As your children, Moms and Dads, we’d like for you to know

we’re glad you were around to help us all to grow.


You understood that our time as children is short…how it only lasts a little while

In that time you taught us how to be happy…you taught us how to smile.


You showed us that we mattered…we think that is the key

You loved us for who we are…not for who you wanted us to be.


You understood how to be a parent…how we were your priority

You knew your jobs were important…but also…so were we


You knew we were your children…not distractions you could shirk

In fact…you showed us every day we were your most important work.


You taught us to be accepting and kind…so when our childhood ends

We would be good people…good husbands, wives and friends.


Here are two things we’d like to tell you…two things we hope you never forget

The first…we will always be your children no matter how old we get.


The second is just a little something we shall forever be counting on…

always send us a goodnight kiss…even when we’re gone. 


And now that our childhood is ending…(like we said it only lasts a little while)

we want to thank you for giving us the kind of childhood we can look back on and smile.


Thank you for loving us every day…like you did the day we came


and making it so easy…for us to do the same.

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I am your baby…just born yesterday…I have all my fingers…all of my toes

and even though I can’t talk yet…here are 10 things I’d like you to know.


You will receive  a lot of good and bad advice…

you won’t always be able to tell them apart

so the first thing I have to tell you….

is to trust yourself and follow your heart 


Please…never call me stupid or I might end up feeling that way.

protect me….keep me safe and warm…life will be more appealing that way


And don’t be alarmed if I get hurt…when I bruise…be there to soothe and numb it…

remember your job is to help me learn about life…

not to keep me protected from it


Mistakes are just a part of who I am…and in my life they will be interspersed

So if you want me to believe in myself…

you must believe in me first.


I will be a child for a while…so be forgiving and patient with me

even the times when I make it difficult for you to be the parents you imagined you’d to be.


Finally, remember to love me no matter what… it’s the last thing I need you to know

your love is something I always will need…something I’ll never outgrow.


So there you have it…10 things you should know…

at least I think that’s the right amount…

after all I was only born yesterday…

I can’t talk 


how can you expect me to count!

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This question was posed to fathers…

What makes an awesome dad?

Some men said, ‘I need to make a lot of money,

to give my children all the things I never had.’


‘I need a big house with lots of rooms and a place for the kids to play outside.

The bigger house the better’…some other men replied.


So many men compared money to happiness

and so many more men seemed in sync…

until one man stepped up with an answer

that made the others think.


“I want to give my children my time.” he said.

“I want all my children to know

that I will always be there when they need me

that I’ll be there to watch them grow.”


So father’s…


on this Father’s day (and every day)

wherever you may wander…

Perhaps, ‘What makes an awesome dad?’

is a question you should ponder.


And you needn’t look too far…

for the answer surely graces

the glow in your children’s eyes…

and the smiles on their faces.



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He was about to become a father…yes, a child he would beget!

So he browsed through countless bookstores…and he surfed the internet.


He was searching for a book on parenting…because he didn’t have a clue…

but there were a million books with a million different experts and a million points of view.


He was overwhelmed, he couldn’t possibly read them all…

then he thought back to his childhood

back to when he was growing up…and how all his memories were good.


He thought back with a smile…his life seemed like paradise.

So he sat down with his parents and he asked for their advice.


“I want to be a good father.” He said. “The best Dad I can be.

I want to be the kind of parent you both have been to me.”


His parents smiled inwardly…his mom wiped away a tear.

Has there ever been a better statement to reach a parent’s ears?


“We only had two principles.” Mom said, with an approving smile from Dad.

“They were the same two fundamentals that our own parents had.”


“Every child needs to know they’re loved,” Mom said, “from January to December.”

“And it’s up to you as a parent,” Dad continued, “to give them good things to remember.”


He and his wife took these words to heart, 

they tried to make their children’s world a paradise…

and there came a day they, too, had to smile 

when their son, 

about to be a father,


asked for their advice…

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He was too busy dreaming of a much more wonderful life

That he forgot to take the time to enjoy his children and his wife.


He was too busy working…always on the go

That he forgot to be around…to watch his children grow.


He was too busy making money…

dreaming of that upward climb.

He forgot all his family ever needed…

all they ever wanted... 

was his time


He was too busy dreaming…

as he looks back this makes him sad.

He was too busy dreaming of the life he could have had…


He was so busy dreaming of a life he never knew

he failed to recognize and enjoy his dreams

that already had come true.


