Monthly Archive for December 2022

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Barren Pains Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 1st
Dad's Fate Poem shailaenglish Dec 1st
Dancing Faith Poem shailaenglish Dec 1st
No regrets!!! Poem shailaenglish Dec 1st
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Poem After Luke 22:19-20 Poem S74rw4rd Dec 1st
THE YEAR OF THE NO REINDEER FLU RETURNS Poem joy #achristmasstory Dec 1st
what i'm not saying Poem arqios arkayye, arqios, arqois, arquious, crypticbard, excalibard, galateus, impressions, kenser, kesner, kessner, priorities, rkay Dec 1st
may bagong liwanag Poem tula buddhism, catholicism, Christian, Christianity, ecumenicalism, ecumenism, Escapism, Filipino language, Filipino Poetry, Filipino spoken word, Free Verse, monasticism, Pasalitang Tula, Pilipino poetry, religious life, scholasticism, spirit world, spirited away, spiritual life, spiritual realm, spiritualism, Tagalog, Tagalog language, Tagalog poem, Tagalog Poetry, Tagalog Poetry Slam, test piece, thing theory, trinitarian, trinity, tula, tula ng damdamin Dec 1st
A Touch of E D Poem catherine Dec 1st
From "Love Letters to my Wife 2022" Poem cerulean_soulhaze #love Dec 1st
I Knew this would be Hard Poem Beavis 5 Dec 1st
Silver Voice Prose rachel 1 Dec 2nd
Universal Law Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 2nd
On Food #3299 Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 2nd
Sussing out... Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 2nd
Santa! Poem ramonathompsont Dec 2nd
By Default Poem shewhodwellsint... Dec 2nd
EYES ROLLING Poem georgeschaefer Dec 2nd
TWO FINGER EYE GOUGE Poem georgeschaefer 2 Dec 2nd
ENCHANT Poem joy #family, #time Dec 2nd
At Crossroads Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 2nd
Can you taste the commotion? Poem Pingus 5 Dec 2nd
Sifting For California Poppies Poem lyrycsyntyme Dec 3rd
Hallucinations are real Poem Pingus Dec 3rd
Prayer in the famine Poem Pingus 1 Dec 3rd
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; On The Lord's [More Accurately, The Believer's] Prayer Poem S74rw4rd Dec 3rd
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Afdah Movie Reviews Poem afdahpro entertainment, movies Dec 3rd
Assigning roles Poem Pingus Dec 3rd
Merry Christmas, Mom - Part X Poem randyjohnson Dec 3rd
drive Poem orangejumpsuit Dec 3rd
On Gaius Galerius Valerius Maxiamanus, Emperor; Damnatio Memoriae Poem S74rw4rd Dec 3rd
Most Bleeding Heart Poem satishverma Life Dec 3rd
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; At Some Ancient Stones, Outside Thebes; Dawn [Repost] Poem S74rw4rd Dec 3rd
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Credat Iudaeus Apella Poem S74rw4rd Dec 3rd
MAKESHIFT HEART Poem georgeschaefer Dec 3rd
PINK DOLLY Poem georgeschaefer Dec 3rd
IN BLACK AND WHITE Poem joy #Childhood Dec 3rd
My Car Out Back Poem williamjroneyiii 1 Dec 4th
Early Night. Poem sweetwater 2 Dec 4th
November Chills. Poem sweetwater 4 Dec 4th
On the Tip of Her Tongue Poem shewhodwellsint... 3 Dec 4th
POOR MAN POET Poem georgeschaefer Dec 4th
Stones Poem Seeker Dec 4th
@ 27.225 MHz: WallStones; Shiranu Poem S74rw4rd Dec 4th
I Can't Find My Teeth Poem williamjroneyiii 1 Dec 4th
LEARNING HOW TO RIDE Poem joy #life, #ridingabike Dec 4th
carillon Poem arqios arkayye, arqios, arqois, arquious, crypticbard, excalibard, galateus, impressions, kenser, kesner, kessner, priorities, rkay Dec 4th
OLD STATION WAGON Poem georgeschaefer Dec 4th
My Mother's Irish Relatives Prose S74rw4rd Dec 5th
OPEN YOUR MIND Poem pamschwetz insight, OPEN YOUR MIND, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY Dec 5th
Santa! Find Me! Poem ramonathompsont Dec 5th
A Christmas Proposal Poem ramonathompsont Dec 5th
+ 2ND POEMS: Of The Star That Led The Starwatchers To Christ In A House In Bethlehem Poem S74rw4rd Dec 5th
