Earless and Eyeless

I'm ripping off my ears and I'm tearing out my eyes,

I don't want to hear your long goodbyes,

I don't want to see how quickly time flies,

I don't want to know how happy you both are,

I don't give a fuck if you went so far,

Just to see how he was and to know that he cared,

Just felt so damn good - Just let me be spared,

Spared of your sickening love stories and lies,

Everytime you begin your 'Once Upon A Times' my heart dies,

Fuck your fairy tales,

Fuck your stories of youth,

Fuck the fact that I hate you,

Fuck all of the truth,

Because it makes me sick to hear it,

So I'm ripping off my ears,

So I won't bleed any more tears,

And I'm tearing out my eyes,

So I won't have to watch your goodbyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I remember feeling so much pain because of someone that I was trying anything to stop myself from having to face the reality.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

wow waht a style of making poems...reallly feeling it and wish to read of your sweeet poems... well done