It is said time moves ever onward…at a slow and steady climb…

but there is a wrinkle in that theory…a peculiarity in time.


The time that’s measured by our clocks marches forward…absolutely 

The time that ages our once young bodies advances resolutely.


But there is a category, a kind of time that plays by different rules

defying all the lessons we once were taught in school.


It’s when old friends get together…for no matter how much time’s amassed

suddenly they are young again...as if time has never passed.


This is the wrinkle in the time continuum, a wrinkle all friends know

allowing them to pick up from where they left off years ago.


And for the time they’re back together…they feel a certain thrill

standing in a moment…where time is standing still…


If you want to see this wrinkle in time…it’s simple…

watch as old friends come together…then…

keep watching for the moment when they are young again.

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Whenever I see a baby passing by me on the street

I smile…

you see I’m captivated by their baby hands and baby feet.


It reminds me of the miracle of birth


how swiftly our time goes

when I see their little fingers…

and count their little toes.


I remember when my children and grandchildren were babies…

Was it really that long ago

when I held their baby hands in mine

and tickled their baby toes?


And again I think how time moves ever onward

does not stop

will not repeat

and how we must cherish every moment 

of baby hands and baby feet.


Knowing babies grow up…

that it’s all part of the plan

I look into the parents' eyes and whisper…


“Enjoy this while you can”.

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With the family visiting again this holiday..as they have so many times before

It was once again time to revisit…the back of our old closet door.


On it Deborah and I have placed one of our most treasured sights 

A history of our family’s growth recorded in our children and grandchildren’s heights.


Heights have been inscribed on this door for over 35 years

It was time to update our two youngest grandchildren…

who have grown 6 inches it appears… 


This closet door reminds us…as we read heights written in black pen

How every child grows…it’s not a matter of will they..

it’s a matter of when


(I wonder if growing taller is as big an accomplishment 

as we all might be thinking

Because, although we’ve not recorded our heights…

I think Deborah and I are shrinking.)


Be that as it may I can’t open this door without smiling

sometimes a tear finds its way to my eye

as I realize when facing it…how quickly time goes by.


With the future always one step away…a future approaching so fast

opening this door is a wonderful way to pause and revisit our past.


To look back on our children and grandchildren…

Now that they’ve all grown taller than us…

back to a time not that long ago 

when they were all smaller than us.


Yes, we’ve been recording heights here for over 35 years 

and hope to record here for over 35 more…

But…if there ever comes a time we have to move away…


Moving with us…will be this old closet door.

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Time is often hard to comprehend…she can be our enemy or she can be our friend.

She can mark the joy of a new beginning or the sorrow that surrounds an end.


We’ve all have similar experiences sharing the joy of a special day

or the sorrow of the date and time a loved one passed away.


We are in each moment for a second only...and then that moment’s gone

replaced by yet another moment as Time moves ever on.


If that moment is a joyful one we wish for time to journey slow.

We are glad we had that moment but sad to see it go.


If that moment is a sorrowful one it is often Time we want to blame.

We curse her arrival, we plead and wish that moment never came.


But be it joyous or be it sorrowful Time moves straight and she moves swift

which makes me pause to wonder...perhaps that is her gift.


I do not believe it is Time’s intention to aggravate or annoy. 

She is only seeking balance between our sorrow and our joy.


Finding joy in a joyful moment is easy and sublime

but finding joy after sorrow, well, that takes a little time.


Perhaps that’s why our yesterdays so quickly become tomorrows:

to give our joys more opportunities to overtake our sorrows


Perhaps the best that we can do is hold onto one another

as our joys and sorrows ebb and flow

as we ride upon the wings of time…


Wherever she may go.

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The older we get we realize…

although we have the same amount of time each day

it is hard to get together with people we love…

as so many ‘things’ get in our way.


When it comes to our nephew and his wife…

this was a trend we wanted to defy.

The solution it turned out was quite simple…

our mutual admiration…for pie


So we made a date…a chance to meet…

to look each other in the eye

to talk about our lives 

our adventures

and to do this over a slice of pie.


And we did…

we met…

we talked like we always do…

we shared a laugh…

a cry 

and the conversation went down smoothly…

just like that slice of pie.


As we talked…as we reconnected…

how quickly time flew by…

and before we knew it we had finished…

our conversation…

and our pie


And I thought how wonderful it was to meet this way

as we hugged and said goodbye

and how easy it is to share the beauty of life

over a slice of pie


We decided to do this again and soon as possible

(not to oversimplify)

because we know time spent together with those we love


is about much more than the pie.

