Some people believe happiness is a myth…of that assumption I have my doubts

for every day I am glad to discover so much to be happy about.


When I was young I’d secretly hope the day would never end

when I was outside playing in my neighborhood with friends.


or when seated around our table…talking non-stop…incessantly

eating, in between our words, with friends and family.


In my neighborhood, in my house…at my table…up a tree…

happiness was everywhere I went…it seemed to be following me.


and it continues to follow me today…with family, with friends…when talking,

when eating, playing, singing, dancing,…in silence or when walking.


In a mountain lake wildly swimming with family…I feel just as much elation

as when sitting quietly in a church for my granddaughter’s confirmation…


It is not a myth that happiness surrounds my heart…

allowing it to float carefree

or that each day it is more and more enhanced


by the people surrounding me.

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One day as we visited Grandpa and saw him sitting there

we thought it was probably the right time to buy him a new chair.


He’s sat in that one forever…when he moves around…it creaks

the cushions are uneven…and one arm rest is weak.


The stitching barely holds together…not much if it remains

and where Grandpa loves to lay his head…is permanently stained.


It’s time for a new one, we all thought, and we were so excited

knowing Grandpa was going to love it…knowing he would be delighted.


But it didn’t go quite as we expected…I guess our thinking was a little out of whack

because when he presented it to Grandpa…he said, “Thanks…but take it back.”


Then Grandpa smiled at the lot of us…and after letting out a sigh

sat back in his old chair and explained his reasons why.


This is the chair I was sitting in when you all first came to visit me.

This is where I held each one of you…where I bounced you on my knee.


This is where we watched TV together…where I put you on my lap

where after a day of playing whatever game you wanted…we’d sit down and take a nap.


This is where I’ve sat each Christmas watching the magic taking place

From here I’ve watched you all grow up…with a smile on my face 


From here I’ve smiled at your grandma…and wondered how she found a way

as we have both grown older…to look more beautiful every day…


Grandpa went on for a long time…(as Grandpa often would)

and well before he finished…we all understood.


So the next day we sat his new chair by the road with gentleness and care…

FREE, the note read, 

with one condition…


it must become a Grandpa chair.

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When our children are born we await all their milestones keeping an eye on their developmental clock

We don’t want to miss the first time they crawl, the first time they walk or they talk.


As they grow we’re amazed at how quickly they arrive at each new milestone

from riding a bike, heading off to school to driving a car of their own.


And we are thankful to witness each milestone…to be a part of that magical day

and glad as parents we have been blessed to be there every step of the way.


And sometimes our children have children…and as grandparents we still find a way

to experience some of their milestones…even if we’re not there every day.


Our youngest granddaughter was baptized in the ocean today… it was a wonderful sight to behold

and we felt blessed as grandparents to be there…watching another milestone unfold.


And it got us thinking about milestones…and it filled our hearts with pride

knowing when it comes to our family…we’ve been there…enjoying the ride.


We have reached many milestones in our own lives…and now watching our grandchildren grow…

it’s time for us to sit back…relax…and happily bask in their glow…


So as we watched today’s baptism conclude…in the sea neath a cerulean sky


We hope when the next milestone is reached…you’ll see the two of us standing close by.

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Last night we had a cookout…it didn’t take much skill

with some family and a friend…we threw some hot dogs on the grill.


We talked of many things…as we ate our hog dogs…charred

then sat around a campfire we lit in our backyard.


As the embers roared…we cooked marshmallows and made and ate s’mores

It wasn’t any different than we’d done a thousand times before…


And I wondered how Fate has given us this night…this wonderful little slice

where everything is perfect…could this be paradise?


And when the evening ended…the fire was out…we said good night

we lingered for a moment..in the aura of moonlight.


And I looked up and thanked the heavens…for this evening I was graced

If not with paradise’s entire meal…at least a little taste.


And as our family and friend waved goodbye and faded slowly out of view


I realized…every now and then…a little taste will do

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When an older couple was asked: What’s the happiest part or raising a family?

This was their reply:

The happiest part of raising a family is watching how they grow and change as time goes by.


Then they looked at one another, smiled and happily exclaimed:

And If you want to know the saddest part of raising a family…

our answer is the same.




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Simply put she is my baby

and my baby she always will be

I’ve known that from the moment

she grew inside of me


But life has a way of moving

how quickly the changing zephyrs whirl

where once crawled my little baby

now stands my little girl.


“She’s your little girl!”, says my mind

As it tries desperately this knowledge to impart..

But I’m not always listening

“She’s still your baby!”, says my heart.


And at every stage in her life

my mind and heart shall disagree…

Young woman, woman, mother

She’s still my baby to me.


And I imagine this is to be my destiny

the way it always will be…

that she will remain my baby


even when she’s 93.

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After we’d finished dinner at Grandma’s table one night

she looked about to cry

but a smile slowly crossed her face as a tear dropped from her eye…


You’ve grown up much too fast she said as she gave the top of our heads a kiss…

I know that’s the way it’s supposed to be….but there are some things that I miss….


I miss being able to hold you on my lap

It used to bring me joy

I miss cleaning the crumbs off your dinner plates

I miss picking up your toys…


I miss how every moment between us

was exciting, surprising…and new

I miss how tired your grandpa and I were

when our time with you was through.


I’m glad to see how you’ve grown up

our moments together have been unsurpassed

I’m happy for the all times we have…

just sad they’re over so fast.


Since that conversation with Grandma,

every time we leave her door.

we make sure there are some extra crumbs upon our plates

and a few toys upon the floor.


And Mom and Dad are never angry….

when they notice toys in Grandmas hands…

because one look at the smile on her face

and they seem to understand.




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I’m not sure what you were at first…

you never went away.

you made all kind of noises

and you laid around all day…


Mom and Dad seemed to like you

and when you smiled…that was fun

but with you in the house I had to share

I was no longer number one.


Then you started following me 

and soon enough I found

I didn’t mind sharing them with you

in fact I liked having you around.


We have a unique opportunity  

you, little brother, and me…

we get to practice on each other

the people we will be.


You will come to me when you need help

and right off the bat I want it known…

although I won’t solve all your problems

you won’t have to face them alone.


I wasn’t so sure about you at first

but now my feelings are quite strong…

I kind of like when you follow me…

I’m glad you came along


And I will do my best to encourage 

to love and to comfort you

for I am your big sister


and that’s what big sisters do

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Why do grandchildren love visits from their grandparents?

It’s not just the cookies or the presents they might bring.

It’s how the love they share brings comfort to their souls

and allows their hearts to sing…


And why do grandparents love visiting their grandchildren?

Because their souls, too, are comforted…

their love songs, too, are sung…

and because

even though they may feel older…


their grandchildren keep them young.