Dear Linda,

It is twenty-three thirty here

All is asleep, but I just sit and stare.

I have to pinch myself to believe it is all real,

Through all I have been, I am afraid to feel.

It is as though, if I feel, it will be taken away,

So I go on day after day.

My son was born, a blessed event,

He wouldn’t have made it had a miracle not been sent.

My darling wife, was a real trooper,

And fought to the end for that little pooper.

I have met my new CO and he is quite a guy,

When Leann ran to him and gave him a big hug,

And called him Uncle Ron, I thought I would die.

But he ate it up and took it all in stride.

Leann has stolen the heart from him,

And when he comes by, there is no separating them.

He let her fly his helicopter sitting on his lap,

Now he is her hero, he has fallen into her trap.

She plays him like a fiddle; he gave her her own wings,

He told her that angels were required to wear those things.

Next month, I get promoted to major you see,

They want the Prez to do it there in DC.

If you are back by then, I would love to introduce you to Seina.

She is the greatest…a real winner.

You can meet my girls and parents too,

And I am trying to get Vance to come and bring Abu.

What do you say, will you come?

That way we can give you a proper welcome home.


This just in, breaking news from Iraq. There were three Americans soldiers and a female civilian reporter killed when the vehicle they were riding was destroyed by a roadside bomb. The names of the dead have not been released pending notification of next of kin. They were on the way to the Baghdad Airport where the reporter was to board a plane home as her papers authorizing her to be in country were due to expire.

…In other news…

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