I get sad

I spent too long waiting for days to transition to night

I wait around too long for seconds to become minutes to turn to hours 

And as the clock moves on again and again

I find myself in the same place

In our shared space

Curled on the floor


Guilt-ridden and winded. 

It seems like the whole world can still spin, 

that the people here can grow and change and search for new places

Sometimes they come back to me with strange altered faces.

We don’t speak face to face,

And I thought that love was meant to grow with time apart

Now, all I hope is that you don’t entirely leave my heart.

I stopped at all the stoplights, 

And imaged you there 

Sitting beside me, 

hand placed haphazardly over mine,

no cares

I heard a song on the radio, 

That I thought was you. 

A noise in my bedroom at night, 

The gentle hum of the bathroom spotlight, 

Stains on my fingers from lush overripe fruit, 

Are they you?

Are they you?

Can they please be you?

It's Thursday night again. 

I’ve never felt so purely, childishly blue

I can’t help but wonder, if you 

Feel this too

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