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When I saw this picture of me and a time long left behind

I’m not sure why or how…but William Shakespeare came to mind.


‘The time of life is short’ he wrote…and William was in the know

because this picture was taken, if I’m not mistaken, over 30 years ago.


The three women seated to my right are still as beautiful as can be

but when I look at this picture I’m left to ponder…what has happened to me?


First of all let me apologize for my clothing…I’m not sure back then where I shopped

but what in the world was I doing at a party…in a shirt AND a tank top?


My shirt wasn’t even buttoned…I imagine I thought my outfit would beguile…

but looking back now I have to wonder…if I ever was in style?


I had a lot more hair 30 years ago…since then it has found a way

to vacate most of the top of my head…what’s left is a hazy shade of grey.


My arms have not lost any hair…near as I can tell

but I’ll be darned if over the years they’ haven’t turned grey as well. 


I mentioned William Shakespeare as this poem was about to begin…

Have no fear, forsooth my friends, this is where I bring him in.


I notice I have have some wrinkles now,…okay maybe more than some!

but it was Shakespeare who said ‘With mirth and laughter…let old wrinkles come.’


I kind of wish Shakespeare was at that party…

I might have asked him to lend me an ear…

He probably would have asked me about my clothes…


and I’d have offered him a beer.

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Life moves so very fast…moments with our children and grandchildren do not last

We know it happens but we find it hard to understand…

Where did those moments goes…how time both ebbs and flows

for it seems like only yesterday we held them in our hands.


Then all of a sudden…before we know…somehow…they grow…and grow…

And all at once they are standing up…then walking 

Then as odd as it must sound…we all but turned around

in the next instant they have started talking.


Then once again time flies… because we only blink our eyes

and when we open them our children have turned five

then ten, then twelve, then fifteen…we wonder where the time went in between

and when did they become old enough to drive?


And again we look around…and before us…you have found

something that causes us to groan…

Although it’s easy to conceive..,it’s still hard to believe

they are now adults and living on their own.


Now, with their families they come to visit…and it is exquisite 

how some will travel near…some travel far

and as in the door they wander…you have to stop and ponder

when did our grandchildren become taller than we are?


And our age we’re now dismissing as we sit there reminiscing

telling them stories and trying to make them understand

How time has flown away…because it was only yesterday…

when we were sitting here 


holding them in your hands.

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Some people think time is merciless…an unrelenting autocrat

but there are moments when I think…there’s more to her than that.


Have you ever had that perfect moment…when surrounded by family or friends

that moment when you wished to yourself…I hope this moment never ends?


That moment you stop to look around…knowing nothing can compare

for at that moment love is palpable…you can feel it in the air.


And you take a moment to thank time…for pausing…and you smile

as you savor this momentary respite…if only for a while.


And when this fleeting moment’s over and time again begins to drift

You realize by moving slowly…time has given you a gift.


Have you ever had that awful moment…perhaps with family or friends

that moment when you wished to yourself…I can’t wait for this moment to end.


That moment you stop to look around…a moment you cannot bare

for at that moment sorrow is palpable…and sadness fills the air.


And you take a moment to pray that time will not linger…will not stay

that she will gather up this moment and hurry it away.


And when that moment’s over and time again begins to drift

you realize by moving quickly…time has given you a gift.


Life is about collecting moments…moments such as these

moments collected over time which become our memories…


But by slowing down and speeding up…I think you’ll come to find


time is not always merciless…sometimes she’s benevolent…and kind.

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He had worked hard for this moment…

He’d been focused…driven…undaunted

He’d reached a point in his life

where he could give his daughter anything she wanted…


He proudly asked her to make a Christmas wish list.

She wrote…focused…driven…undaunted

hoping ‘Santa’ would be able to bring her 

the one thing she ever wanted.


She finished quickly…her list was short…at first he wondered why

Once he read it he closed his eyes…then he began to cry…


‘Dear Santa’, it read, ’this Christmas ‘all I’m looking for…

I want to be with Daddy…I want to see him more.’


And as he clutched that letter to his heart

he realized what he should be working for…

and that Christmas he made a vow 

to be with his daughter more.


That Christmas she unwrapped an envelope

with a letter inside that read:

‘I promise to be home for dinner every night

I promise to tuck you into bed.’


‘I promise to spend more time with you…

I promise I will find a way.

I promise starting this Christmas

to spend much less time away.’


And so he did…he gave his daughter

a gift that didn’t cost a dime…

He gave her exactly what she wanted

He gave his love…he gave her time.


Yes, she got her wish that Christmas

and lived ever after…happily

and through the magic of a Christmas wish



so did he.

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