Family infection

What happened to our family?

Is it something I did wrong?

First my mom and then me,

Now my sister gave into us all.

For me it was the love,

Or the deceit and rejection,

Either way it sucked,

It wasn't just an infection.

I moved on to the poems,

I started with the drinks,

I lost sight of a home,

And I couldn't stop to think.

Then I lit the cigarettes,

But it didn't stop there,

I kept going and didn't fret,

I don't think I cared.

I wonder if mom knew?

She's not always here,

Nothing there I can do,

No mask I can wear.

But who's to say?

Did I come out all that wrong?

I've played the games,

I've written some sad songs.

Sometimes I just wish,

That I wouldn't go on,

So I wouldn't always feel this,

And find out I'm not that strong.

And every movie I see

With its fake happy endings,

My whole heart it bleeds,

And the pain you won't stop lending.

I never wanted to be this way,

I never knew the words to say,

But I know how to write them all down,

But who cares, they just make people frown,

And I think I'm to blame for the family breaks,

It's me who fucks up with my constant mistakes,

And I'm the one who you just can't trust,

Yell at me again please if you must.

I'm not always a good friend,

I don't think I've ever been a good son,

I have to take this with me until the end,

But rest assured, know that you have won.

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