She never asked to be molested

nor could she have conceived

that when she told her story

she would not be believed.


That when she told her story

she would pay so high a price.

for when people don’t believe her 


she has been molested twice.

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He did not understand his daughter…he had not intended to be cruel

It’s just…when she told him she was gay…well…

He was from a different time…a different school.   


He prayed to his God, he attended church…he even sang their hymns…

But he still could not wrap his head around what she was telling him.


His first reaction was anger…he said things she couldn’t forget…

Nasty, hurtful, unkind things…he later would regret.


You see all his daughter wanted was his love…

a love that he denied

and in her grief and sorrow…she committed suicide.


It was only after she was gone…when his heart began to break

that he realized he had been wrong…that he’d made a huge mistake.


That his daughter was his daughter…wether straight or bi or gay

and he should have showed her that he loved her each and every day.


Ye,s he realized her life was special…the life he helped create…

He realized she was wonderful the way she was…

just a little bit too late.


Now he tells the world their story…hoping love will conquer hate….

Hoping other parents hear his cries…and for them...it’s not too late.


And I wonder…in a world that’s filled with anger…with bigotry and hate…


How many need to learn this lesson…before it is too late?

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The new girl entered the classroom…

and though the students were informed

They could not help but stare at her…

her features were deformed.


Teacher gave her a big hug…

Come, let me show you to your seat.

“Class, this beautiful girls standing next to me

“I’d like you all to meet.”


“This is our new student Sally.” Teacher said, 

as she led her down the aisle

and as Sally sat behind her desk…

she saw the other students smile.


Every classmate was smiling at her…

even those sitting in the back

Sally could not help herself…

she had to smile back.


Sally came up to teacher at the end of the day

“Thank you.” she said, “for not putting me on the spot.”

“For making me feel beautiful…

even though you know I’m not.”


“I saw your beauty when you entered my room.” Teacher said.

“Oh don’t look so surprised!”

“I knew that you were beautiful

when I looked into your eyes.”


“None of us are perfect.”……teacher smiled

“So don’t ever be misled

because you don’t have to be perfect…

to be beautiful.” she said.


That simple lesson long ago

has taken Sally far…

and she begins each day by telling her students

just how beautiful they are.


For she understands her students come to her

with their own struggles…their own strife

and how sometimes the simplest gesture 

can change a person’s life.







He cannot see a rainbow…for his world is painted black.

He cannot see the sunshine…though he can feel it on his back.


She cannot hear her mother’s voice…they do their talking with their hands.

She cannot hear the music play…and we struggle to understand…


How this is even possible?

How did this come to be?

And what life must be like…for those so different than we.


So we attempt to comprehend without making too much of a fuss

And we try to share our world with them as they share their world with us.


And though we’ll never truly understand what being them is like…

we begin to realize, despite our differences,…we are so much more alike.


And she helps us understand her language and and we help him understand the sun

and we think: if this is true for us…shouldn’t it be true for everyone?


What if the things that make us different…instead of being feared or being banned…

What if the things that make us different…


are just different things to understand?

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Who Are We Too Judge


Two people sitting in the park…for a moment their lives are linking..

Let’s take a listen inside their heads…and see what each is thinking.


She dresses in clothes that are different from mine.

She comes from another land.

She worships a different God than me.

She speaks a language I don’t understand.


I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel.

I’m not sure what to do.

Because a small portion of the people I know hate her

and I’m told to hate her too.



If they would only talk to one another…they’d have a lot to say

They both believe in a God (though different ones), in a holy book and a judgement day.


They both believe in prophets, in angels and honesty…

in forgiveness, patience, truthfulness…in goodness and humility.


They believe in being kind to others…in unselfishness and sincerity…

in courage, in moderation, and above all…in family


If they had talked to one another…if this information they had sought…

perhaps they would have realized…they have more in common than they thought.


When we prejudge a person.  When we are too quick to dismiss...

How quickly our initial prejudgement…turns into prejudice.


When we denounce another person.

When we have presumed...then condescended...

I have to ask no matter what religion you practice


Is this what your God intended?

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