Encouragement And Engaging Activation; An Example For Parents Of Prodigies Poem S74rw4rd Dec 5th
A Facsimile Of Human Nature Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 5th
رسمت ريما لوحة Poem Thana-Darwish Dec 5th
Footnote: To Certain Naval Officers In WWII Poem S74rw4rd Dec 5th
A Better Kept Pain Poem Dont_punch_grandpa 1 Dec 5th
Hey, Won't Someone Explain The Attitude Poem S74rw4rd 4 Dec 5th
It's Three In The Morning Poem williamjroneyiii Dec 5th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; BlueShift At Verging Creek [XLIX] Poem S74rw4rd Dec 5th
HERE'S TO MORE BILLET-DOUXS Poem joy #love, #loveletters Dec 5th
All Alone Poem williamjroneyiii Dec 6th
Blind-Sided Poem metaphorist Dec 6th
Validation Poem metaphorist Dec 6th
My Heart Poem elliot_jordan2003 Dec 6th
UNSUSPECTING KNAVES Poem georgeschaefer Dec 6th
POINTLESSLY SCRIBBLE Poem georgeschaefer Dec 6th
The Death of a Mage Poem rachel 6 Dec 6th
CHRISTMAS LIST Poem joy #christmas Dec 6th
tie-sleeve i don't know what that means Poem Pingus Dec 6th
Nom de Plume Poem shewhodwellsint... Dec 7th
Enter David with rock Poem Pingus 3 Dec 7th
You Weren't There Poem ladylynnp Dec 7th
Sonnet On The Algol Star System, 1 Poem S74rw4rd Dec 7th
Place Marker Poem osiriss- Dec 7th
So Do I Poem williamjroneyiii Dec 7th
sympathy for the blind Poem orangejumpsuit Dec 7th
Knocks On The Door Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 7th
Hold your lungs and sea Poem Pingus Dec 7th
বৃত্তসীমা Poem shawon1982 Dec 7th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Poem With Gratitude To Two Poets Poem S74rw4rd Dec 7th
PAREIDOLIA Poem joy #christmas, #santaclaus Dec 7th
Traits Of A Successful Marketing Company You Need To Know Poem twelve12 top marketing firms in Orange County Dec 7th
Scar Tissue Poem metaphorist Dec 7th
Crossed Lines Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 8th
Twelfthmonth Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 8th
@ 27.225 MHz: WallStones; Temporary Layover [XLIX] Poem S74rw4rd 1 Dec 8th
100 Poem catherine 1 Dec 8th
Snowfalls Poem Seeker 3 Dec 8th
@ 27.225 MHz: WallStones; Transmitted From A Planet Of Unknown Location Poem S74rw4rd Dec 8th
Sonnet On The Algol Star System, 2 Poem S74rw4rd Dec 8th
Will-to-be-Weird Poem shewhodwellsint... Dec 8th
At the Core Poem shewhodwellsint... Dec 8th
When Mountain Twists Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 8th
Take It Back If I Could Poem Dont_punch_grandpa Dec 8th
SO BEAUTIFUL Poem joy #Beauty Dec 8th
@ 27.225 MHz: Toward WallStones; A Dedication To Sarban [Ambassador John W. Wall] Poem S74rw4rd Dec 8th
شو رجّعك Poem Thana-Darwish Dec 9th
The Horrible Accident Poem randyjohnson Dec 9th
My Reticence Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 9th
Forked Tongue in Cheek Poem rachel 1 Dec 9th
Violent Night Poem ramonathompsont 3 Dec 9th
Reaching Poem catherine Dec 9th
موسيقا Poem Thana-Darwish Dec 9th
ذاكرة النسيان Poem Thana-Darwish Dec 9th
DECONSTRUCTED CHRISTMAS Poem joy #christmasinflorida Dec 9th
KEYS Poem chris 1 Dec 9th
Daka Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 10th
All together now! Prose Pingus 2 Dec 10th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Cosmological Theology Poem S74rw4rd 3 Dec 10th
Not My Failure Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 10th
Podiatry Poem williamjroneyiii Dec 10th
Boston 12.6.22 Poem PiscesPieces 1 Dec 10th
A CHRISTMAS WISH Poem joy #christmas Dec 10th
The 30th Anniversary Of Michael Robbins' Death Poem randyjohnson Dec 11th
A WAY TO ESCAPE THE MATH Poem joy #age, #growingold Dec 11th
Underground Railroad Poem EventHorizon # madness # war # insanity # future # past # darkness # hell # justice # terror # celebration # drums # music # heart # soul # life Dec 11th
Give Me Back My Love Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 11th
