Touch Me Lord

I live in sin every day

like a lamb thats lost his way

Like a sheep

thats lost his sheppered

and to his brothers

treated as a lepper

You watched as i run my course

from a distance

you could see the cuts and bruises all over me

Protected from the wolf

by his grace

but left alone

in this place

Some how

i must find my way

would you teach me how to pray

How much longer lord

must i walk this lonely path

How much longer lord

will it be

before you reach down

and touch me...

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honey811's picture

somany can relate to this piece. To pray is to pray with your heart and soul. The Lord is eternally within you,
so when you pray, pray eternally and when you are devoted to the Lord you will know the Holy Spirit has touched you.
Then you feel your conscience guiding you on the road that's long and narrow. Keeping praying Wordman, you will be in my prayers.