He was to busy dreaming…

of a more successful, prosperous fate…

He was too busy dreaming…

and now it’s much too late.



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Our children come into the world looking up to us 

and immediately we smile

as we realize our life has changed…

and they’ll be with us for a while.


They look up to us from their crib, 

from their place on the floor where they crawl

and we smile and we wonder…

will they forever be this small?


They look up to us as they grow up, 

they look up to us in all we do…

and somewhere while they’re looking up to us…

we help shape their point of view.


As they continue to grow we smile…

at how time flies quickly by…

And before we know it we’re standing face to face…

and they look us in the eyes…


And then one day we sit back smiling proudly….

and from where does our smile stem?

After all those years they looked up to us…

we now look up to them.

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I am a child…your child…and if you’re ever going to help me to grow

then listen to me for a moment…there are some things I’d like you to know.


The time I am a child is short…it only lasts a while.

I learn how to be happy from you…I learn how to smile from your smile.


As my parents you were my gift…as I was a gift to you

If I see you lie and cheat and steal and swear…chances are I will too.


If you abuse me in any way…chances are I will never heal…

I may not remember all the things you do or say

but I’ll never forget how they made me feel.


See me…listen to me…show me I matter…spend some quality time with me.

Love me for who I am…not for who you want me to be.


You see things a little differently than me…I have more time to play

You know there are 7 wonders in the world…but I see 7 million every day.


Your work is important but so am I…I’m not a distraction you can shirk…

In fact when, you stop to think about it,…I…am your most important work.


Most of all teach me to be accepting and kind

because, when I’m no longer a child…I want to comprehend

how to be a good person…a good husband, a good wife…and…a good friend.


Well, this is about the end of this list…the latest one I have complied…

I’m sorry if I’m skipping all over the place…but remember…I’m just a child


Since I only have one childhood…and it only lasts a short while

wouldn’t it be great if, when I’m an adult…I can look back on my childhood…

and smile?


Oh, one more thing…I almost forgot…just something in your memory to keep…

Always…always…always  kiss me goodnight…


even if I’m already asleep.

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There are trials and errors in parenting…

Good times…bad times…we don’t always get to pick..

The times our children are happy…the times when they are sick.


When our baby is sick…there’s a helplessness we feel

As we hover over their bedside…wondering if this is real…


Listening to their breathing…looking for signs of hope upon their face…

Saying: “If there is any way we could stop this…we’d gladly take their place.” 


When our child is sick, we still feel helpless…we worry, we fret, we stew…

We try to meet their every need…as we wonder:

Is there more that we can do?


When our teenager is sick,…by now you think we’d be at ease…

but we’re still concerned over every fever…every cough and every sneeze.


When they become adults and they are sick…and they call to tell us on the phone

we try to hide our worry…now that they are fully grown…


But we can’t…and we subtly remind them

something we hope they never will forget…

that they will always be our baby…

no matter how big or old they get.


Yes, there are trials and errors in parenting

and only a parent can comprehend…

how the joys we share are amazing…

and how the worry…never ends.




He worked hard all his life…so many hours on his feet….

trying to make enough money so all his ends could meet.


He was proud of the work he’d done…and was usually undaunted

as he provided his family with everything they ever needed…

If not everything they ever wanted.


But now his life was coming to an end…and with his children gathered round

he asked them all one question…accompanied by a frown…


“I wonder, have you all been happy?” he asked,

“I know how often we’ve been poor….

when I look back on our life together…

I wanted to give you so much more…”


“I tried hard and I’m sorry for all the things you’ve been denied

All those things you may have wanted…all those things I couldn’t provide.”


The eldest daughter stopped him…and wiped a tear from off his eye.

“Poppa”, she said, “stop right there…Poppa,” she said, “don’t cry…”


“We know how much you loved us…have no regrets no fear…

for whenever we needed or wanted you…we knew that you’d be here.”


“You were here to share our laughter…you were here to share our tears

You were here to relish in our joys…you were here to ease our fears…”


“The children all moved closer…their expressions gracious and undaunted

“Poppa,” they said, “you gave us your time….

which is all we ever wanted.”


“We know how hard you worked…

there’s no reason to be sad

because as hard as you worked to provide for us…

you worked that much harder at being Dad.”


Yes, he thought the work he did was important…

and it was…but in the end his children all conceded…

The time he spent being just being Dad…

was all they ever needed.




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