Iron and Clay Poem EventHorizon # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness Dec 11th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; At This Eleventh Hour Poem S74rw4rd Dec 11th
Shadow Poem EventHorizon 1 Dec 11th
A Word Of Thanks To Jason And PostPoems Prose S74rw4rd Dec 12th
Possibly OffLine For A Few Days Prose S74rw4rd 4 Dec 12th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Civic Uncertainty In An Era Of Turmoil Poem S74rw4rd Dec 12th
On *Carrie*---King's Novel And DePalma's Film Prose S74rw4rd Dec 12th
On Rhyme Prose S74rw4rd Dec 12th
A Brief Essay About Pontius Pilate, The Death Of Our Lord, And A Quick Glimpse Of The Emperor Prose S74rw4rd Dec 12th
I Am What I Was Not Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 12th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; Prayer To God, And To All Of PostPoems, For Forgiveness Poem S74rw4rd 2 Dec 12th
Savant Poem shewhodwellsint... Dec 12th
It's Simple Enough Poem shewhodwellsint... Dec 12th
I Eat For Cheap Poem williamjroneyiii Dec 12th
What the? Poem Teytonon Dec 12th
I'll Fly Poem SSmoothie 3 Troubles lost try fail torture resist temptation hard life Dec 12th
Avatar: The Way of Water Afdah Movie Reviews Poem afdahpro #movies #tv, avatar 2, entertainment Dec 12th
CHRISTMAS MAGIC SQUARED Poem joy #christmas, #christmasmagic Dec 12th
The face of god Poem gaurav2000 2 Dec 12th
Damn It All, Robert Browning [A Brief Parody Of Ezra Pound's Second Canto] Poem S74rw4rd Dec 12th
Help Me Jesus Revised Poem williamjroneyiii Dec 12th
Somewhere In My Dreams Poem williamjroneyiii Dec 12th
What Do You See Poem djtj Dec 12th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; I Am Very Often Annoyed Poem S74rw4rd Dec 12th
Falling Poem Teytonon Dec 12th
Ostrich Poem theLittle Dec 12th
Give UP Poem shewhodwellsint... Dec 12th
PEBBLES WERE PROMISED Poem georgeschaefer Dec 13th
THIS WOMAN IMPRESSES ME Poem georgeschaefer Dec 13th
Toxic Society Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 13th
shapeshifters Poem arqios arkayye, arqios, arqois, arquious, crypticbard, excalibard, galateus, impressions, kenser, kesner, kessner, priorities, rkay Dec 13th
The Essence Of Sanity Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 13th
Bye Bye Now Karen's Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 13th
Never Who You Want Me To Be Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 13th
One With the Never-Ending Poem patriciajj 7 Dec 13th
Evergreen Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 13th
Let This Madness End Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 13th
THE MOST FAMOUS REINDEER OF ALL Poem joy #christmas, #rudolph Dec 13th
Outlaw Poem EventHorizon Dec 13th
I want the straitjacket Poem Pingus 3 Dec 13th
NOT AN AHAB Poem georgeschaefer Dec 13th
FROGS DRINK BUDWEISER Poem georgeschaefer Dec 13th
Solstice Poem shewhodwellsint... Dec 13th
What We Have Become Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 13th
Someday Poem lyrycsyntyme 2 Dec 13th
The Painter and His Lover Prose shewhodwellsint... 6 Dec 14th
WTAF Prose georgeschaefer Dec 14th
THROWING AXES FOR SPORT Poem georgeschaefer Dec 14th
UNDERSTANDING Poem joy 1 #acceptance, #inspiration, #understanding Dec 14th
A Touch of Christmas Poem ramonathompsont Dec 14th
Yule be sorry Poem Teytonon Dec 14th
This can't be real Poem BMosley 1 depressed hanging suicide alone fears remorse Dec 14th
নেই প্রয়োজন Poem shawon1982 Dec 14th
Every Day A Pain Poem satishverma 1 Life Dec 14th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; *Lord, I Believe; Help Thou Mine Unbelief* Poem S74rw4rd Dec 14th
Brumal Sunlight Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 15th
Arctic Reflection Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 15th
FACIAL EXPRESSIONS = EMOTIONS Prose georgeschaefer Dec 15th
Café des Âmes Solitaires Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 15th
Endless Nightmare Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 15th
