A loney hill flower, a single black rose.

A single black rose to say I love you,

Two to say goodbye,

Three black roses to say I miss you...

Anymore to portray my painful regret for losing you.

I thought I had lost you, the finger pointed at a boy

You are the one I love, of that I speak true

A single black rose, a lonely hill flower

This I give to you, with a simple message.

I love you!

It seems that for a while, you are lost to me.

I love you, and yet I still cannot see you.

The lonely hill flower shall now have company,

They have a note for you now.

I must say Goodbye.

I promise I don?t want to.

Still I cannot find you, your gone now.

I?ve sent you a message and a note,

To which I have had no reply.

Three black roses whisper to your heart,

I?m missing you.

Three was not enough to show,

That I?ve made a mistake?

I wonder what to do.

One last message for my love,

This is my painful regret for losing you.

Now that I have your attention,

May I repeat a little something,

I love you, I miss you?ssh.

You hold me, I hold you,

We are together at last.

I can never lose you again,

We voice this to each other,

Promise to always keep in touch,

To love each other for ever,

To be together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written having split up with my ex...written for a boy who i loved but couldn't say it.

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