Scribbles from '73

Draw the sun and the moon,
And then draw the clouds there
between, and two figures
on the ground.
Two arrows meet to show the point
Two light forces meet in an inner
union with their body's soul.
Honey is like maple
Nothing is wrong in the light of service.
A direct quote of our United States Army.
The floor is gray.
Bruce Madden  Remember him. He is dying.


We have two telephones.
One is presently in the telephone set.
Through my most greivous faults.
He that bothers his other brother asks,
Are you half not whole!
Orange sunshine
Ayer kid.
Go watch your television you dodo!
Be obsence twice yearly.
She's about 33 and she drives me insane.
Why do we call upon Jesus, in our hour of need.
Like chewing aluminim foil
I'm not dying any more
The pen is dead its not writing
I threw it over my right shoulder to the trash.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Phone calls My handwriting looks the same. And then I wrote to Bruce...Dear Bruce
I came across these scribbles the other day and saw my young self holed up in a closet talking to her boyfriend, fearful that her family would find out she was a lustful thing....

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