Pisces & Taurus Poem yojacky 2 Dec 15th
STANDING ON THE EDGE OF FEAR Poem joy #parenting Dec 15th
Twinkling Poem catherine Dec 15th
Inside My Head Poem uninvited_1 1 inside my head, Life, Music, Song Lyrics Dec 15th
Searching For Love Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 15th
Mr Right Poem arqios 2 arkayye, arqios, arqois, arquious, crypticbard, excalibard, galateus, impressions, kenser, kesner, kessner, priorities, rkay Dec 15th
Your land is nothing but sand Poem Pingus 3 Dec 15th
The Painting Itself Prose shewhodwellsint... 3 Dec 16th
The Tenderest Vessel Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 16th
sloth Poem orangejumpsuit Dec 16th
PRECIOUS INNOCENCE Poem joy #children, #innocence Dec 16th
GENTRIFIED INDIFFERENCE Poem georgeschaefer Dec 16th
FALAFEL ON A PITA Poem georgeschaefer Dec 16th
Something for Starward Poem Pingus 1 Dec 16th
From the nest Poem Pingus Dec 16th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; When That Disciple Walked Across Jerusalem Poem S74rw4rd Dec 16th
e.d Poem unspokenvoice Dec 17th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; On The Poetry Of Patriciajj Poem S74rw4rd 2 Dec 17th
Man's had enough Poem Pingus Dec 17th
READING WHITMAN IN MAY Poem georgeschaefer Dec 17th
REVISITING THE CLOSET DOOR Poem joy #family, #time Dec 17th
The Slob Who Won't Get A Job Poem randyjohnson Dec 17th
Cannibals in transit Poem Pingus Dec 17th
JOIN TOGETHER Prose georgeschaefer 3 Dec 17th
Herm, Heinie, Joachim, Ruddy, Wolf, And Smiley-Joe Poem S74rw4rd Dec 17th
Meeting the Boy Prose shewhodwellsint... Dec 18th
Orchid dust Poem djtj Dec 18th
Tanka torn apart by sharks Poem Pingus Dec 18th
Footnote: Reminiscence And Reality Poem S74rw4rd Dec 18th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Footnoting; Was It A Small Stroke? Poem S74rw4rd 2 Dec 18th
A TWO COUNT Poem georgeschaefer Dec 18th
BACK TO REALITY Poem georgeschaefer Dec 18th
THE KEY TO BUYING A USED CAR Poem joy #usedcarhumor Dec 18th
My Little House Poem williamjroneyiii Dec 18th
Untouchable Wounds Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 18th
Heron Clan: December 18, 2022, Orchid Dust, What Do You See Poem djtj Dec 18th
Thanks Be To God And His Christ Prose S74rw4rd Dec 19th
UNDENIABLE BEAUTY Prose georgeschaefer Dec 19th
UNBROKEN CIRCLES Poem georgeschaefer Dec 19th
Where Have They Gone Poem S74rw4rd Dec 19th
Poem After The Song Of Solomon 2:15 Poem S74rw4rd Dec 19th
Seducing an old man Poem Pingus Dec 19th
Spiritual Sight Poem shewhodwellsint... Dec 19th
Church's Chicken Guy Poem williamjroneyiii Dec 19th
JUST SOMETHING I BELIEVE Poem joy #love Dec 19th
Horse porn Poem Pingus Dec 19th
Ezekiel (smile) Poem uninvited_1 CRIME, Ezekiel, Mental Health, Murder, smile, Song Lyrics Dec 19th
Every Meal I Make Poem DelusionalPoet Dec 19th
Religiously hidden Poem Pingus Dec 19th
THE MIRACLE OF THE MANGER Poem beaconzbard #christmas Dec 19th
The Half-Dead Moon Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Dec 19th
Tile Poem rachel Dec 20th
Feverish Poem rachel Dec 20th
Stale Poem rachel Dec 20th
Eggs Poem rachel Dec 20th
Swimming II Poem rachel Dec 20th
Footnote: An Origins Tanka Poem S74rw4rd Dec 20th
Footnote: Two Intimate Tanka. 1 [ /;\ ] Poem S74rw4rd Dec 20th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Footnoting; PineTree Forest Poem S74rw4rd Dec 20th
NACHOS FOR BREAKFAST Prose georgeschaefer 4 Dec 20th
FIGHTING Poem georgeschaefer Dec 20th
LOVE AND COOKIES Poem joy #love Dec 20th
No stone unturned, leave Poem Teytonon 1 Dec 20th
Keep your fingers crossed Poem Teytonon 1 Dec 20th
Clinging To A Shrine I Could Only Imagine Poem S74rw4rd 5 Dec 20th
Swimming Poem rachel Dec 20th
Oh, My Prince, You've Cum! Poem Pingus Dec 20th
Put her on the darkweb Poem Pingus Dec 20th
Slow Plan Poem LornaRJ #Christmas # Nativity # Jesus # Prophecy Dec 21st
A little thing Poem LornaRJ #Christmas #Jesus #God #Nativity Dec 21st