Home Again

Oh God! This cannot be.

What is it Sean, you are scaring me.

The news said a female reporter died

On the way to the Airport,

Linda was due to leave the country

And it was there she would have to report.

Oh God the timing is about right,

I just sent her a letter last night.

Sean, just calm yourself down, please

You don’t know for sure it was her,

Wait until the name is released.

Seina, it had to have been she,

How many other female reporters in Iraq did you see?

Sean you are getting way to upset,

The girls see you this way

And you know how they will get?

Of course you are right,

But you have to admit, it might.

I just need to get my head together,

I am nearly at the end of my tether.

Then come here my love and look at your son.

Hi’ya Harlan, you were worth the pain, every one.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away (sniff)

And what he gives to replace,

Is far better anyway.

Hon, I see it in your eyes, this I don’t swallow,

But she would not want you in mourning to wallow.

You are with your family and have a brand new son,

To us you are the most important one.

I know I am going down to the chapel to pray,

Maybe I won’t be to busy and my fears he can allay.

You go ahead, and send the girls and moms in,

That will give you time to go do your praying.

Ron should be here in a little while,

So don’t be long, I don’t want him to rile.

Girls, moms, Seina will see you all,

I am going down to give thanks at the chapel.

You want me to go with you son,

I heard on the news.

No thanks dad, I would like to be alone,

This is something I need to do.

Dear precious and gracious Lord, this is Sean,

Well you knew that, and you know I am fond.

Lord was it Linda you took this day,

If not, let me know she is safe.

Sean, Sean, stand up son,

Don’t you be worrying about that one.

You have your whole family,

And I have given back your memory.

Be thankful and live well,

I can’t say about her, it is not for me to tell.

Remember, you make your on fates,

I may suggest, but you make your own mistakes.

Go back now to your family,

And stop worrying about what is to be.

It will be as it is,

It is not my will, but his.

May I ask one question before you go?

Was it Linda that died, I have to know?

Sorry Sean, you must wait and see,

All I can tell you is you must believe.

Does that mean she is alive?

You must wait for that news to arrive.

Is that a yes or no?

Yes it is a yes or no, now I must go.

Daddy, mommy let me hold Harlan on my lap.

He is a cute little chap.

Come here girls and give me a hug,

I need one from my cuddle bugs.

Hon, did you get the answer to that you seek.

No, he wouldn’t say, just keep the faith and believe.

Well it sounded like an answer to me.

But it wasn’t don’t you see?

I…Hi Ron..

UNCLE RON! You come to take us home?

My little copilot! That is why I have come,

I brought my helicopter to take you home.

See Uncle Ron, I am wearing my pilot’s wings.

I see that and they are bright and shining.

Do you all need a hand with any thing?

No Ron, I think we have about everything.

Here, Sean help me into the chair,

Then you can hand me that other robe there.

Lacy, can you push me to the elevator,

And Sean take Harlan and his dragonators.

Ron you are such a dear

To be helping us here.

You won’t get in trouble will you?

Cause that just wouldn’t do.

No Seina, I have filed a flight plan,

So we are legal as much as I can.

Mom, Dad, thank you, will you drive the cars home?

Of course dear, you all go have fun.

Leann, are you ready to fly?

No sir, not til everyone is buckled in and that is why.

That’s right…that’s my girl,

You all heard what my copilot said,

Buckle up before we whirl.

Everybody ready? Away we go,

That’s it Leann, pull back real slow.

I do believe she is a natural at this,

What do think about that miss?

I would rather she keep her feet on the ground,

That way I could keep her around,

But somehow I don’t think she will happy be,

Unless she is a pilot flying high and free.

Look down there Lacy,

Is that Grand mama’s house I see.

Oh, they left Trixie out back,

I hope that back door wasn’t open a crack.

Sean when we get home

Will you go over and make sure she is okay.

I wouldn’t want someone to break in

Or her to run away.

I will call you mom’s cell phone,

To tell her to stop at home,

That way we can get you and Harlan squared away,

And the girls can go out and play.

Ron, it looks like the breeze is coming from the north,

You and Leann can set down by the back porch.

Okay copilot you heard what he said,

What shall we do? Don’t want to hit the shed?

We will come in

From down wind,

Staying to lee,

Then we can set her down,

Soft as can be.

That’s my girl, you got it right,

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking,

This concludes our flight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you missed any part of this saga or the out takes they may be found at http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

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