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Blast Cells

Satish Verma

I forget,
leaving behind― ambiance
of your arms,
burn the windows―
not to come back.

Preparing for
water burial of moral questions,
where the unnamed pledges sit.

Now theft has taken
place of stakes, meant for black lungs.

Tongue sucks the acid
of hairless assault. You
won't subscribe to buy the oral taste.

From trees, death strikes,
without wings. Tears float
with glory.

Will, not count
the ordinal numbers.
There was a zero to begin with.

Dark Spider

Arrested development

stillborn in the womb

of life; stunted growth,

aborted into the world

to live in the blood


Inhibited by these trivial lusts,

swimming in this sea of sperm,

ejaculating the time that passes

away; evaporating the sun


Masks melt,

disguises are meaningless to my eyes;

ink bleeds through the paper

onto my skin


No fooling the fool,

my eye sees all,

my hated burns,

the magic within


Obiliteration of lies,

spiders cannot entrap

another; my web spins,

I hide in the shadows


Waiting to strike,

biding my time,

becoming stronger,

conserving the fire


Despising those who have

and take for granted my lusts;

crawling on the wall,

invisible to them.


Night, my face,

darkness my skin,

no rest for the wicked,

no hope of redemption.


Creeping, crawling,

up the walls,

spinning the web,

sucking out the blood. 



 A spider 

Impregnating its victim with Venom,

birthing death,

offspring of hell.








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ruins my corpse



bleeds out of 

my veins

painting the flesh

in shame


A distracted mind

clouded in darkness,

nihillistic hopelessness


A world consumed by fire,

coping is difficult when you are

aware of your own lack of control


To beast or not to beast that is the question,

engaging in your own vain desires,

which only lead to your dissatisfaction


Outcast of society,

no friend, no foe

but yourself


Waging this internal war

two armies,

one body


Devil and angel,

utter contradiction

of soul


Whose side i'm on

I don't know


Black and white,

sun and moon,

belly of the beast


No hope of escape,

pulled into the black hole,

Jonah makes his home in the whale


Rotting inside,

slowly digested,


A cannibalized mind,



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Afflicted with vices

of the anti-christ


Hard to sleep at night,

with the horrors processing


Devil like pleasures distract

the mind from this hell


But soon the sound of a rooster,

awakens the soul back to the war,


Turbulent days of torture,

bringing nothing but pain,


Rewards of thorns,

payment in blood,


Evil all around,

temptations abound,


Spiritual oppression,

lack of motivation


Leaking blood,

pale flesh


Ice cold,

no light



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Disease of Life

You have no motivation to live,

no motivation to be


Everyday is a pain, 

everyday  a disease


Dead but can’t die,

spiritual oppression


Your life is fading before your eyes

but you don’t care 


Hollow inside and out, 

a mind burdened by clout


You feel hopeless and weak

buried under all this future torment


living is tiring and repetitive,

theres nothing you like about it


You wake up everyday,

hating your existence 



After The Sunset

Satish Verma

Night was young. 
Shameless moon 
wanted to talk to me. 

Will do what― 
I was not supposed to do, 
holding back the tears. 

We had killed 
ourselves with indelible scars 
for a puppet show. 

rind of bloody orange in 
the eyes of severed head.

You Love Yourself

Satish Verma

The beast 
draws a circle for 
winter, untelling. 

You climb the frozen 
falls, to reach the moon 
in gray. 

The treachery 
in domes was evident. 
You get the twisted cones. 

Under the shade 
of stars, you start the 
fire to ignite the limbs.


Free Verse


Life to wonder too insistently what the meaning of life might mark you out as being somewhat heavy, weird, slow or just naive People nowadays often say sometimes in a sad way other times more aggressively and cynically that life just has no meaning.

But that is not true life has a meaning


The world can be cold and like an elephant weighing down on you, crushing you with your insecurities we hide deep within our troubled minds. We say there’s never a way out and this pit we’ve dug. There always will be, if we just get our troubles off our chests, maybe we’ll be just a little closer to the surface.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i really like how this came out.

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Not A Banal Taste

Satish Verma

Privileged of remaining 
grey in the hands of enemy, 
I say to myself― 
why not turn dark. 

You will erase the ancient bliss. 
It had made you a goliath beetle. 

The weapons become the 
shining medals. I would fill the― 
gap of gender space. 

But, when the doors become 
shut, light tends to cling 
the floaters― moving in straight line. 

You reach for the falling 
crumbs of age. The pain opens 
the sky of withering vision.