Leann Gets Her Wings

UNCLE RON! UNCLE RON! You came to see me?

UNCLE! One little helicopter ride and she promoted me.

No, honey, I came to see your mommy.

Daddy said you are now family and you I am real fond,

I thought about “Uncle Majors” it didn’t sound right,

But I liked “Uncle Ron”.

Are those flowers for me?

No my little honey bee

For you I have a very special thing,

Since you are my special angel,

I thought you should have your own pilot’s wings.

DADDY! DADDY! Uncle Ron just gave me my very own wings.

I really am a pilot.

Colonel, that was really a sweet thing,

I know she likes it a lot.

Sean, “Ron” is what you can call me;

At least around the family.

Girls you stay here,

We are going to see your mommy,

Then we can all go out to dinner.

What do you say, Ron,

Is that a good plan?

Sounds like a winner,

Lead on my good man.

Seina? Can we come in?

Just a moment, Sean,

I have to get this boob in.

Uh, hee, hee, dear,

I am standing here,

With Ron our friend.

Sean? Blushing are you?

It is something I just had to do.

Harlan has a big burp inside,

So come on in and I will burp him before he cries.

Hi Ron, so good to see you again.

Sean told me you liked carnations,

So I brought you these.

Do you have anything to put them in?

Oh Ron, that is so sweet.

You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet.

So this is the little man that caused all this hubbub,

Let me have a look at you bud.

A fine little man to be sure

Someday he will make a fine doctor.

Here you better take him back,

He is so cute I might try to sneak him out in my rucksack.

I wanted to stop by to see how you are,

And check on my soon-to-be, brightest star.

Harlan and I are making strides,

Sean told me you were going to give us another ride.

Yes, it is all arranged, just need a time.

I think right after lunch will be fine.

Doctor Vance, we were just discussing when we could go home.

What’s wrong, you don’t like our hospitality,

And want to roam?

How you do, Colonel, I have given it some thought,

You laid a good trap, but I won’t be caught.

Thanks to my buddy Sean, I now have a son,

And I couldn’t leave him all alone.

Well, I had to try, you know me?

You could have gone far in the army.

I know sir, that was the problem…I could have gone far,

I would miss my son, so I just couldn’t hitch myself to that star.

Seina, you should be able to leave tomorrow after lunch,

Then you will be able to clear out with your whole bunch.

Vance will you join us for dinner over at the diner?

You buying? I’m not a whiner.

Ma’am, I will see you on the morrow,

I spent my money on flowers,

So Sean, you have a ten I can borrow.

No problem Ron this is on me,

It isn’t every day you can get a helicopter ride on the army.

Moms, Dads, girls let’s go eat,

Ron and Vance will join the family.

Can I sit by Uncle Ron, daddy?

Leann, we will have to wait and see.

Ron, welcome to our hoard,

It is good to have you aboard.

Maybe when you retire, you can join Vance and Me,

We could do a lot of good here, us three.

Yeah, Ron. Why not,

The three of us would have a practice that is really hot.

We have good synergy,

And your talents are a good fit I see.

That is something to think about,

I have been thinking it was time to get out.

Right now, though, let’s eat some food,

I am starved for something good.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you missed any part of this saga, it may be found at http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap/letters_home.htm. Thank you for your comments and your support.

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