Seina, I can’t seem to get Linda off my mind.

Hon, it has been a long day,

Come to bed,

It is time.

I know you, but don’t fret,

She is flitting around somewhere in Europe,

I bet.

She probably doesn’t even know

What has gone down

And is enjoying a luxurious bath in town.

I know it is silly,

But I can’t help but think,

That if she is really dead,

After all the good she has done,

How that would really stink.

Well there isn’t anything I can do,

So move over, I am coming to bed with you.

G’nite Harlan, my little man,

Dad is really tired tonight,

So please sleep long as you can.

May the angels watch over you,

Over your sisters, mommy, and daddy too.

Come here you sexy woman,

I believe it is time,

That I get that homecoming present that is mine.

Not tonight dear, I have a headache that won’t wait,

And I expect Harlan will be hungry,

And be awake.

You get some rest dear,

I want this to be special, hear?

Black lace teddy and thigh-highs too,

Will be the signal to you.

Besides, I am still pretty sore,

And we don’t want to tear anything for sure.

Okay, my love I will wait,

When you are feeling better,

It will be a special date.

G’nite Seina, I love you.

G’nite Sean, I love you too.


Throw the ball to me Harlan,

That’s it son.

Isn’t this a lot of fun?

Hello, I, want to join in?

No thank you Sean,

Just checking to see how you have been.

All in all pretty good I would say,

Harlan is older. Am I in a dream state?

Yeah, I figured I would visit you here,

Then I wouldn’t be tempted to have a beer.

I felt bad about that Linda thing,

So don’t tell anyone you heard it from me,

But it won’t be long before you see.

Owww. Okay dad I hear loud and clear.

This must go no further you hear.

It may not be what it seems,

Besides, are you willing to trust in dreams.

I. What are you saying then,

That Linda is Okay and I shouldn’t be crying?

I didn’t say that, did I?

I have said too much…

Good bye.

Harlan, I am so happy I could cry,

Linda is safe and didn’t die.

I, I doff my hat.



Sean, wake up you are having a bad dream.

No Seina it wasn’t what it seemed.

I will tell tomorrow.

She is Okay…I just know.

Who is okay?

Sean…Sean it is Linda I pray.


Sean wake up and tell me.

Is it Linda? Wake up please.

What? What?

Sean you said you knew she was okay,

Was it Linda? Just say.

What are you talking about? I don’t recall

I was dreaming of Harlan and me out playing ball.

That is all I remember, but I do feel at ease,

Now can we go back to sleep please?

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Thank you for your comments and encouragement during this roller coaster ride. If you missed any part of it or just want to go back to the beginning it is still at http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap.

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