Am I playing god?

Am I trying to play god?

Or am I just a fraud?

Always feeling so proud,

That I help people climb out.

But is that really what I do?

Am I really helping you?

Maybe I'm the one who's screwed?

Cause deep inside I'm always blue.

I always help you with your problems,

That's because I know how to solve them,

Sometimes I feel like I'm buried alive,

When you ask what's wrong I just say I'm fine.

I feel bad because I usually don't lie.

Do I help you to help keep away mine?

I'd like to think I have better intentions,

I always help you more with each new confession,

That must mean it goes deeper than I think,

But I question if I'm right with each passing blink.

Am I playing god or am I a real friend?

I must be a friend, I'll be there till the end.

But who's will come first?

What if this eats me away?

And I can't write another verse,

And wake to a new day?

I've seen almost everything,

But me, I'm just gray.

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