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AUstin, Texas, Unites States

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reading, writing, analyzing writing, playwrighting, theatre, acting, kissing, being loved, being needed, singing, 80's songs, Eating, sleeping, autumn, spring, dreaming, making people happy, loving the world, coloring, breathing ...

Everyone has their passion, for some its football, or cars, for me, its Insanity by Powerful and Emotionally Disturbing or Uplifting Melodic Tunes carried by orgasmicly suspenseful screaming guitar riffs, low harmonious humming vibrations, the pulsing drums that bring the guitar and bass together in a low crunching melody and the soothing screams shallowly expressing the theme of the song. \m/

About My Navel

Perfect. Deeper than my boyfriends, and easy to find when you poke it through a shirt. It has two freckles to the side of it that make it look like a smiley face when you pinch it. IM me if you want pics of it.

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''All that we see or seem, is but a Dream within a Dream''


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