ask people who knew her about her, one of the first words that come into their minds is elegant, however, no matter what she dressed, no matter whether or not combined, she used the snake ring, and no one of my family knew why. It wasn’t a ring of my great grandmother and she hadn’t obtained it as a gift, but for her the snake ring was special, special and unique. Every time I saw her I asked her about the ring, I was a curious little girl fascinated for it, I wanted to know the story behind it and why she wore it that much, she used to laugh about my questions and said Darling, it is only a ring that I love. For me, the ring became sort of special due to all the “mystery” around it, so one day I asked her to grant it to me. I still remember the way she shook her head and told me, Darling, today is not the day. Year pass and I found myself in front of that big wooden box again, inside of it were all of her rings and a little yellow bag with my name written across it, I opened it and there it was. I never knew why my grandma loved that ring that much or the story behind it, what I do know is that every Sunday, every time I go out with my Friends, every family event (baptism, communions, weddings and parties), every trip outside my town, wherever I go, the snake ring comes with me. 

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